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Most Americans don’t trust Biden and US government on Covid-19 information – poll

RT | September 28, 2021

The Axios/Ipsos poll, released Tuesday, shows 53% of Americans have not very much trust or no trust at all in the president to provide accurate information on the coronavirus.
Biden has retained the trust of a minority, with 45% saying they either trust the Democrat a great deal or a fair amount.

The survey was taken among more than 1,100 adults and has a margin of error of 3.2% points.

The president has continued pushing vaccines onto the American public, though some recent efforts have faced scrutiny, including his support of a third booster shot ahead of any Food & Drug Administration (FDA) decision and a vaccine mandate for employers with staff totaling over 100.

The public’s trust in Biden has slipped a fair amount since January, according to the survey data, as 58% of respondents questioned then said they supported the president on the pandemic, not long after his inauguration.

As is typical for Biden, his support is almost entirely among Democrats and Independents. Broken down by party lines, only 11% of Republicans trust Biden, while 42% of Independents and 81% of Democrats trust him.

This lack of trust extends beyond Biden and to the entire federal government, with only 49% saying they trust the government to provide accurate information on Covid-19. That number has continually been slipping and sat at 54% in data published two weeks ago.

The polling found a rise in trust among health officials. Over 60% said they trust the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and ‘national public health officials’ to provide accurate coronavirus information to the public. Those numbers, however, have also slipped from previous polling.

Survey data also found a growing majority seeing the coronavirus as a major health risk. Less than 15% said gatherings with friends and family or dining in a restaurant pose a large health risk, which is a decrease from two weeks ago. Only 27% think that air travel poses a risk because of Covid-19, which is also a drop from 35% since the last poll.

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