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More humiliation for Anthony Fauci and MSM vaccine advocates

By Alex Berenson | Unreported Truths | January 12, 2022

They promised a booster would work – despite obvious evidence it wouldn’t. Not years ago. Months ago. Sometimes WEEKS ago. Don’t let them gaslight you. Don’t let them forget.

In August, when Israel became the first country to push Covid vaccine boosters, I warned that the evidence for them verged on nonexistent and they were unlikely to last more than a few months.

This was, to say the least, not the consensus view in the elite media or the public health establishment.

Lots of vaccines required boosters, they said! A third dose several months out simply fixed the rushed scheduling of the second dose, they said!

And no one pushed this view more aggressively than Dr. Anthony Fauci – who went so far as to promise that the third dose would do what the first two had not and confer long-lasting immunity:


Those stories are from early September.

And America’s Doctor (TM) got his way. Within weeks regulators had approved boosters – and as the fall went on they opened the spigots ever-wider.

Needless to say the media asked its usual critical questions. (Have a barf bag handy as you scroll.)

The NY Times :

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