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The Power of the Jewish Lobby

Israelis killing Americans is okay In Washington


Anyone who has spent any time in Washington and who has been reasonably engaged in watching the fiasco playing out there might agree that the most powerful foreign lobby is that of Israel, backed up as it is by a vast domestic network that exists to protect and nourish the Jewish state. Indeed, it is the domestic element of the lobby that gives it strength, supported as it is by extravagantly well-funded think tanks and a media that is Jewish dominated when it comes to developments in the Middle East. The power of what I prefer to call the Jewish lobby is also manifest down to state and local levels, where efforts to peacefully boycott Israel due to its war crimes and crimes against humanity have been punished and even criminalized in more than thirty states. In several states, including Virginia, special trade arrangements are designed to benefit Israeli companies at the expense of local residents and taxpayers.

Given all of that, it should be no surprise that Israel consistently gets a pass on its aberrant behavior, even when it acts directly against US interests or kills Americans. Recall, for example, how when General David Petraeus rashly observed in 2010 that Israeli intransigence in advancing its own interests complicated relations with Arab states and could cost American lives in the Middle East, he was quickly forced to recant. And more recently an Israeli sniper murdered Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh without any consequences coming from the Joe Biden White House or from the Tony Blinken-led State Department. Biden has declared himself a Zionist and Blinken is Jewish.

But one of the most horrific Israeli outrages directed against Americans remains little known and hidden from view by the media and the political elite. Last week, on Wednesday June 8th there was a commemorative gathering at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia that was unreported in the mainstream media. It was the annual day of remembrance for the dwindling group of survivors of the USS Liberty, which was attacked by Israel fifty-five years ago. The moving service included the ringing of a ship’s bell for each one of the thirty-four American sailors, Marines and civilians that were killed in the deliberate false flag attack that sought to sink the intelligence gathering ship and kill all its crew. The surviving crewmembers as well as friends and supporters come together annually, bound by their commitment to keeping alive the story of the Liberty in hopes that someday the United States government will have the courage to acknowledge what actually happened on that fateful day.

In truth the attack more than half a century ago on the USS Liberty by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats on June 8, 1967, has virtually faded from memory, with a younger generation completely unaware that a United States naval vessel was once deliberately attacked and nearly sunk by America’s “greatest friend and ally” Israel. The attack was followed by a cover-up that demonstrated clearly that at least one president of the United States even back fifty-five years ago valued his relationship with the state of Israel above his loyalty to his own country.

It was in truth the worst attack ever carried out on a US Naval vessel in peace time. In addition to the death toll, 171 more of the crew were wounded in the two-hour assault, which was clearly intended to destroy the intelligence gathering ship operating in international waters collecting information on the ongoing Six Day War between Israel and its Arab neighbors. The Israelis, whose planes had their Star of David markings covered up, attacked the ship repeatedly from the air and with gunboats from the sea. They sought to sink the ship, blaming Egypt, so the United States would respond by attacking Israel’s Arab enemies.

A Liberty survivor Joe Meadors recalls how “No Member of Congress has ever attended our annual memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery on the anniversary of the attack. We are condemned as ‘anti-Semitic’ and ‘bigots’ simply because we have been asking that the attack on the USS Liberty be treated the same as every other attack on a US Navy ship since the end of WWII. All we have is ourselves. Not Congress. Not the Navy. Not the DoD. Just ourselves. We need a place where we are welcome. We need our reunions.”

Indeed, the incredible courage and determination of the surviving crew was the only thing that kept the Liberty from sinking. The ship’s commanding officer Captain William McGonagle was awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic role in keeping the ship afloat, though a cowardly and venal President Lyndon Baines Johnson, who may have connived with the Israelis to attack the ship, broke with tradition and refused to hold the medal ceremony in the White House, also declining to award it personally, delegating that task to the Secretary of the Navy in a closed to the public presentation held only reluctantly at the Washington Navy Yard. The additional medals given to other crew members in the aftermath of the attack made the USS Liberty the most decorated ship in the history of the United States Navy.

