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UN suspends Russia from Human Rights Council

Samizdat | April 7, 2022

The United Nations’ General Assembly voted on Thursday to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council. The US-proposed resolution received 93 votes, with 24 countries opposed and 58 abstaining.

China, a fellow permanent Security Council member, was a prominent “no” vote. Among the abstentions, the most prominent were India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield had called for Russia to be expelled from the 47-nation body on Monday, calling its participation a “farce,” after videos and photos from the town near Kiev showed dead bodies of what appeared to be civilians. Ukraine and the US accused Russia of a massacre, which Moscow has vehemently denied.

“We believe that the members of the Russian forces committed war crimes in Ukraine, and we believe that Russia needs to be held accountable,” Thomas-Greenfield said Monday.

When Moscow called for an emergency Security Council session on the investigation of the alleged atrocities, the UK – currently presiding – refused. The US and its allies instead chose to ratchet up sanctions against Russia, based entirely on Ukrainian allegations as the presumption of Russian guilt.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba cheered Thursday’s vote. “War criminals have no place in UN bodies aimed at protecting human rights. Grateful to all member states which supported the relevant UNGA resolution and chose the right side of history,” he tweeted.

Moscow has said that attempts to expel Russia from the Human Rights Council are political and undertaken by countries who seek to continue “the politics of neo-colonialism of human rights” in international relations.

Gennady Gatilov, Russia’s ambassador to the UN mission in Geneva, called the US resolution “unfounded and purely emotional bravado that looks good on camera — just how the US likes it,” and accused Washington of “exploiting” the Ukrainian crisis for its own benefit.

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  1. Yep, the wolves are circling, the hyenas laughing with fangs bared and lips spewing frothy spittle in anticipatory delight….

    Well, at least Russia’s sister BRICS — Brazil, India, China, South Africa — stood up, even if less than robustly….

    Thomas-Greenfield is merely the latest “farce” in a line of “farces” in the UN room, as she represents (sic) a farcical and maniacal effed-up/failing/would-be hegemon…lusting for full-spectrum global dominance, if you will….

    Bring on a three-way (why not a fourth? the Zioterrormonster in addition to US/Russia/China?) nuclear conflagration, putting paid to the planet as those leading ‘lives” of “quiet desperation” know it! I’m 78 yo and indifferent as well as cynical and sour….

    BTW, “The Russians, in the Person of Putin, did it!” … whatever “it” was or is….

    Another BTW: Viva Palestine! May it persevere against the scourge of settler-colonial Zionism and be steadfast to the end of the conflagration! Insha’allah….

    Yet another, and concluding: Why shouldn’t Russia, on principled principle, end any and all diplomatic relations with the would-be hegemon, just as the would-be hegemon chose to forgo diplomacy and ‘normal’ relations anent NATO expansion/aggression, Ukraine, EU stooges, etc., that led to this (intentional?) extraordinarily perverse chapter of the history of civilization (sic)?

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    Comment by roberthstiver | April 7, 2022 | Reply

  2. Does Israel sit on that Human Rights Council?

    If so, kicking Russia off the Council is only meaningful to the ZIonist cause.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by rediscover911com | April 7, 2022 | Reply

    • I think that Israel only has “Observer status” at the UN(Like it only has “Observer Status” at the “International Criminal Court”……It’s kinda like “we’re here, but, you can’t touch us”………..I think it should be, You’re either in this organisation, or you are OUT. !!

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      Comment by brianharryaustralia | April 7, 2022 | Reply

  3. They should be suspending the U.S., Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and France. Russia is only concerned with its own security. If the Americans hadn’t engineered a coup in Ukraine in 2014 none of this would be happening now. But, as usual, Western Media always starts the story in the middle!

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by papasha408 | April 7, 2022 | Reply

  4. “We believe that the members of the Russian forces committed war crimes in Ukraine, and we believe that Russia needs to be held accountable,” Thomas-Greenfield said Monday.”

    That statement, coming from the country that has been attacking 3rd world nations all over the planet since WWII, shows just how USELESS the United Nations has become.
    Apart from its humanitarian activity in 3rd World countries over the years, the UN has been set up, to fail completely.
    Someone needs to show “Thomas Greenfield” some video footage of the USA’s CARPET BOMBING of Vietnam for 13/14 years in the ’60’s and ’70’s, just to bring her “up to speed” on what “WAR CRIMES” REALLY LOOK LIKE……Millions of Vietnamese peasants were blown to ‘smithereens’

    Thank Heavens the American soldiers revolted in the end and started “Fragging” their senior Officers(blowing them up with hand grenades) and the USA Military fled back to the USA.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | April 7, 2022 | Reply

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