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Steve Kirsch interview with Josh Yoder about American pilot Bob Snow’s cardiac arrest after landing

By Steve Kirsch | April 20, 2022

Quick summary

Vaccine injury cover-up is in the interest of all affected parties (except the flying public), so don’t expect a solution anytime soon. Flying will be Russian roulette for a while.

For passenger safety, every cockpit should have at least one unvaccinated pilot. When the truth gets out, expect a huge pilot shortage, and lots of class actions by pilots that lose their license to fly.

The same vaccine injuries are happening to our military. Did you notice that they never explained the cause of the crash of the Navy F-35 fighter jet? They know that if they can keep it out of the news, the problem just “goes away” (along with a $100M plane).

In the meanwhile, they are trying very hard to encourage vaccination before the safety information gets out. For example, in Rhode Island they tried to double the state income tax on the unvaccinated to encourage people to get vaccinated.


Here’s my interview with Josh Yoder of US Freedom Flyers about American Airlines Captain Bob Snow. Snow had a cardiac arrest minutes after landing the plane. He nearly died.

It’s pretty clear that his cardiac arrest was due to the experimental COVID vaccine that American forced him to take to keep his job. I’ve talked directly to Captain Snow to confirm this. He’s now out of the hospital at home. That video will be posted soon.

In this video I interview Yoder about what happened.

Key points in the video include:

  1. How Snow knows it was the vaccine and not just “bad luck”
  2. American Airlines never called Snow in the hospital even though it was their fault he took the vaccine and almost died. You’d think he’d get a call from the CEO. Instead, the only thing they did was fly his family to the hospital to meet with him.
  3. We need to be testing every vaccinated pilot with EKG, D-dimer, troponin, and cardiac MRIs to assess their health. This is for their health and for the safety of the flying public. The airlines and/or FAA should be requiring this. Myocarditis can be subclinical so pilots may not know they are injured.
  4. The airlines are NOT doing the screenings required to assess pilot health and passenger safety. Presumably, this is because doing those screenings would: 1) reveal to the public how unsafe the vaccines are and increase vaccine hesitancy, and 2) disqualify too many pilots. Yoder estimates that 30% of the pilots may need to be disqualified due to heart conditions caused by the vaccine. Therefore, the most likely outcome is that the airlines will pretend this incident never happened and the CDC will claim without evidence that there is no link to the vaccine like they usually do. The press will give them a pass on this and not ask any hard questions.
  5. When a plane goes down and people are killed, it’s OK for the airlines because the insurance companies will pay and everyone will pretend it was just a freak accident that couldn’t have been avoided.


I expect that all the authorities will look the other way while these incidents continue to happen.

Similarly, I predict the mainstream press won’t touch the story or interview Snow. But I will interview him.

To donate to help the effort, please go to US Freedom Flyers.

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  1. There is an awful STENCH to this whole Corona Virus “Pandemic”. Exemption from prosecution of Vaccine companies for injuries caused by their “medicine”.

    People dying “WITH Covid” being categorised as “dying ‘OF’ Covid, Ivermectin being excluded from availability to treat this problem.

    Vaccinations being made compulsory, with penalties for those who do not trust the RUBBISH being injected into their bodies.

    Super fit athletes around the Word, dropping dead.

    Weird people like Claus Schwab, unelected, untrusted, and with NO AUTHORITY whatsoever, trying to tell governments what to do. etc etc….

    Problems of Airline pilots having Heart attacks.

    And, from an Australian perspective, Corona Virus “victims” having a survival rate of 99%

    To Hell with this authoritarian push for control over “The People”.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | April 23, 2022 | Reply

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