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Whistleblower’s case against Pfizer marches on

By Serena Wylde | TCW Defending Freedom | June 7, 2022

Last week Serena Wylde reported for TCW on the lawsuit that the whistleblower Brook Jackson has filed against Pfizer which she feared would be thrown out. Today she updates us on the case.

IT TAKES a special type of person to stay the course as a whistleblower. Dismissal from employment, vilification and isolation are just a few of the prices to pay. But Brook Jackson, the clinical trial regional director who has been battling against Pfizer since 2020 to bring facts to light, is not bowing to intimidation.

Having brought a case against the corporate goliath in January 2021 under the False Claims Act, Jackson was under a gagging order, and her lawyers warned her not to break it as ‘the government would come after her’. But break it she did when in September of 2021 she sent copious amounts of evidence to the British Medical Journal. At this point her attorneys from Berg and Androphy withdrew from the case, leaving her without counsel.

In February of this year the case was finally unsealed and, as reported here last week, Pfizer has filed a motion to have it thrown out. Its argument is essentially that the purchasing party – the US government – of its contract to supply 100million doses of injections in exchange for $1.9billion of US taxpayers’ money, tacitly agreed to the use of fraudulent data. Under this tortuous reasoning, it would appear to be relying on an interpretation that, as both contracting parties were complicit in the sham clinical trials, no breach of contract has occurred.

Some time back we learnt that the Covid-19 injection manufacturers had been granted immunity by governments against civil damages for injury and deaths caused by their products.

But what about criminal responsibility?

An important question must surely be how the law defines intent when it comes to inflicting harm? If a medical practitioner administers an inappropriate and toxic drug to a patient knowing it has the potential to cause harm, including death, is not a resulting fatality classed as a homicide?

As one physician-scientist explained during Republican Senator Ron Johnson’s Expert Panel Discussion on Covid-19 vaccine injuries, held on November 2, 2021, ‘Pfizer don’t do science. They do business. And the Food and Drug Administration know and enable this.’

All eyes are now on the judge, who has granted discovery about any issue related to Pfizer’s motion to dismiss the case. Jackson’s lawyer, Robert Barnes of Barnes Law LLP, says: ‘This is probably the biggest whistleblower False Claims Act case in the history of the United States.’

There is an interview with Robert Barnes at the end of the article which you can see here.

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  1. “Some time back we learnt that the Covid-19 injection manufacturers had been granted immunity by governments against civil damages for injury and deaths caused by their products”.

    Americans(and the rest of us) would do well to clarify whether this Immunity is restricted to ONLY Corona Virus Vaccines, or whether id applies to ANY vaccines available NOW and or IN FUTURE, because, if it is a ‘blanket’ immunity, NO ONE will have protection from ‘dodgy’ vaccines in future…….


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | June 12, 2022 | Reply

    • ….”It”….not “id”…..


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | June 12, 2022 | Reply

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