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Study: Boosted People Slowest to Clear COVID-19

That’s why PAXLOVID does not work for them

By Igor Chudov | June 30, 2022

new study just came out:

It looked at how long “culturable virus” (that is, virus capable of infecting people) is present in Covid patients after the first positive test. The authors literally cultured swabs of patients, on various days past-diagnosis, and counted how many patients, by vaccination status, are still carrying live, replication-competent virus.

The result is shocking:

What this chart shows is that one-third of boosted people still carried live, culturable virus at 10 days after the beginning of the infection. This is contrasted with unvaccinated people, who had only 6% of persons still contagious at Day 10.

This means that the share of boosted people who are still contagious (31%) is over five times greater, than the share of still-contagious unvaccinated people (6%).

In other words: out of 100 boosted persons who catch Covid, fully one-third will be still carrying LIVE VIRUS on Day 10. Out of 100 unvaccinated persons, only one out of 16 would test positive on Day 10 — over five TIMES fewer people.

As a word of warning, the study involved a relatively small amount of people, so statistical significance is probably not quite what we’d like it to be — but it shows what we saw all along in other news.

It also means that boosted people, who might feel better in a few days, would be contagious for a few MORE days after recovery, thus becoming silent superspreaders of Covid. So much for “stopping the spread”!

This is why Paxlovid does Not Work for the Boosted

This study explains why Paxlovid does not work in vaccinated (and boosted) people. For the introduction into my paxlovid series, see the sad story of double-boosted Dr. Fauci, who relapsed on Paxlovid, with links to my Paxlovid articles shown chronologically:

What Paxlovid is, is a biomolecular “snooze button” that suspends viral replication for 5 days. However, as we can see, one-third of the boosted people still carry live virus at 10 days due to delayed, or disabled, immune responses. Those persons would be likely to rebound on Paxlovid.

The numbers also match other calculations: my guesstimate of unvaccinated Paxlovid rebound was 12% — that is not too far from 6% of unvaccinated people in this study who carried live virus on Day 10. 31% of boosted people who still have live virus on Day 10, matches Twitter reports of 40-50% rebound rates in vaccinated people.

In other words, while we had fairly certain evidence that Paxlovid does not work for vaccinated people, and suspected the vaccine, we were missing the most crucial proof: that of live virus not clearing in the boosted. The study I mentioned above, provides this proof.

It also exposes vaccines as merely “increasing tolerance” to Sars-Cov-2, as opposed to generating robust immune response that leads to rapid viral clearance.


I personally have not paid close attention to Merck’s Molnupiravir, due to it being a dead-end, mutagenic, cancer-causing, variant-generating, toxic-to-bones drug from hell, which is, fortunately, seeing little use. Our friend Modern Discontent discovered that Molnupiravir is also snake oil and does not work in vaccinated people.

Getting boosted is a great way to become unable to clear a Covid infection in 10 days and become a Covid superspeader.

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