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Why the Covid Vaccine Rollout in Children Should Be Stopped Immediately

By Elizabeth Evans | The Daily Sceptic | March 7, 2022

There follows a guest post by Dr. Elizabeth Evans, the Director of the U.K. Medical Freedom Alliance. It is a transcript of a speech given at the Children’s Covid Vaccine Advisory Group (CCVAG) Press Conference on Thursday February 24th 2022.

In February 2021, the U.K. Medical Freedom Alliance wrote our first of several Open Letters to the JCVI and MHRA, raising serious ethical concerns over any future use of COVID-19 vaccines in healthy children. I will highlight these ethical issues over the next few minutes.

When we are considering any medical intervention for an individual, it must be proportionate, necessary, and given under strict ethical principles. There is important wisdom in the Hippocratic Oath, upheld by doctors around the world for over two millennia, which states: “First, do no harm.”  As all medical interventions carry a risk of harm, we have a professional duty to act with care and proportionality.

In addition, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is a dangerous and unethical way to practise medicine. At the heart of the practice of safe and ethical medicine is the doctor-patient relationship, where the patient’s unique medical history, his or her individual risk-profile and personal philosophy/wishes should always be the prime concern of the doctor administering a treatment.

When it comes to children, it is clear that the risk/benefit calculation does not support administering Covid vaccines to healthy children, who are at no risk (statistically) from COVID-19 and who have, in any case, mostly acquired robust and durable natural immunity by now.  It is important to remember that these vaccines are not traditional vaccines but use a completely novel, gene-based technology and are still in Phase 3 trials.

Without long-term safety data (on either the mRNA technology or the specific COVID-19 vaccines) we cannot know yet what, if any, long-term effects on health or fertility may become apparent over the next five to 10 years. The vaccines have not been inside any adult for more than 21 months, and for even less time in children. We also now have emerging safety signals and acknowledged side-effects, some serious, like myocarditis, clotting/bleeding disorders and neurological conditions, many of which appear to affect younger people disproportionately.

The possibility of detrimental health effects coming to light after a few years was raised by a spokesperson for AstraZeneca in August 2020, when the company was granted full immunity from liability for harms because: “This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in… four years the vaccine is showing side-effects.” If this risk is considered too high for the manufacturers economically, surely, we cannot allow our children to take the same level of risk with their long-term health, especially for a disease that is of negligible risk to them.

Medical history is littered with drugs and vaccines that were once considered safe and effective, that were subsequently withdrawn from the market, months or years after their use was started as unforeseen harms were identified. For example, the Swine Flu vaccine Pandemrix, rushed to market in the 2009 pandemic, was withdrawn two years later, after millions of doses had been given, when over a thousand children suffered the serious brain injury narcolepsy, not picked up in the trials. An essential part of the safe practice of medicine involves adapting and adjusting to new data and safety signals.

It is unprecedented that a pharmaceutical product still in the clinical trial phase is being recommended and administered to children on such a mass scale.  That this is being done without full transparency and disclosure of the known and unknown risks to children and young people, and with aggressive marketing, seriously undermines the ability of parents and teenagers to give full, voluntary, and informed consent – a legal and ethical requirement for all medical treatments under U.K. and International Law and professional guidelines.

It is vital that we maintain the ethical principles that underpin any civilised society and that we put the safety of children as our top priority. There is no scientific or ethical justification to support any further rollout of COVID-19 vaccines to children. Therefore, we must urgently pause the programme.

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Gazprom says it fulfills all commitments to foreign customers

RT | March 7, 2022

The Russian state energy giant Gazprom said on Monday that European gas prices could rise even higher after they hit a record $3,892 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas. The reasons for such hikes “are not on Gazprom’s end,” the company has added.

Gazprom “fills the orders on gas purchases from its foreign customers to the fullest,” the company said in a statement, adding that it will further honor all its commitments under the long-term gas contracts. It has also confirmed that it still uses “100 percent” of Ukraine’s gas transit route despite the ongoing conflict in the country.

Some 109.5 million cubic meters of gas flow through Ukraine’s territory per day, according to data cited by TASS. Earlier, Gazprom’s spokesman, Sergey Kupriyanov, confirmed that the transit proceeds “as normal.”

Gas prices in Europe fell to $2,700 per 1,000 cubic meters of gas later Monday, after German Chancellor Olaf Scholz admitted that his country would not cut off Russian supplies as of now. Energy supply for Germany “cannot be secured in any other way” at the moment, he has said. The chancellor also opposed sanctioning “essential” Russian oil and gas industries.

