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Twitter censors story of British mother who died after reaction to Covid vaccine

By Didi Rankovic | Reclaim The Net | July 4, 2022

Three children in the UK were left without a mother after she died from a massive stroke determined to be caused by blood clots that formed after she received the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, but Twitter is labeling conversations about this information taking place on the platform as “misinformation.”

Previously healthy Lucy Taberer, whose youngest is a five-year-old boy, succumbed to the consequences of the Covid shot 22 days after she was vaccinated. At first, the 47-year-old experienced mild side-effects, described in reports as common, to then develop a bruise, skin rash, and pain that the doctors at first dismissed as being caused by kidney stones.

In the end, it turned out that the victim’s reaction to the vaccine had been to develop blood clots that proved to be fatal.

Her death certificate reads that Taberer died of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and vaccine-associated thrombosis with thrombocytopenia.

Local media, including Leicester Mercury, reported about it, and Taberer’s step daughter tweeted a link to the story, but was quickly shut down by Twitter, which labeled the post as “misleading.”

To add insult to injury, she was advised to click another link, provided by Twitter’s “fact-checkers,” that would “explain” why health officials think Covid vaccines are safe “for most people.”

Since the tweet about the woman’s death did not claim the vaccines were unsafe for most people, it remains unclear what logic drives Twitter’s censorship around the topic, other than the desire to stop any mention of the jabs in a negative context, whether true or false.

GB News reported on this, wondering if it wasn’t enough for a child to deal with the loss, but also “have to be insulted in their grief if they mention it on the internet.”

Host Mark Steyn noted that three guests who regularly appear on his show were among those awarded compensation after the UK government last week admitted Covid vaccines in some cases can be deadly. All three lost their loved ones to the vaccine.

But, he noted, social media have been slow (or not interested) in catching up, even as governments are starting to pay out compensation.

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ICC: International Federation of Journalists to be lawsuit partner against Israel

MEMO | July 4, 2022

The International Federation of Journalists will be a partner in a lawsuit against Israel at the International Criminal Court (ICC) following the murder of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by an Israeli sniper, Wafa news agency has reported.

“Palestinian journalists are fighters who face on a daily basis the aggression of the occupation in all fields as well as the main project of the occupation to expel the Palestinians from their land,” Ali Youssef, a member of the federation’s executive board, told Wafa. He added that the IFJ has succeeded in exposing Israel’s acts of aggression against media professionals and the Palestinian people.

Palestinians argue that the Israeli military deliberately targeted and killed Abu Akleh. Israel denies this, claiming that she may have been hit by errant army fire or by a bullet from one of the Palestinian gunmen who were clashing with its forces at the scene. According to eyewitnesses, however, there was no such clash at the time that the journalist was killed.

The ICC recognised in a February 2021 ruling that it has jurisdiction over the situation in the occupied Palestinian territories of Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This has paved the way for cases to be brought against Israel over alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Last month, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki handed the ICC prosecutor the official outcome of the Palestinian investigation into the murder of Abu Akleh. He noted that it constitutes a turning point in the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.

During the meeting with ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan, Maliki demanded that the criminals responsible for targeting civilians, children, women, journalists, doctors and other protected groups be brought to international justice.

Moreover, a video message by Nasser Abu Bakr, President of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate, urged Prosecutor Khan to hold Israel to account. “Fifty Palestinian journalists have been killed since 2000 alone,” he explained. “Seven thousand crimes against Palestinian journalists have been documented.”

A detailed account of Abu Akleh’s killing was given by her colleague, Walid Al-Omari. “Why would they target Shireen?” asked Al Jazeera’s Jerusalem Bureau Chief. He suggested that Israel was seeking to inflict a direct and powerful blow against the network. By killing Abu Akleh, he suggested, the colonial-occupation state hoped to silence one of the most powerful voices in the Arab world.

Al Jazeera described Abu Akleh’s killing as a “blatant murder” that violates “international laws and norms”. In its statement following her murder, the network pointed out that according to Article 8 of the ICC Charter, “Targeting war correspondents, or journalists working in war zones or occupied territories by killing or physically assaulting them, is a war crime.”

