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The Remarkably Surprising Results of Ending Mask Mandates

A number of states have recently lifted mask mandates after months or years of forced masking – so what’s happened afterwards?

By Ian Miller | March 31, 2022

During the pandemic, an endlessly repeated phrase from experts, media members, politicians and social media pundits has been that it’s “too soon” to lift restrictions.

It’s important to deconstruct the intentions encapsulated in that phrase, because it’s remarkably pernicious.

The implication of the infuriating phrase, “it’s too soon to lift restrictions,” is that restrictions were proven to have had a demonstrable impact on the spread of COVID, which is entirely inaccurate. It also implies that restrictions should be considered necessary or valuable for a virus which will likely infect everyone on earth, possibly multiple times throughout their lifetime.

There’s also the unspoken assumption that restrictions are imposed at no cost; that masking kids in schools, for example, has little to no downside with significant benefits.

The “evidence” used by health officials to justify continued mask mandates has consistently been unbelievably flawed and thoroughly debunked.

We’ve seen the results of masking across the general population and in specific populations:

By pretending that mask mandates ever had any evidentiary basis, that the “benefits” will always outweigh the harms, while ignoring the inescapable reality that COVID will infect essentially everyone regardless of policy, the phrase that it’s “too soon” is profoundly ignorant and extremely disturbing.

Even now, as the Los Angeles City Council voted to end the vaccine requirement for many businesses, they have already set the stage for future mandates:

“I know it feels like we’re out of the woods. It feels like we’re all going back to normal. But there’s new variants and new strains all the time,” he said. “This BA.2 (variant) is spreading and we really don’t know what the variant a month from now or two months are.”

Martinez responded last week by saying, “I agree with you on that,” and noted that the City Council would have to revisit the vaccination mandates “as we learn to live with this pandemic unfortunately.”

Of course, Martinez ignores the unequivocal, inarguable fact that the vaccine mandates and passports in Los Angeles he’s advocated for had zero impact whatsoever on the rate of spread.

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  1. Of course the lifting of mask mandates will bring surprising results – at least for those who have been deceived into the covid religion. However, for those who still have more than half a brain, it is anything less than surprising. The holy grail of the covid religion – the covid-19 virus with all its magical pathogenic properties – has yet to be found. So masking up against a non-existent pathogen is not going to make an iota of difference. To the contrary. It has been found to be both a psychological and a health hazard.

    Masking, as has been reported elsewhere, has nothing to do with health. It is all about obedience and compliance to the State and those it has placed in positions of ‘authority’. Those countries, and states or provinces that still maintain mask mandates, show that they are not interested at all in their own people and fellow citizens, but solely in the exercise of power and the riches they can gain.


    Comment by Bill Francis | April 2, 2022 | Reply

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