Earlier, some media reported that the US has been discussing a ban on Russian oil supplies to Europe with the EU.

Gas prices also rose after Washington and its allies slapped Moscow with unprecedented sanctions targeting its financial sector and its ability to engage in foreign trade. One such measure involved cutting off seven Russian banks from SWIFT. The measures came in response to Russia’s military action in Ukraine launched on February 24, which Moscow said was aimed at “demilitarizing” its neighbor, while Kiev blasted it as “unprovoked.”

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Reflections on War, Injections, and Terror at This Crossroads in History Part I

By Professor Anthony Hall | Global Research | March 7, 2022

In late February the international news cycle moved between two very important focuses. One addressed controversies in Canada. The other continues to highlight events unfolding primarily in Russia, Ukraine, and the USA. While different in many ways, both stories have many-faceted worldwide implications.  

Both involve configurations of power and intrigue that overlap in crucial ways. Both involve conflicts with profound life-and-death implications. Both conflicts highlight that humanity and our civilizational inheritances are at a crossroads.

At this parting of the ways, the most well-travelled autobahn looming up ahead points towards tyrannies far more extreme than anything we have known in history so far.

Whatever highway we follow, it seems there is no escaping the onslaught of new forms of aggressive warfare that are fast pushing humanity into a jagged collision with high-tech weaponry capable of unprecedented destruction. To say we are living in dangerous times is a gross understatement.

Will humanity be subjected to even greater extremes of outright militarization? Will we continue to be assaulted by a novel array of overt and covert tactics aimed at radically re-engineering society as well as the very genetic attributes of the human genome? Will human beings continue to be reconfigured to advance the conditions of our decline into submissive enslavement? Will we continue to be subject to litanies of media lies, strategies of behavior modification, and unregulated medical experiments aimed at merging our biological persons with aspects of digital technology?

See this and this.

Some common themes wind through the convoluted array of unregulated assaults that menace humanity’s very survival in anything like the God-given form we inherited from nature. Powerful enemy forces are exploiting for their own self-interested advantage, our credulousness, naivety, and susceptibility to programs of mind control. The goal of the master class, it seems, is to modify our behavior so we can be better integrated into a world of pervasive robotization.

Enslavement With the Help of Digital IDs Combined with Cashless Transactions

Right now in the Western countries’ onslaughts of psychological warfare are integral to the military showdown initiated in Eurasia.

While experts in “perception management” are using the media to lure the public into single-minded condemnation of Russia, our attention is being drawn away from stunning revelations coming to light in our midst.

The disclosures underway illuminate the role of COVID Officialdom in forcing on us through mandates and other coercive techniques, highly lethal and injurious medical procedures. These procedures have been purposely designed to induce pathogenic outcomes and depopulation agendas. Throughout Europe and North America, dramatic increases in all-cause rates of death are being reported especially by life insurance companies and funeral homes.

One result is that Pfizer and Moderna investors are “running for the exit.” Former BlackRock investment advisor, Edward Dowd, has sounded the alarm on Moderna and Pfizer “as sinking ships that investors need to abandon.”

See this.

The bad news for the vaccine companies and their notoriously negligent regulators is compounded by the fact that their indemnification is threatened.

The companies and their regulators can be sued if it can be demonstrated that they have lied about their products. Indeed, they have lied on an epic scale and continue to do so. The evidence is clear that the inadequately-tested medical injections advertised as “safe and effective” are no such thing. Now there are headlines proclaiming, “Pfizer and Moderna are modern versions of Enron.”

See this and this. 

As blanket coverage of the Ukrainian conflict dominates the media, the next stage in the insidious COVID con is being executed with blitzkrieg speed. The objective is to rush humanity into a privatized system of universalized and standardized Digital ID before most people have an opportunity to get informed on the fuller implications.

The growing contingent of people devoted to principled non-compliance to the myriad COVID frauds must resist allowing the COVID hucksters to advance their diabolical agenda. The COVID con men and women must be forced to back away from their attempt at making sweeping appropriations and instrumentalizations of yet more elements of our private information. We need to hold the line against slick kleptocrats seeking total control of everything through digital invasion and theft of the little that remains of our personal realms.

Included in the Digital ID con job is the creation of a new type of One World digital currency presently being rushed into existence by the private central banks holding membership in the Swiss-based Bank of International Settlements (BIS). This process is being pushed ahead in partnership with the dystopian World Economic Forum (WEF).