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Abu Akleh family says it is incredulous at today’s announcement by US State Department on killing of Shireen

WAFA | July 4, 2022 

JERUSALEM – The Abu Akleh family said in a statement issued today that they are incredulous at today’s announcement by the State Department that a test of the spent round that killed Shireen Abu Akleh, an American citizen, was inconclusive as to the origin of the gun that fired it.

Following is the full statement issued by the family of al-Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh:

With respect to today’s announcement by the State Department – on July 4, no less – that a test of the spent round that killed Shireen Abu Akleh, an American citizen, was inconclusive as to the origin of the gun that fired it, we are incredulous.

There were numerous eyewitnesses to the killing, and we have now had the benefit of reports from multiple local and international media outlets, human rights organizations, and the United Nations that an Israeli soldier fired the fatal shot, as there were no other armed elements in the area of Jenin where Shireen was murdered. The focus on the bullet has always been misplaced and was an attempt by the Israeli side to spin the narrative in its favor as if this were some kind of police whodunit that could be solved by a CSI-style forensic test.

The notion that the American investigators, whose identity is not disclosed in the statement, believe the bullet “likely came from Israeli positions” is cold comfort. We say this in light of the addition of a conclusory pronouncement that the killing was not intentional but rather the result of a purported Israeli counterterrorism raid gone wrong, which is frankly insulting to Shireen’s memory and ignores the history and context of the brutal and violent nature of what is now the longest military occupation in modern history.

The truth is that the Israeli military killed Shireen according to policies that view all Palestinians – civilian, press or otherwise – as legitimate targets, and we were expecting that an American investigation would focus on finding the responsible parties and holding them accountable, not parsing over barely-relevant details and then assuming good faith on behalf of a recalcitrant and hostile occupying power.

In other words, all available evidence suggests that a US citizen was the subject of an extrajudicial killing by a foreign government that receives billions of dollars in American military aid each year to perpetuate a prolonged and entrenched military occupation of millions of Palestinians. We were hoping that, for example, the FBI or other relevant authorities would open a murder investigation, much like they do in ordinary cases when American citizens are killed abroad.

Further, the United States should take action to clarify the extent to which American funds were involved in Shireen’s killing. To say that this investigation, with its total lack of transparency, undefined goals, and support for Israel’s overall position is a disappointment would be an understatement.

We will continue to advocate for justice for Shireen, and to hold the Israeli military and government accountable, no matter the attempts to obfuscate the reality of what happened on May 11. We continue to call on the American government to conduct an open, transparent, and thorough investigation of all the facts by independent agencies free from any political consideration or influence.

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Russia Remains Committed to Ending ‘War Against Journalists’ – Lavrov

Samizdat – 04.07.2022

Moscow is interested in ending the “war against journalists” started by the West, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Monday.

“We did not start this war against journalists, we are interested in ending it, but I do not see how the West can stop its outrages, because it has gone too far, it cannot stop now without losing face,” Lavrov said during a joint press-conference with Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Rafael Faria Tortosa.

According to Lavrov, “persecution” of Russian journalists abroad began long ago and recalled that Moscow had warned that a reciprocal response would follow.
“We honestly warned that we would respond reciprocally to the gross violations of the commitments that the West has undertaken,” Lavrov said.

The situation with Russian media in the West has become increasingly tense in recent years. In November 2016, the European Union adopted a resolution stating the need to counter Russian media, with Sputnik and RT regarded as main threats. Western politicians, including US lawmakers and French President Emmanuel Macron, have accused the two news agencies of interfering in elections in the United States and France, albeit without providing any evidence to substantiate the claims. Russian officials have denied such statements as unfounded.

On March 2, the European Union suspended the broadcasting of several Russian media outlets as part of the sanctions against Russia for its military operation in Ukraine. RT, Sputnik and their subsidiaries came under the ban. The TikTok and Instagram* accounts of these Russian outlets have ceased functioning in the EU.

*Instagram is banned in Russia over extremist activities.

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Our latest polls show twice as many people died from the vaccine as from COVID

These are third party polls. We don’t control the recipients. The people making the assessments of vaccine deaths are almost all people who took the shot.

By Steve Kirsch | July 3, 2022

Here are the last two external polls we ran:

July 2 summary data

June 30 summary data

Both show that the vaccine killed nearly twice as many people as COVID did.

