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Nothing They’ve Tried Has Worked: The Story In Four Charts

By Tom Woods | Principia Scientific | September 28, 2021

I send a lot of charts, as you know. But these are especially interesting. What story are the charts below — which cover four different regions of the United States — telling us about the Covid virus?

The dark line represents 2020. The lighter line represents 2021.

I get that the curves are not absolutely identical. But they’re not altogether different, either. The same trajectories are evident in both years, in each chart.

What do these charts mean?

Do they mean that the virus is regional and seasonal, and that despite our feeble interventions it does what it will?

I won’t attempt to draw any sweeping conclusions for you. But look at the charts and make up your own mind.

Meanwhile, much of the public continues to believe the standard story.

Someone inside the Tom Woods Show Elite, my private group for normal people, put it this way: “Most people believe that masks work, that kids are dying in droves due to Covid, and that the vaccines stop the spread. If you go up to people in public at random and ask them basic questions about Covid, they will not know these basic things.

It reminds me of when 70 percent of Americans thought Saddam Hussein had been responsible for 9/11.

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