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Join the global rally for freedom

By Kathy Gyngell | TCW Defending Freedom | January 20, 2022

THIS Saturday, January 22, will see another worldwide freedom rally. It starts at 1pm in London and other UK cities as well as globally.

To find the details of where, please join the Together Declaration’s Telegram Channel for updates. The Together organisers will be in London and will have placards available on the day. You can find the details on Twitter @togetherdec and on Instagram: @togetherdeclaration […]

Please continue to share Together links to drive their message home. They are doing a vital campaigning and lobbying job. It’s essential that we all keep pushing to end all restrictions on January 26 and to insist on the revocation of an end to all vaccine mandates and coercion.

Together ask us to use the following hashtags in our Twitter communications:



and to follow their news and share it on the following platforms:

Twitter: @togetherdec

Instagram: @togetherdeclaration








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