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China denounces Israel’s illegal settlements and urges UN to focus on Palestine

MEMO | March 24, 2022

Israel’s ongoing illegal settlement expansion has been slammed by China during a UN briefing on the situation in Palestine. Beijing’s representative at the world body insisted that settlements are a violation of international law and urged the international community to support the Palestinian people.

“We call on Israel to halt the expansion of settlements, stop the eviction of Palestinians, stop the demolition of Palestinian homes, and create conditions for the development of Palestinian communities in the West Bank, as called for in [Security] Council Resolution 2334,” said Zhang Jun, China’s permanent representative to the UN.

Adopted unanimously in 2016, Resolution 2334 states that Israel’s settlement activity constitutes a “flagrant violation” of international law and has “no legal validity”. It demands that Israel should stop such activity and fulfil its obligations as an occupying power under the Fourth Geneva Convention.

Settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territory violate international law, disrupt the contiguity of the occupied Palestinian territory, squeeze the living space of the Palestinian people, and affect the prospects for achieving the two-state solution,” continued Jun.

The Chinese envoy also expressed concerns over the deterioration of security in Palestine and the plight of children. “The protection of children in conflict settings is not an empty slogan, but an unshakable moral responsibility and an international obligation that must be fulfilled. We call for a thorough investigation of the recent violence and for effective accountability.”

He also urged the international community to continue to help Palestine alleviate its fiscal crisis, improve its economy and people’s livelihood, and tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. Underscoring the need to keep the focus on Israel’s occupation, he stressed that the Palestinian question should not be marginalised, much less allowed to be pending for a long time.

“China will continue to work with the international community to make unremitting efforts and contribute China’s share to a comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the question of Palestine,” the envoy added.

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    Comment by PEZZODIMERDA | March 24, 2022 | Reply

  2. Hear, hear, hear! I love this post (including its timeliness, given the current convenient distraction provided by Ukraine…). Viva China! Viva Palestine!

    (Of course, Zhang Jun is naive in continuing to voice the “two-state solution” shibboleth. In my estimation, that “route out” of the morass was terminated by the Zionist scourge as far back as 2006….)

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    Comment by roberthstiver | March 24, 2022 | Reply

  3. This is the best news for Palestine in years. China is the last remaining super-power strong enough and principled enough to enforce the law against the criminal entity illegally occupying another people’s state, throttling their lives with blockades and life-threateing restrictions on water supplies, electricity, food, communications, aid and trade. Unfortunately, the arrogant occupiers are too insensitive to Human life and justice to cease their Genocidal dictatorship over a defenceless imprisoned population, short of serious military threat under Chapter VII of the UN Charter. All power to the CCP to take the next step.
    You are right, Robert, that the Zionist land-grabbers do not want a 2-State Solution. But they must be brought to book. They are a racist creed, running an Apartheid system that has been outlawed by the international community. They have enacted a Jews-only policy! No one else is tolerated. Others can be arrested, imprisoned, deprived of their homes and farms, assassinated, bombed and denigrated in their media networks. One can see by their creeping theft, attacks on and desecration of East Jerusalem that they cannot be trusted to keep within the bounds of international law. Of course, the proper Solution is for Palestine to be returned to the indigenous people and the marauding Khazars to return to S.E. Asia or Birobidzan where they were given a delightful homeland, similar to Switzerland, in 1928.

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    Comment by jbthring | May 8, 2022 | Reply

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