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The Anglo-American War on France

Tales of the American Empire | March 31, 2022

The British army abandoned their French ally in 1940 and fled to England. This forced the French to quickly negotiate a peace treaty with Germany. The French were allowed to maintain control of southern France, their overseas colonies, and powerful Navy, if they remained neutral while the Germans sought a peace deal with Britain.

The United States, Britain, Soviet Union, Canada, and Australia granted the new French government full diplomatic recognition.

An Anglo-American war on France soon began. This war on France is mostly ignored in official history since it’s impossible to justify. The official excuse was that France became an ally of Germany, or that the Germans might seize French ships. But France was not a German ally and the Germans had no naval force to deploy and seize French ships overseas. It would take hours for German ground forces to reach the French port of Toulon in southern France. The French had promised the British and Germans they would scuttle their ships should the Germans attempt to seize them.

The real reason for the Anglo-American war on France was that British Prime Minister Winston Churchill and American President Franklin Roosevelt had secretly agreed to dismantle the French empire.


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