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Hamas: Victory in Birzeit elections confirms support for resistance

Palestine Information Center – May 19, 2022

RAMALLAH – The Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, congratulated Birzeit University students, student blocs, and the university administration for the success of this year’s student elections that progressed in a democratic atmosphere on Wednesday.

Hamas said, in a statement, that the elections process represents a source of pride for the student movement and the Palestinian people and a success against Israel’s attempts to disrupt Palestinian democratic life.

Hamas also congratulated the participating student blocs and sent congratulations to the members of the Islamic bloc for their great and worthy victory with the students’ trust to represent them in this great scientific edifice.

It noted that despite Israeli targeting, arrests, persecution and ban on activities, the Islamic bloc managed to decisively win the elections.

This clear victory is another confirmation of the popular rally around the option of resistance, which adheres to the principles and national unity in the face of projects of liquidation and compromising rights and coordination with the occupation, Hamas said.

The Movement called on the various student blocs and the university administration to preserve this democratic atmosphere, work together to serve the students and the educational process, and preserve Birzeit as a model of unity and democracy.

The Islamic bloc “Al-Wafaa Al-Islamiya” won a major victory in the student council elections at Birzeit University in Ramallah, which experts saw as the a victory for the resistance option.

According to the elections results, the Islamic Bloc (Hamas) won 28 seats, the Youth Bloc (Fatah) 18 seats, and the Qutb (Popular Front) 5 seats, while the Student Unity (Democratic Front) and Progressive Student Union (People’s Party) did not win any seats.

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