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UK Govt Publishes Online Safety Bill – Free Speech is Dead In The UK

By Richie Allen | March 17, 2022

This morning, the UK government will publish the revised Online Safety Bill. It’s a landmark piece of legislation that has been in the works for five years. The government claims that the bill will protect people from being exposed to harmful content on the internet.

Critics have called it the biggest threat to free speech in modern times. According to SKY News:

The Online Safety Bill has been in the works for about five years and will see communications regulator Ofcom get the power to issue fines or block sites that break the rules.

Additions to the bill include the power to hold executives criminally liable if they don’t comply with Ofcom information requests two months after the law begins, rather than the two years previously proposed.

Managers will also now be criminally liable for destroying evidence, failing to attend Ofcom interviews – or giving false information, or for obstructing the regulator if it enters their offices.

The biggest social media firms must also address “legal but harmful” content under the updated proposals.

They will have to do risk assessments on the type of harms that could appear and state in their terms of service how they plan to tackle them.

What constitutes “legal but harmful” material will be set out by the government in secondary legislation.

Have you ever read anything as chilling as “social media firms must address legal but harmful content?”

That’s what the Online Safety Bill is really all about. The government couldn’t give a damn about child safety. Just look at what they’ve done to children over the past two years.

No, they couldn’t care less if kids are targeted by paedophiles on the internet, or if they’re exposed to images of suicide and self-harming. I’m also pretty sure that the government doesn’t give a rats arse about racist abuse.

The Online Safety Bill is a censors charter, plain and simple.

Labour’s Lucy Powell compared alleged “disinformation” spread by the “Russian regime” to covid conspiracy theories. This is from the BBC news website this morning:

Labour’s shadow culture secretary Lucy Powell said the bill’s delays “allowed the Russian regime’s disinformation to spread like wildfire online”.

She added: “Other groups have watched and learned their tactics, with Covid conspiracy theories undermining public health and climate deniers putting our future at risk.”

Conspiracy theories undermining public health? Really? Is she referring to the thousands of doctors and scientists who warned us that lockdowns were far more devastating for public health than viruses?

Does she mean the legions of epidemiologists and virologists who say that the vaccines are unsafe, untested and are causing widespread harm? Given the chance, would she jail a GP for advising a patient to swerve the jabs?

My God, the bill actually proposes that “knowingly spreading medical misinformation” should carry a penalty of two years in prison. Does Powell think that scientists should be jailed for dissenting from the opinions of politicians?

“Climate deniers are putting our future at risk,” she said. What the hell? What a glorious example of Orwell’s newspeak. Climate denier. What is that? Who ever denied that there’s a climate? Powell is insane.

The Great Reset agenda is real. It will become more obvious to people in the coming months and years as they tighten the screws and interfere more and more in people’s lives.

The Online Safety Bill is a pre-emptive strike on the independent media. It really is as simple as that. They plan to make life unbearable for all of us. They want rid of the independent media in time for when the shit really hits the fan.

The bill will pass. The clock is now ticking on The Richie Allen Show and every other independent news outlet.

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  1. George Orwell predicted this sort of thing 74 years ago(1948) when he wrote “1984”…….What a brilliant mind he had…everything he predicted has been proven right so far………


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | March 17, 2022 | Reply

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