Recently Klaus Schwab, the WEF’s founder, bragged that more than one-half of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Canadian cabinet is infiltrated with WEF insiders. Chrystia Freeland, the Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, is one of them.

In fact Freeland is currently a prominent member of the WEF’s governing body of trustees. As shall become clear, Freeland is emblematic of the abundant conflicts-of-interest and round-the-clock lies that have come to characterize the Liberal Party during the time of Trudeau’s denigration of public office in Canada.

See thisthisthis and this. 

A pervasive system of social credit scoring is taking shape with the rush to entrench in many jurisdictions a transnational system of Digital IDs. The other necessary element is our willingness to go along with the creation of a single digital currency. The new system requires the consolidation of a One World megabank that is meant as a key element in the so-called Great Reset.

The advancement of a system of total surveillance and total control requires the termination of all cash transactions. Hence our insistence on continuing the conduct of business through the circulation of cash must be an expression of our principled non-compliance.

The merger of Digital ID together with the replacement of cash transactions would give central authorities the ability to cut off our “freedoms,” including, for instance, even our capacity to buy food. The entrapment of people in digital enclosures would put the vast majority of humans in a virtual penitentiary of unmitigated top-down authority.

See this.

A Matter of Life or Death for Russia

The creation of a social credit dystopia is being pushed rapidly forward under the cover of wall-to-wall coverage devoted to Russia’s intervention in Ukraine. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian troops are intervening with the goal of “demilitarizing and denazifying Ukraine.”

It is also thought that Putin intends to dismantle about fifteen US biological warfare labs. The Pentagon sponsors of these “research facilities” for mass murder would have us believe they are engaged in a “Biologic Threat Reduction Program.”

In his memorable speech of 24 Feb., Putin claims that the Russian mission in Ukraine, “is not a plan to occupy the Ukrainian territory.” The Russian government asserts that its actions in Ukraine are necessary for the protection of the Russian Mother Country. Over many years Putin has been stressing the themes that the Russian Armed Forces are now acting upon.

The explanation of this military operation as an act of self-defense depends on a historical analysis highlighting the decades-long campaign to strangle Russia in a boa constrictor’s grip of NATO’s aggressive militarism. The core agreements enabling the end of the Cold War have been violated by the patterns of NATO’s expansion since 1991.

NATO has been ingesting former Soviet republics into a US-backed militarized zone of organized anti-Russia zealotry. As Putin warned again and again over recent years, the US goal of transforming Ukraine into yet another militarized enemy of Moscow established a “red line,” a “matter of life or death” for Russia.

See this.

“The Controversies in Canada” will be the object of a followup article by Professor Anthony Hall

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Russia makes new claims on US-financed biolabs in Ukraine

The US has “covered” Ukraine with a network of biolaboratories linked to the Pentagon, the Russian Defense Ministry says

RT | March 7, 2022

The Ukrainian authorities have been urgently destroying pathogens studied at its laboratories linked to the US Department of Defense, the Russian military claimed on Monday, adding that such activities hint at the military purposes of these studies.

As many as 30 biological laboratories have been established in Ukraine that are actively cooperating with the US military, the commander of the Russian radiological, chemical and biological defense force, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, said at a news briefing on Monday.

The list of these laboratories’ partners includes the Pentagon’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) – the largest biomedical research facility administered by the US military; the general added.

Many of these laboratories have been active since the 2014 coup d’état in Ukraine and their emergence in the country has coincided with a spike in infectious diseases in the region, including German measles, diphtheria and tuberculosis, the Russian military said.

After the Russian forces launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24, these laboratories started hastily destroying the materials they had been working on, including the highly pathogenic bacterial and viral agents, Kirillov has said, adding that Moscow has obtained documents related to that process.

Analysis of the documents shows that the laboratories had been working with dangerous infections such as anthrax and the plague. “Assortment and the excessive quantity of the biological agents suggest that the work done in these laboratories had been part of some military biological programs,” the general has said, adding that just one such laboratory in the western Ukrainian city of Lvov had destroyed as many as 320 containers with pathogens causing plague, swamp fever and Malta fever among others.

“If these collections fall into the hands of the Russian experts, they will highly likely prove Ukraine and the US have been in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention,” Kirillov has said, adding that “this is the only reason that can explain the hasty destruction” of those materials.

The general has also expressed his concerns that all the biological materials needed for the alleged military biological program to continue had been already transported to the US.

