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Italians’ electricity bills to rise by 30%, gas up 14%

By Max Civili | Press TV | September 30, 2021

Rome – On Friday, the Italian Energy Authority ARERA announced that electricity bills will rise by almost 30% while gas bills will increase by over 14%, effective from Friday.

Italians are not pleased at all. Some consumer associations have estimated that the sharp rise may cost Italian families up to 2,000 euros a year due to a ripple effect on the entire productive system.

On one side, ARERA has pointed out that without government intervention to stem the rises, spikes in electricity and gas bills would have been 45% and 30% respectively, on the other, people are saying that the executive should have been able to predict the increase and handle the situation more effectively.

In its bid to tackle climate change, the European Union has adopted an Emission Trading Scheme which covers more than 12,000 polluting (sic) companies across the old continent, today.

It consists in the establishment of a market where firms trade emission allowances to cover their annual CO2 emissions, increasing, this way, their expenditures.

Analysts are warning the world is heading into an energy crunch that will likely affect global economies. The prices of fossil fuels such as coal, carbon and gas have all hit record highs lately. This is while crude oil has pushed above 80 dollars a barrel.

Energy price could go much higher if the weather is as cool this winter as some meteorologists predict. It’s not only the people that are worried. Several European energy-intensive industries have claimed that the adoption of the Emission Trading Scheme may entail a significant loss of international competitiveness due to increases in production costs.

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  1. Ouch. This is not good news on numerous levels. My sympathy for the Italian public. Can’t some sort of sane balance among all the competing interests, priorities, realities, ramifications, unintended consequences, pandemics, wars…be reached? Seems to me we need a lot more “futurist”-type thinkers…their vision, wisdom and advice to be followed, in concert and unity and common agreement on needs and priorities, by the “community” across the globe…cannot this be done without rancor or parochialism or “extremism” or recriminations or insults or economic sanctions or other violence on both (many?) sides of these fraught issues?

    Remember, if you will: what we do for the “least” of us we do for all of us.

    Viva “civilization” and its enlightened advancement, 22d-23rd Century-style (if we get that far)!

    Where does religion or spirituality or a deity or a higher power — if there is one — fit into this picture?

    (Why is this “not good news” centered on Italy? Aren’t Greece and many other surrounding and farther-away communities/economies in the same “pickle”?)


    Comment by roberthstiver | September 30, 2021 | Reply

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