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Instagram blocks results for “natural immunity” hashtag

By Cindy Harper | Reclaim The Net | September 17, 2021

Instagram has blocked the results page for the use of the hashtag #naturalimmunity.

When the hashtag is selected, Instagram says, “This hashtag is hidden,” and that “Posts for #naturalimmunity have been limited because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram’s Community Guidelines.”

Many posts using the hashtag were centered around stories that suggest that those who have recovered from COVID were less likely to catch COVID again than someone who was vaccinated but had no prior exposure to COVID.

A 700,000-person Israeli study this month found those who had experienced prior infections were 27 times less likely to get a second symptomatic infection than those who were only vaccinated, and many have taken to social media to discuss it.

However, Instagram has started to censor the hashtag.

Congressman Thomas Massie, who has kept informed about Big Tech censorship, commented on the block, saying, “Instagram blocks #naturalimmunity hashtag. Don’t forget Congress gave @CDCgov $1 billion to market the vaccines. I suspect a lot of that has made its way into the hands of social media companies. Also, factcheck-dot-org is funded by a group that holds $2 billion of vaccine stock.”

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