Kiev has denied developing bioweapons, and Washington has not commented on the Russian military statements so far.

Moscow has been raising alarm about the activities of the US-financed biological laboratories located in the former Soviet states for quite some time. Earlier, it pointed to the Lugar Research Center – a US-funded laboratory in Georgia – as a place where some dangerous experiments are being conducted.

The Pentagon brushed off such accusations as a “Russian disinformation campaign” at that time.

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Ukraine Crisis – Russia Sets Out The Terms Of Peace

By Richie Allen | March 7, 2022

It is being reported this lunchtime that the Russian government is ready to end it’s invasion of Ukraine if Kyiv agrees to its terms. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told Reuters news agency that Russia is ready to halt its military action “in a moment” if Kyiv meets its conditions.

According to The Telegraph this lunchtime:

The demands include:

    • Ceasing all military action
    • A change to the constitution to enshrine neutrality
    • Acknowledgement of Crimea as Russian territory
    • Recognition of Luhansk and Donetsk as independent

It is the most explicit Russian statement so far of the terms it wants to impose on Ukraine to halt what it calls its “special military operation.”

This morning, Ukraine said Russia is “manipulating” the West by claiming it will observe ceasefires to allow civilians to evacuate.

The Russian military has said it has opened six humanitarian corridors for civilians to leave major cities for Belarus and Russia, the Russian Defence Ministry claimed.

As yet, there has been no official response from the Ukrainian government to Russia’s demands.

However, it’s unlikely that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government will agree to drop plans for the country to join NATO, or give up Luhansk and Donetsk.

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Moscow explains how it’ll do business with firms from ‘unfriendly states’

The Ministry of Finance has set up a special subcommittee to control foreign investment

RT | March 7, 2022

Russian companies wishing to work with firms from countries which oppose Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine will have to receive government permission for the deals, the press service of Russia’s Ministry of Finance said on Monday. Permission will be granted by the Government Commission for the Control of Foreign Investments. It includes representatives from Russia’s Central Bank (Bank of Russia) and the presidential administration.

According to the resolution establishing the procedure, which was signed by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, a Russian resident company or foreign company from an “unfriendly state” must apply for permission for any business deal.

“[The application] should contain comprehensive information about the applicant, including information on the beneficial owners of the company. Based on the analysis of the documents received and the nature of the future agreement, a decision will be made to approve or refuse to implement it,” the press service said, stressing that “the main goal of this work is to ensure the country’s financial stability in the face of external sanctions pressure.”

The government on Monday also unveiled an updated list of countries which have been deemed “unfriendly states” for their positions on the Ukraine conflict. It includes the United States and Canada, the countries of the EU bloc, the UK (including Jersey, Anguilla, the British Virgin Islands, and Gibraltar), Ukraine, Montenegro, Switzerland, Albania, Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, North Macedonia, and also Japan, South Korea, Australia, Micronesia, New Zealand, Singapore, and China’s self-ruled territory of Taiwan.

The countries and territories were added to the list after they imposed or joined the sanctions against Russia in connection with the ongoing military operation of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine.

According to the government decree, Russian citizens and companies, the state itself and its regions and municipalities will now also have to pay for obligations to foreign creditors from countries on the list in rubles. The new temporary procedure applies to payments exceeding 10 million rubles per month, or a corresponding amount in foreign currency.

The measures have been introduced by Moscow to support the Russian economy after Western states placed Russia under heavy sanctions over the past 10 days. A number of Russia’s largest banks have been cut off from SWIFT and had their foreign assets frozen, restrictions were placed on certain Russian exports and imports, and a growing number of companies from all sectors have been shutting down operations in the country.

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Don’t believe the media’s fake post-mortem, the “pandemic” was NOT a mistake

The story will be that Covid hysteria was the result of “flawed data” or “panic” … it was neither

By Kit Knightly | OffGuardian | March 7, 2022

As the mainstream media power down the pandemic narrative and engage war mode, there’s still time for one last autopsy – the media’s post mortem of the pandemic itself.

And, in a beautifully fitting piece of poetic irony, Covid’s autopsy will be inaccurate and fitted to a foregone conclusion.

This week has seen the UK’s SAGE group discontinuing their regular monthly meetings, whilst admitting their predictions were “at variance with reality”.

The media are discussing the “bad data” which was used to build the Imperial College models that called for a lockdown.

