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Turning point

eugyppius | January 8, 2022

Where’s the vaccine mandate they promised us?” whines Daniel Brössler, reporter for the Süddeutsche Zeitung, disappointed because yesterday’s Corona summit of German minister presidents returned nothing but some adjustments to quarantine and sharpened testing rules. The double vaccinated will now have to submit negative tests if they want to eat at restaurants. Markus Söder, lockdown- and vaccine mandate-loving minister president of Bavaria, criticised even these milquetoast restrictions, with some bluster about how he’d already taken a hard line against bars and discos. This is after leading German Corona astrologer, Christian Drosten, used his state media podcast to suggest that Germany should start tolerating some of degree of SARS-2 transmission, and that breakthrough infections among the vaccinated should be considered normal. Such statements, which almost surely reflect sentiments within the coalition government, destroy most of the rationale for ongoing restrictions and vaccine mandates.

Meanwhile, in Austria, the thrice-vaccinated chancellor Karl Nehammer has tested positive for Corona. The news comes as Austria announces they will delay implementing their vaccine mandate by two months. It will now take effect in April, if at all. Gerald Gartlehner, an epidemiologist and sometime governmental adviser, suggested that mandates (or at least their enforcement) might have to be re-evaluated in light of Omicron and the widespread immunity the new variant will elicit across the Austrian population. There is every reason to think that Austria will be past the peak of the Omicron wave in April, and that a majority of Austrians will have SARS-2 antibodies by then.

In the United States, former Biden advisers have published a series of editorials in the Journal of the American Medical Association, arguing that it is time to normalise containment and begin managing SARS-2 as one of various seasonal respiratory infections.

It is obvious that we are at a turning point, even if everyone has yet to realise it – even if France is sharpening vaccine requirements, even if Italy has imposed vaccine mandates for everyone over 50, and even if Canada is for the moment determined to remain a prison state. This is the first time since the Floyd riots in America, that major political leaders and public health authorities have said that preventing Corona can no longer be the highest goal of western society.

It is a commonplace observation, but a true one: Since the vaccines began to fail in August, the vaccinators have been progressing through the proverbial five stages of grief. They spent a lot of time in denial, before becoming very angry and punitive. Then they began bargaining, hoping that SARS-2 would go away after four doses, or after five, with just the right dosing intervals, with a return to double masking, with child vaccinations. Now they appear to be drifting finally into depression and acceptance. They have realised, not a second too soon, that there is nothing to be done [outside of improving personal health and early treatment protocols].

Omicron is a highly contagious variant with immune escape features. The vaccinators can vaccinate all they want, but their vaccines will not stop the waves of infection to come. A lot of the hyperbolic rhetoric about Corona was put about in the hopes that most everyone wouldn’t be infected. They thought they could terrify people for a few years, vaccinate them, and harvest their gratitude for saving them from the worst respiratory virus since SARS. Now, though, it’s clear that everyone will have personal experience with Corona infection, whether or not they are vaccinated. This will destroy popular faith measures, it will erode their confidence in the vaccines, and it will do away with their fear of the virus. Maybe a few people somewhere will still support containment, after two years of heavy restrictions, mandated vaccinations, and infection, but I doubt there will be very many of them. It’s the beginning of the end.

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  1. Scanned. Noted. Grim. “It’s the beginning of the end.”: Bring It On.

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    Comment by roberthstiver | January 8, 2022 | Reply

  2. Forget about their covaid$ plandemic, cover for their not so great reset scam, the real fecal matter is about to meet the proverbial fan and all the “cases” the political slash medical inquisitor scum can come up with will not protect their evil asses in the now emerging, long overdue fiat filth currency collap$€. Their last chance fiat filth digicon “cash” has no more chance of functioning than their never isolated covaid$ “virus”.

    Onward to the real disease full steam ahead

    “You see, this total vaccination fantasy is meant to compensate for that inability to govern in a time of epic turbulence. It provides an illusion of control. But the obvious insanity of it stands out in the demonstrable facts that the vaccinations don’t work, and that they are racking up an impressive record of harming people. These two facts must be ignored by the vax-happy Blue Team, even as the immunizing and pretty harmless Omicron variant spreads speedily across the land conferring superior natural immunity on those who survive it — which is, functionally, everyone.

    The virus looks like it’s on that ol’ exit ramp, but the disintegrating economy will still be with us, and no amount of political degeneracy disguised as virtue will stop it. We still have to manage our lives individually and collectively going through it. It’s going to be a tough slog. The federal government in its current iteration is looking like more of an impediment than a help to any of us. Its current hysterical flounderings send a clear message: You can’t depend on us to do anything right. Instead, select a favorable place to plant your flag, and figure out what you can do locally to rebuild some means of productive activity, fortify basic institutions of law, public safety, and money, and restore credible authority.

    You will have to be nimble and resourceful. The Covid lockdowns of the past two years have destroyed many small businesses, but think of that as the tide going out before the blowback of a tsunami that will sweep away the large businesses next. The WalMarts, the automobile industry, the airlines, trucking,, major league sports, the fast-food empires, the oil industry, the mega-banks — all these systems have gone into speed-wobble and most of them will crash hard.”


    Comment by planetsheeple | January 9, 2022 | Reply

    • “Onward to the real disease full steam ahead.”

      Agree with that statement. The “real disease” has metastasized throughout the flabby (aka obese), flailing, failing body; Big Pharma is only one manifestation of the malady. All the organs, on ineffective life support, convulse, contract, wrinkle and wither: useless, all useless to attempt to resuscitate this critter-cum-corpse! The house of cards is about to crash to the ground and float away into the gutter, cleansing the ecosphere. Methinks Mr. Kunstler is far-too-resolutely rosy-eyed optimistic. We/the USA in toto have met the enemy and it R us…irreparable, irretrievable, eminently replaceable. “Onward” indeed: via the Belt-and-Road Initiative and myriad other STEM and economic/geopolitical/all-sector realms spanning the planet, to the Chinese and Russian (and Iranian?!) rest of the 21st Century! The USA, too long and too tragically/fatally serving as settler-colonialist Zionism’s vassal state and “tribute” payer, will have to make do with the dregs of the (ultimate) fallen empire….

      “It’s going to be a tough slog.” A lonely, winless, terminal/fatal slog aka death march. So be it.

      Oh well: Palestine and its endlessly beleaguered-but-brave people will finally be free and unfettered, with emphasis on “finally.” Alhumdulillah! Ma’assalaama aleihum!


      Comment by roberthstiver | January 9, 2022 | Reply

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