The survey recipients are a broad cross-section of America and were selected by Pollfish.

For the Jun 30 poll, the numbers were 45 killed by the vaccine [Q16] vs. 23 killed by the COVID virus [Q18] and for the Jul 2 poll, the numbers were 38 [Q22] and 18 [Q24], respectively.

If the vaccines are safe and effective, how can they explain these poll results? This is objective poll data of the American people.

These are great polls to run past your blue-pill friends and have them explain it to you since they are the expert and you don’t know anything.

I predict silence from the medical community, the mainstream media, Congress, and the government agencies. Not even 60 Minutes is going to touch this data with a ten foot pole. Nobody will. They will just ignore it just as they have for my earlier polls.

Next step for us: run it against 5,000 people.

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Israel accused of withholding dead Palestinians in university labs

MEMO | July 4, 2022 

Palestinian Prime Minister, Mohammad Shtayyeh, has accused Israel of withholding the bodies of dead Palestinians in Israeli university labs, Anadolu News Agency reports.

Speaking at a Cabinet meeting on Monday, Shtayyeh termed the Israeli action as “a grave violation of human rights and ethics of science.”

He urged educational institutions worldwide to boycott the Israeli universities involved in withholding Palestinian corpses and called for piling pressure on the Israeli government to release the bodies of dead Palestinians.

According to a local Palestinian committee on the retrieval of dead Palestinians, Israel withholds 104 Palestinian corpses since 2015, in addition to 256 others buried in special graves known as numbered graves.

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Warning: many people will die because of these COVID injections, many healthy children WILL die due to these shots…

“FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, & Pfizer secretly told me this”

By Dr. Paul Alexander | June 30, 2022

They said, follow the $CIENCE. Fauci said he is the $CIENCE.

I have been trying to warn. I have written on this here in stack. I try again.

Everything you have been told by government, by CDC, by NIH, by Fauci, by Birx, by Bourla, by Pfizer, by all your government officials, were lies, distortions, exaggerations, meant to mislead you. All pure lies on everything about lockdowns and these failed COVID gene injections. All, every single part was a lie. A deception. This entire COVID pandemic, was a lie! Yes, we had an emergency, but everything done to us the last over 2 years was a fraud hoax, a lie. Every single COVID policy failed. Canada, US, UK, everywhere.

The entire lockdown lunacy failed! All school closures failed, just killed children. Everything was a lie! They knew it would never work but knew one thing, that you as people, as the population, crazily thought, that they as health officials and medical doctors, wanted to do good by them and they could ‘trust’ you. You would do them no harm.

Little did they know. Little did we know the corruptible malfeasants we were dealing with. I include many medical doctors in this.

Trump was right when he early on said it was hoax. He did not mean the virus was a fraud or hoax. He meant the repose. The response was, and he saw what the deepstate and media, and CDC and NIH and Fauci and Birx were doing to him. But he could not stop them. He could, he could have, but he was weak. He then did the unthinkable. He allowed Fauci and Birx to lead a crazy lockdown lunatic policy that harmed and killed thousands of Americans. None of it worked! Not one!

You will come to learn, that 2.5 years of your life was taken away, for a lie! A greed, power drunk lie! By sick malfeasant people. Their motives. That must all be investigated and if it is shown they did this deliberately and caused deaths, we jail them all! Yes, 2.5 years lost to these malfeasants. The COVID injection is a failed ineffective dangerous injection.

I am no anti-vaxxer, but I am against these injections.

I was told by these officials (FDA, CDC, NIH, Moderna, & Pfizer), in confidential secret discussions, that in about 6 to 6.5 years from roll-out, in those who take the injections, they feared mass auto-immune disease and deaths, they feared viral immune escape and very problematic variants, and they anticipated constant deaths from the injections but a major number of deaths to emerge. I could not even understand exactly what they did for it was so haphazard, but these were officials. And they wanted to talk to me. To tell me ‘their truths’.

They said based on all they knew, that the COVID injections could never work, especially the mRNA platform. It never worked in the animal model and was pathological. They told me that in about 6 to 6.5 years, there will be a surge in deaths in persons who take the injections (then about 1 year ago). This was their projection. They advised me they nor their families will never (especially their children) take any of the COVID injections.