A Telegraph article quotes Prof Mark Woolhouse, who claims in his recent book that “lockdowns had surprisingly little effect”, and that “Anyone who supported lockdown on the basis of the half-million figure was misled” but still lays the blame at the feet of incompetence, never malice.

This is all still part of the story. The post-event navel-gazing. We’ve seen it before.

They said 9/11 was the result of a “failure of imagination”.

The Iraq War was supposedly the result of “bad intelligence”.

Both outright, provable lies. A protective rear-guard for the establishment narrative.

The agonising over “mistakes” and promising to “do better next time” are all still part of the theatre, buttressing the fake story against a more brutal reality – “Covid”, as it was sold to us, never really existed.

The pandemic was not organic. Lockdowns were not the result of panic.

We have all read the facts. The data was fudged, the tests were useless, the statistics artificially inflated, and many deaths were intentionally caused through institutionalized medical negligence. Hospitals received funding bonuses as payoffs.

None of that had anything to do with bad data, or pessimistic models. They did it all on purpose, all of it.

Every life lost, every business destroyed, every penny wasted, every child traumatised. Every moment of anxiety and fear – every single one – entirely intentional.

They ruined lives and countries and the global economy as a deliberate policy on the back of a vast web of lies, and last act of the deception will be to claim it was a “mistake”.

Meanwhile, the same agenda that masked itself behind this “mistake” – mass poverty, food and energy shortages, censorship and social control – is creeping ever closer in a new guise: War.

It’s all the same, no matter what they’re saying, no matter what they’re pretending to care about, what they actually want never changes.

“Covid” cost every single one of us a something – safety, money, trust, health, friends, family – but it gave us something too – A peek behind the curtain. In their ambition, the establishment exposed their true face.

They think if they stop talking about the “great reset”, the “new normal” or “building back better” for a few months we’ll forget. But we won’t.

They told us, clearly, who they were and what they intended, and now they’re going to pretend they didn’t mean it.

Don’t believe it. Not for a second.

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The New York Times hits a new Covid low on vaccines for kids, thanks to one Aubrey Clayton, PhD

By Alex Berenson | Unreported Truths | March 1, 2022

I know, I didn’t think it was possible either.

But today the NYT ran a opinion piece basically arguing the Food and Drug Administration should okay the Pfizer mRNA shot for children under 5 even if they fail the ongoing clinical trial.

This hideousness was titled:

A Smarter Way to Think About the Under-5 Vaccine

As soon as I saw the headline I knew it would be bad. But I couldn’t imagine how bad.

Imma translate it for you from scared academic phonics into English:

Pfizer’s mRNA shot appears to be failing its clinical trial in little kids.

Yes, it can’t even manage to demonstrate benefit in a trial intentionally designed to be as easy as possible to pass. (Remember, the pivotal clinical trials for mRNA jabs in adults showed a HUGE benefit against Covid infection, a benefit that doesn’t exist.)

I, Aubrey Clayton, PhD, wish to force my three young children to take a biotechnology that is useless for them to protect them from a disease that is an infinitesimal risk to them.

That way I can stop abusing them by forcing them to have outdoor play dates in subfreezing temperatures and wear masks on their tiny faces. Because I’m scared, or my second cousin has long Covid, or I have pronouns in my biography, who knows?

Point is, I want them to get the shot. Like about 10 percent of parents of little kids nationally, and 100 percent of the parents of little kids I know, I WANT THEM TO GET THE SHOT. I WANT I WANT.

Sad me. It looks like the FDA may do what it has done for generations, which is require that the trial designed to show a medicine works actually show it works.

Sad me so sad. So I am proposing an alternative pathway to approval. It’s called the, “I really want this shot to work so I’m going to assume it works and look for evidence supporting that assumption” pathway for approval.

Then I can give my children the useless biotechnology and feel better.

Yay me.

This is Aubrey. He/him has thoughts.

Okay, here’s the thing.

Drug development is really hard. Pharmaceuticals and biologics mostly don’t work. Sometimes they have serious side effects. Randomized clinical trials are the ONLY way to know with any reasonable certainty whether a new therapeutic will do what its developer says it does.

A drug that fails to show meaningful clinical benefit (which does NOT mean cure) with more than 95 percent statistical significance in a carefully designed clinical trial is likely to be at best useless and at worst harmful in the real world. Trials generally OVERSTATE the effectiveness of medicines for all kinds of complex reasons.

Trials aren’t perfect. But in a world filled with error, they are not just our best but our only real alternative to guesswork.