The cover-up of the attack began immediately, to include concealing the White House’s actual recall of fighter planes launched by the Sixth Fleet to assist the under-attack Liberty. The Liberty crew was subsequently sworn to secrecy over the incident, as were the Naval dockyard workers in Malta and even the men of the USS Davis, which had assisted the badly damaged Liberty to port. A hastily convened and conducted court of inquiry headed by Admiral John McCain acted under orders from Washington to declare the attack a case of mistaken identity. The inquiry’s senior legal counsel Captain Ward Boston, who subsequently declared the attack to be a “deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew,” also described how “President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara ordered him to conclude that the attack was a case of ‘mistaken identity’ despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.” The court’s findings were rewritten and sections relating to Israeli war crimes, to include the machine gunning of life rafts, were excised. Following in his father’s footsteps, Senator John McCain of Arizona subsequently used his position on the Senate Armed Services Committee to effectively block any reconvening of a board of inquiry to reexamine the evidence. Most of the documents relating to the Liberty incident have never been released to the public in spite of the 55 years that have passed since the attack took place.

There has been one independent investigation into the Liberty affair headed by former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer, but it had no legal standing. Its report was headed “Findings of the Independent Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty, the Recall of Military Rescue Support Aircraft while the Ship was Under Attack, and the Subsequent Cover-up by the United States Government, CAPITOL HILL, WASHINGTON, D.C., OCTOBER 22, 2003.” It concluded that “That there is compelling evidence that Israel’s attack was a deliberate attempt to destroy an American ship and kill her entire crew; evidence of such intent is supported by statements from Secretary of State Dean Rusk, Undersecretary of State George Ball, former CIA director Richard Helms, former NSA directors Lieutenant General William Odom, USA (Ret.), Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, USN (Ret.), and Marshal Carter; former NSA deputy directors Oliver Kirby and Major General John Morrison, USAF (Ret.); and former Ambassador Dwight Porter, U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon in 1967…”

More recently, the claim by apologists for the Jewish state that Israel acted in error or due to the fog of war, has been debunked by previously suppressed National Security Agency intercepts that included an Israeli pilot calling his flight controller and stating, in alarm, that they were about to attack what was clearly an American ship. The controller ordered him to continue his attack.

The faux court of inquiry and the medals awarded in secret were only the first steps in the cover-up, which has persisted to this day, orchestrated by politicians and a media that seem to place Israel’s interests ahead of those of the United States. Liberty survivors have been finding it difficult even to make their case in public. In early April 2016 a billboard that read “Help the USS Liberty Survivors – Attacked by Israel” was taken down in New Bedford Massachusetts. The billboard had been placed by the Honor Liberty Vets Organization and, as is normal practice, was paid for through a contractual arrangement that would require the billboard company to post the image for a fixed length of time. It was one of a number of billboards placed in different states. Inevitably, Israel’s well connected friends began to complain. One Jewish businessman threatened to take his business elsewhere, so the advertising company obligingly removed the billboard two weeks early.

After fifty-five years, the dwindling number of survivors of the Liberty are not looking for punishment or revenge. When asked, they will tell you that they only ask for accountability, that an impartial inquiry into the attack be convened and that the true story of what took place finally be revealed to the public.

That Congress is deaf to the pleas of the Liberty crew should surprise no one as the nation’s legislative body has been for years, as Pat Buchanan once put it, “Israeli occupied territory.” The Jewish Lobby’s ability to force Congress and even the presidency to submit to its will has been spelled out in some detail by critics, first by Paul Findley in They Dare to Speak Out, later by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt in The Israel Lobby and in Alison Weir’s Against Our Better Judgment and most recently in Kirk Beattie’s excellent Congress and the Shaping of the Middle East.

