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The Permanent Pandemic

eugyppius – June 6, 2022

A Twitter friend highlights this bizarre moment from a speech Karl Lauterbach gave on 3 June to a convention for private insurers in Berlin:

We’re going to have a special situation [in the Fall]; we also expect a strong influenza wave and many RSV infections. This has to do with the fact that immunity has declined in recent years because the containment measures have also protected against these other infections, so an immunity deficit has built up there, and this immunity deficit is now significant for the wave we’re coming up to. So we’re dealing with a new wave of Covid, and we’re dealing with a wave of influenza, and we’re dealing with RSV. You might say RSV primarily affects children – well, if you have this substantial deficit in immunity, then RSV is also dangerous for older people. We have to deal with that too. We also have to protect those who have autoimmune problems, and these autoimmune problems mean that the vaccination works, but it doesn’t work so well, and for that we need special vaccination strategies, we need special protection strategies …

Every time I post about this clown, I resolve that it’s the last time. Even beyond his deepening Corona mania and clear signs of mental illness, he’s just such an obvious loser – a mediocrity who spent years on the fringes of his own party as an eccentric back-bencher, known primarily for his fear of salt. He came to prominence very much like Eric Feigl-Ding, as a pseudo-epidemiologist on Twitter, where he relentlessly inflated the risk of SARS-2, denied elementary properties of the human immune system and serially misinterpreted even very simple studies.

He’s only worth quoting for two reasons. The lesser of them, is the fact that he’s not-so-subtly helping Moderna with the marketing for their three-in-one combined RSV, Corona and influenza vaccine, which is now in development. Henceforth, the Virus That We Have To Fear In The Fall will always be whatever virus the pharmaecutical companies are hoping to vaccinate against.

The greater point here, though, is that his remarks reveal the total circularity of pandemic management. The problem now is that our measures have caused a population-wide immunity deficit, for which there is no solution but a continuation of measures. We are so far into this farce, that even Lauterbach can proclaim publicly that restrictions have become their own cause, a self-perpetuating end unto themselves, and nobody even blinks or reports on his remarkable admission.

June 6, 2022 - Posted by | Aletho News

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  1. Astutely observed, but not surprising.


    Comment by Balthasar Gerards | June 6, 2022 | Reply

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