Find a different way to mess up your kids, Aubrey.

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The CDC Got Vaccine Efficacy Wrong

By Ian Miller | March 6, 2022


Well, it’s not that big of a deal, it’s only one of the most crucial concerns of the entire pandemic.

The CDC, whose literal one job is to track and report on the spread of diseases, whose advice has been religiously followed by corporations, colleges, politicians and local school boards, managed to get vaccine efficacy wrong.

How could this happen?

How would anyone ever be able to trust them again?

Well, there have been numerous examples of the CDC destroying their credibility and eradicating whatever respect or confidence the informed public previously had for them and their conclusions.

Beyond the persistent misinformation on masks, the debacle of instigating contact tracing, the early testing failures, the remarkably useless county level metrics that were essentially made up out of thin air and the endlessly disgraceful “studies,” their inability to accept reality has led to unspeakable policies and purposeful, damaging discrimination all over the world.

Encouraging absurd and misleading percentages and estimates to be disseminated has and will continue to have far reaching and long term effects that we’ve only just begun to consider. Beyond the policies imposed as a result of their actions, there inevitably will be more erosion of trust in public health and resentment and anger towards institutions.

The CDC had one job to do. It failed. And there ought to be consequences for the damage they’ve inflicted on hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, due to their profound, inexcusable incompetence.

What’s happened here is profoundly disturbing.

If you haven’t seen the video already, CDC director Rochelle Walensky recently spoke at the Washington University in St. Louis to discuss “lessons learned” from the pandemic and how her experience as an HIV expert prepared her for the challenges of COVID:

“We learned so much from HIV in terms of who gets care and access to care,” Walensky said. “We in infectious diseases have long known that infectious diseases go not to places of wealth but to places of poverty and places that lack access to care. The first people who brought SARS-CoV-2 to the United States were people who traveled on airplanes, people who traveled on cruise ships, people who had the resources to do those sorts of things. But then it became a disease of the more vulnerable.”

If she was so concerned with “who gets care and access to care” for HIV, how has she not issued a statement explaining that unvaccinated people should never be denied care or access to care based on personal health status? I would expect she is aware that many of the unvaccinated are from marginalized or disadvantaged communities — the CDC is obsessively concerned with equity, except when the inequities are focused on those who haven’t had this specific vaccine.

Her agency’s maddening mistake and subsequent demonization of “unvaccinated” individuals directly led to horrifying examples of patients denied transplants and treatments for the simple crime of not receiving a vaccine which we’ve learned does little to nothing to protect others.

In addition, her astonishing conclusions about the disease becoming prevalent among “the more vulnerable” are stupefying. The disease has affected and will continue to affect everyone. That is how endemic viruses behave. Everyone will be exposed to COVID, likely multiple times throughout their lives.

Of course COVID impacts the most vulnerable more severely, because almost everything impacts the vulnerable more severely. This is the reason that the only acceptable solution to the COVID problem is and was the Great Barrington Declaration, the set of guiding principles that she resoundingly rejected in favor of pseudoscience.

Protecting the vulnerable should have been the ultimate goal, but instead the CDC, led for over a year now by Rochelle Walensky, has done very little to focus specifically on the vulnerable, instead endlessly promoting boosters for healthy college students and unconscionably masking toddlers.

If she and the CDC were really so caught off guard by the fact that an incredibly infectious respiratory virus spread to those who were most vulnerable, they certainly must be replaced immediately.

If under her watch the CDC didn’t realize that their early advocacy for lockdowns, which moved white collar workers into their homes while insisting blue collar grocery story workers, delivery people, food service and other lower income professions continue to keep working would increase the burden on disadvantaged groups while temporarily providing (extremely limited) protection to the wealthier groups of society, she and the entire organization should be replaced immediately.

And most importantly, the videos below provide ample evidence that Walensky is completely unfit to lead the CDC, and that the organization is stunningly, hopelessly, inept:



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Why Is Walensky Refusing to Answer this Senator’s Questions?


Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) has taken a lead throughout the Covid-19 pandemic to hold public health officials and agencies accountable if they’ve failed to provide accurate and timely information to the public for whom they work.

From masks, vaccines, and school shutdowns, to the origination of Covid-19, Johnson has been asking critical questions. However, he says he has received very few answers.

According to Johnson, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky is one of the public health officials who has been non-compliant with his requests.

To date, Johnson says he has made eight specific requests, directly of Walensky, that have gone unanswered.