Congressional willingness to protect Israel even when it is killing Americans is remarkable, but it is symptom of the legislative body’s inclination to go to bat for Israel reflexively, even when it is damaging to US interests and to the rights that American citizens are supposed to enjoy. To cite only one example of how ambitious politicians rally around to protect Israel, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a former Navy officer who once served as a congressman for a district in Florida where several Liberty survivors were living. They recount how repeated attempts to meet with DeSantis to discuss a possible official inquiry were rejected, with the Congressman refusing to meet them. Even the veterans’ organization the American Legion walks in fear of Israel. It has refused to allow the USS Liberty Veterans Association to have a table or booth at its annual convention and has even banned any participation by the group at its meetings in perpetuity!

So, the treatment of the USS Liberty should surprise no one in a country whose governing class has been for decades doing the bidding of the powerful lobby of a tiny client state that has been nothing but trouble and expense for the United States of America. Will it ever end? As the Israel/Jewish Lobby currently controls the relevant parts of the federal government and much of the media, change is not likely to happen overnight, but there are some positive signs that the public is regarding Israel less favorably. As Israel is countering that trend by supporting legislation at federal and state levels declaring any group that criticizes Israel to be anti-Semitic, recounting the USS Liberty story could fall under that description and be declared a “hate crime” complete with civil and criminal penalties. One has to hope that the American people will finally wake up to realize that they are tired of the entire farce and decide to wash their hands of the Israel contrived narrative relating to the Middle East. Just imagine picking up the morning newspaper and not reading a front-page story about the warnings and threats coming from an Israeli Prime Minister or from Israeli mouthpieces named Biden, Schumer and Pelosi. That would be a quite remarkable development.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is

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  1. The verified Israeli attacks on America and/or Americans, in so many ways, that to list them is beyond this comment. Those that are denied, censored or disputed are also so many that to list them is beyond this comment, but the people who are investigating the attack on the World Trade Centers, the 9/11 committees, when they finally discover irrefutable proof of Israeli involvement, then the real scope and danger of Israel will be revealed. The evidence of Israeli involvement in the Kennedy assassinations is also so strong, as to be irrefutable. Just the fact that Jack “Ruby” Rubinstein tried to kill Oswald, then Jack “Ruby”s death is enough to link Israel to the assassination of John Kennedy. The literature in this regard is well worth reading.

    And now, how Israel is the great murderer deserves a comment: beyond the likely victim, Jeffrey Epstein, an Israeli operative, guided by Ehud Barack, shown lurking about Epstein’s mansion, consider the past “deaths” of Count Folke Bernadotte and others in that invasion of Palestine; of the Americans James Forrestal, George Patton; refutable, but so suspect with evidence as to be a fact.

    Thereafter, considering the USSLiberty: Israel meant to murder those Americans aboard; the napalming of the USSLiberty?! What a heinous war crime! Was that napalm supplied by America?

    Add to that, the deliberate murder of Rachel Corrie and the likes thereof, or those aboard the so-called Freedom Flotilla.

    The essay above ends with how nice to not see the cadaver-like Pelosi pontificate, or the staggering Biden appease Israel and its partisans, for saying nothing of the murder of Shireen Abu Aklah, an American.

    What the public doesn’t see, are the daily brutalities of Israelis in Palestine or the jews-only allowed state of Israel, the sheer hatred on display.

    How about citing that hate-speech, that hate-action? Not carried on the jew-influenced media, is it?

    Liked by 4 people

    Comment by michael | June 14, 2022 | Reply

  2. Aargh! I have screwed up, big time. After composing a detailed comment, I decided to “Like” Michael’s comment prior to posting mine. My text was summarily deleted, and no level of manipulation by me (undo, paste, refresh…) has been able to retrieve it. Sadly, I do not have the energy or will — my bad — to reconstruct it.

    At this point, I can write only: Thanks, Dr. Giraldi.


    Comment by roberthstiver | June 14, 2022 | Reply

  3. “Congressional willingness to protect Israel even when it is killing Americans is remarkable”. Great work once again by Phillip Giraldi(as usual).