In his most recent attempt to get data, he writes:

“In the midst of a pandemic, it is unacceptable that CDC would withhold relevant data on Covid-19 that could inform the public and potentially save lives. Moreover, it is grossly arrogant that your agency has repeatedly ignored Congressional requests.”

Read Senator Johnson’s latest letter to Director Walensky below:

March 1, 2022

Rochelle P. Walensky, M.D., MPH Director
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Dear Director Walensky:

Over the last year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has failed to be transparent to the American people and their elected representatives. Specifically, CDC has not responded to my multiple requests for information about COVID-19. In addition, CDC has reportedly “withheld information” about COVID-19 from the public that “could help state and local health officials better target their efforts to bring the virus under control.”1 In the midst of a pandemic, it is unacceptable that CDC would withhold relevant data on COVID-19 that could inform the public and potentially save lives. Moreover, it is grossly arrogant that your agency has repeatedly ignored Congressional requests.

To date, I have sent you numerous letters requesting information about COVID-19 including records and data on the virus, school guidance, and the vaccines. For the letters listed below, you have either failed to respond or your response was significantly incomplete:

  • May 19, 2021 – Requesting records relating to teachers’ unions and CDC guidance.
  • June 28, 2021 – Requesting information about COVID-19 vaccine adverse events.
  • July 13, 2021 – Requesting information on vaccine safety monitoring.
  • July 30, 2021 – Requesting data CDC used to create a slide deck on COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness.
  • August 22, 2021 – Regarding the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee meeting.
  • September 15, 2021 – Requesting information on the effectiveness of natural immunity as protection from COVID-19.
  • October 5, 2021 – Requesting information on early treatments for COVID-19.
  • December 29, 2021 – Requesting information about vaccine lot variation data.1 Apoorva Mandavilli, The C.D.C. isn’t publishing large portions of the Covid data it collectsNY Times, Feb. 21, 2022.

CDC’s failure to respond to Congress appears to be one piece of the agency’s larger problem with public transparency. According to the New York Times, during the “[t]wo full years into the pandemic, the [CDC] has published only a tiny fraction of the data it has collected.”2 The CDC’s apparent indifference toward transparency during a pandemic is disturbing and shameful.

Throughout the pandemic, CDC and other health agencies have promoted inconsistent policies and recommendations regarding COVID-19. Many Americans who voiced concerns about these shifting policies have been subjected to ridicule, vilification, and censorship from the press. Rather than provide the public with complete access to relevant data to justify its COVID- 19 policies, the Biden Administration has apparently favored censorship over transparency.

In my continued effort to ensure that the American people have access to complete and accurate data about COVID-19, I renew my previous requests and call on you to immediately respond to all of my outstanding letters. Additionally, I would like you to brief my staff on whether CDC is withholding data from the public as reported by the New York Times and provide the names and titles of CDC officials who may have withheld the relevant information. I ask that this briefing occur no later than March 15, 2022. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

cc: The Honorable Xavier Becerra Secretary

Department of Health and Human Services

The Honorable Christi Grimm
Inspector General
Department of Health and Human Services


Ron Johnson
United States Senator

Sharyl Attkisson is an American journalist and television correspondent. She hosts the Sinclair Broadcast Group TV show Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson. Attkisson is a five-time Emmy Award winner, and a Radio Television Digital News Association (RTNDA) Edward R. Murrow Award recipient.

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People’s Convoy Arrives at DC Beltway

By Stephen Lendman | March 7, 2022

On route from California since February 23, hundreds of trucks and other vehicles reached the 64 mile-long Capital Beltway that surrounds the Washington DC area through parts of Maryland and Virginia.

Before departing last month, a media statement said the following:

“The People’s Convoy continues to grow in numbers and support as we peacefully cross the country in unity.

The People’s Convoy has been diligent in our message and purpose.

Although we support any peaceful movements in spirit, we are not affiliated with any other groups.

The People’s Convoy has created an infrastructure with a third-party accounting firm, legal teams, security, and journalists documenting each mile.

We encourage truckers and supporters to officially join The People’s Convoy along our route.

The People’s Convoy would like to reiterate:

We are traveling across the US in PEACE and UNITY

We are 100% LAW-ABIDING citizenry and convoy

Our core principals of FREEDOM and LIBERTY give rise to the convoy’s request to end the State of Emergency that led to overreaching mandates

We demand government ACCOUNTABILITY through full and transparent congressional hearings

We are NOT going into DC proper, and we will NOT be there for the State of the Union

We are NOT associated with Bob Bolus or other convoys who are planning to go into DC

The People’s Convoy is a peaceful and unified transcontinental movement

This freedom-loving movement is about the journey, not the destination

Our website and social media platforms are the ONLY official locations with details on how to donate, routes and stopping points where people can come support

We are actively accepting donations through our secure site to support the truckers with fuel and supplies during the convoy.”

On March 7, said “American truckers & allies are currently staged (along the) Hagerstown (MD) Speedway.”

Once again, it stressed that it’s “time to end the declaration of national emergency…and restore our nation’s Constitution.

According to convoy leaders, plans are for the miles-long convoy to drive slowly at the minimum speed limit around the Capital Beltway on Monday — slowing, not blocking traffic.

On Friday, a statement by one trucker said:

“DC, the government, whomever, can claim that they have all this opposition for us waiting in DC.”

“But that flag on the back of my truck will go down to Constitution Avenue between the White House and the Washington Monument.”

Organizer Brian Brase said convoy participants intend to circle the Capital Beltway slowly before returning to Hagerstown at end of each day, returning the next day “until the group’s demands are met,” adding:

Other convoys are en route to join them.

“We’re going to be a huge pain.”

“We’re trying to work with our local law enforcement communities because we want them to understand that we are law-abiding citizens that are just exercising our rights to this protest.”

“Every day is going to elevate what we do.”

“We want to show the American people how large we are.”

“(W)e want to show our congressional leaders that we’re serious and we are here to negotiate.”

“We are here to talk. We are law-abiding. We are peaceful.”

“We don’t want to shut anything down, and we’re not coming downtown.”

On Monday, the Baltimore Sun reported that organizer Brase met with House and Senate members on Sunday night, quoting him saying:

“I’m hopeful that we have successful dialogue with congressmen and women and senators that help get what we’re looking for pushed through in a timely fashion,” adding:

“If they don’t come to the table to meet with us or they ignore us, then every day it will escalate.”

“We do not want to impede traffic any more than necessary to get our message across.”

Brase said he expects another convoy of about 500 vehicles from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia to join the People’s Convoy overnight Monday.

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Biggest financial players back net zero

United Nations | April 21, 2021

Over 160 firms with $70 trillion in assets have joined forces behind a common goal: steer the global economy towards net-zero emissions and deliver the Paris Agreement goals.

The new Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ), chaired by Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance, brings together leading net-zero initiatives from across the financial system to accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest.

Members include major asset owners and managers as well as banks with the power to mobilize trillions of dollars behind the transition to net zero. By working together, alliance members can catalyse strategic and technical coordination on steps firms need to take to align with a net-zero future.

All members will set science-aligned interim and long-term goals to reach net zero no later than 2050 in line with the criteria of the UN Race to Zero campaign. Member-determined short-term targets and action plans will supplement these goals.

Existing and new net zero finance initiatives will be part of the Alliance. They comprise the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, the UN-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance and the newly launched Net-Zero Banking Alliance. The last links 43 of the world’s leading banks, and is hosted by the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative and co-launched by the Financial Services Taskforce of the Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative.

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said: “Uniting the world’s banks and financial institutions behind the global transition to net zero is crucial to unlocking the finance we need to get there – from backing pioneering firms and new technologies to building resilient economies around the world. The Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero will lead this charge ahead of COP26 to scale-up our ambition, accelerate our shift and help us to build back greener together.”

U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry said: “The largest financial players in the world recognize energy transition represents a vast commercial opportunity as well as a planetary imperative. As countries around the world move to decarbonize, the large sums these institutions are dedicating to climate finance also reflect a growing understanding of how critical a low-carbon global economy is to their business models. Ultimately, their commitment of capital and assets, as well as adherence to high standards and reporting, will accelerate the transition to this new economy, create a massive number of new jobs, and increase our collective ability to tackle the climate crisis.

Mark Carney, UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance and Prime Minister Johnson’s Climate Finance Advisor for COP26, said: “This is the breakthrough in mainstreaming climate finance the world needs. I welcome the leadership of the Financial Services Task Force and other global banks for their new commitments to net zero and for joining forces with GFANZ, the gold standard for net zero commitments in the financial sector. Most fundamentally, GFANZ will act as the strategic forum to ensure the financial system works together to broaden, deepen, and accelerate the transition to a net zero economy.”

Read more

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