    That this matter has been unresolved satisfactorily, after 55 years, shows just how corrupted the USA, and successive Presidents(to the current, brain dead, Joe Biden) has become. Lyndon Baines Johnson should have been hung, for what he allowed to happen to sailors prepared to die for their country.(And he Presided over the deaths of 58,600 American soldiers in his onslaught of Vietnam)

    And, to this day, successive presidents have “washed their hands of responsibility(but show a remarkable capacity to invade and smash other countries around the World), in the name of “Freedom and Democracy”

    “Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it”……Ariel Sharon(P.M. of Israel)….Oct 3. 2001(just after “9/11”)

    The USA Government, is “Occupied”, by Israel. There is No Doubt about that fact.

    Liked by 3 people

    Comment by brianharryaustralia | June 14, 2022 | Reply

  4. I went back to the analysis, read it again, as well as the comments. To which I agree.

    The spell Israel and its partisans have on America is breaking down. People are aware of what is practically extortion, by which Israel received billions from America. Additionally, politicians bribed, coerced, intimidated and/or smeared with the big boogie names Israel and its well-rehearsed partisans have honed to a dagger point.

    What does it get in return? Napalm. Torpedos. Machine gunning.

    If and when the next false flag by Israel is carried out, depending on its severity, perhaps that will push America over the edge, in spite of what Schumer, Biden and Pelosi have to say here, despite what the Israeli boiler-plate Hasbara have to say. And they will have much to say. And say. And say and say. Ad nauseam.

    Liked by 4 people

    Comment by michael | June 14, 2022 | Reply

    • Take your country Back, America………..

      Liked by 3 people

      Comment by brianharryaustralia | June 14, 2022 | Reply

  5. Nothing makes the public hate certain races better than making them above the law. If there was ever a reason to go
    to war, it was the USS Liberty instead of attacking a bunch of countries who never did anything to us. I have a bumper
    sticker on my car for about ten yrs which says ‘Remember the Liberty’ which basically says kiss my ass to the zionist
    jews. The duel citizen jews in our government should immediately be expelled as the US is the only country in the
    world which allows this treason.

    Liked by 3 people

    Comment by The Willpower | June 15, 2022 | Reply

    • Interesting! I had a similar b.s. (w/website) on my 12-year-old Toyota Scion until a year ago when, at 77 yo, I gave away the car and am now wheel-less. I aslo have a b.s. on the window next to my home entrance that reads “America First — NOT Israel!”

      Liked by 3 people

      Comment by roberthstiver | June 15, 2022 | Reply

      • Good one! Any harassment from the stupid ones?

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by The Willpower | June 15, 2022 | Reply

        • No harassment per se. I try not to be too paranoid. Several years ago, a newly on-board life-insurance agent visited my home with his supervisor to review my two policies designed to provide a bit of comfort to my two daughters when I pass on. He turned out to be Jewish and Zionist; it was obvious that he had taken note of my (at that time, two) bumper stickers. The review interval of about an hour was, shall we say, strained and subdued and near-perfunctory (I think the supv hadn’t a clue…), and I took to contacting the main/national office in Wisconsin by phone for any of my insurance follow-ups and occasional needs to borrow against the paid-up-10-years-prior-at-age-65 policy. I’m always lookin’ for any sign of sabotage or other nefarious meddling…paranoia? or am I, like all of us ‘mericans, a Palestinian now, inured to and expecting the worst because the worst is all they can offer in their demented psychosis and vindictiveness?


          Liked by 1 person

          Comment by roberthstiver | June 15, 2022 | Reply

          • No, you’re not paranoid – it’s what they do. They are in the same category as grave robbers.

            Liked by 1 person

            Comment by The Willpower | June 15, 2022 | Reply

          • As we say in Australia, “Don’t let the bastards get you down”…..!

            Liked by 2 people

            Comment by brianharryaustralia | June 15, 2022 | Reply

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