The key is the injection works for some people and I argue we do not know how long and what the effects are and this is what I was told. But you understand that too. You cannot take a 15 year process and boil it down to a few months and declare it is safe. They were never safety tested to exclude harms and deaths longer term. We do not know exactly what is coming. But it certainly does not work for a whole bunch of people. Look around, you know people who have been harmed by these injections and died. Do you not? Something is very wrong with these injections. Very wrong and they just will not stop.

I am being open with you to inform you. I am sick and tired, years now, of the lies and fraud and disaster put out by the media, the alphabet health agencies etc. You trusted your public health officials, you think ‘they care about you’, well, they never cared about you, your family, or the truth. It is to them about the $CIENCE.

I think I shared prior that my office was on the 6th floor of the HHS building in DC, Operation warp speed and Moderna were stationed on the 7th floor. FDA, CDC etc. have sub-satellite offices at HHS. At least when I was there and Hahn, Redfield etc. came there daily after congress or White House to see their staff, various persons, persons in various offices.

These people I talked with, came to me out of anger and fear too, they knew who I was and wanted to tell me their stories and how worried they were for the population, and fearful for their lives and own careers as to the COVID injections (and other issues). If they spoke out openly so had to talk secretly.

They were very very dismayed and angered and worried as to why the agencies they worked for e.g. FDA and NIH and CDC etc. and the pharmaceuticals were not properly regulating and conducting the proper safety studies, proper durations of follow-up. They felt the COVID injection program was a pure disaster and should be stopped back then. This is 6 months or so before roll-out. They felt no healthy children should ever be given the very injections they were working on. They were that concerned.

I want to be clear again, based on all I know today, based on what I was told, many many children will die due to these injections. Healthy children will die, not ‘if’, but ‘will die. Healthy children, healthy people, normal people never needed and do not need these injections. I have told you before that (strong research and scholarship by Geert) we will be in a pandemic for 100 years if we continue these injections. It is the COVID injection itself that is driving the variants and these CDC, NIH, Moderna, and Pfizer officials are malfeasants IMO who are continuing this. There is no sound justification. These malfeasants know that they are vaccinating with the Wuhan strain (legacy strain) that has been gone many months now and omicron dominates. The vaccinal antibodies are to the original Wuhan strain and will not hit the omicron spike antigen (original antigenic sin (OAS)).

It is the COVID injection (and consequent non-neutralizing antibodies pressuring the spike antigen) that is causing the vaccinated to become infected, hospitalized, and die. The data is clear. Massive antibody-dependent enhancement, some refer to this as antibody mediated viral enhancement. Some pathogenic priming. All IMO the very same. The recall antibodies are to something that does not exist today. The key is to reduce viral pressure, infectious pressure on the population, so that the sub-optimal injections have less virus to put under pressure. We have effective chemoprophylaxis, we can do this. We have early treatment. This can worked effectively and this can thus help reduce viral transmission. At the same time, the best step is to stop these filed injections.

I want all of these people investigated in proper public and legal inquiries, and if it is shown they did wrong, in proper inquiries, I want them arrested. I want all who made policy decisions that costed lives, to be jailed! All their monies taken!

Dr. Rogers looked at the FDA June 28th meeting and his takeaway is bang on and what we have been saying here for near a year now here:

‘‘Yesterday, the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee approved a bivalent Covid-19 shot with the Wuhan strain and the Omicron variant.

The vote was:

19 yes.
2 no.

A few thoughts:

The Wuhan strain is no longer in circulation. So they are vaccinating against a strain that no longer exists.

The Omicron variant that they are going to put into this shot is Omicron BA.4/BA.5:

1. By the time it gets to market in the fall, Omicron BA.4/BA.5 will likely no longer be in circulation.

2. There is no efficacy data whatsoever on vaccines against Omicron BA.4/5.

3. There is no safety data whatsoever on vaccines against Omicron BA.4/5.

4. They do not intend to gather any efficacy or safety data between now and when these shots will be released in the fall:

At the meeting, the manufacturers (Moderna, Pfizer, and Novavax) were asked what their production timelines are… and they said out loud, “So long as we don’t have to provide any clinical data, we’ll have them ready by fall.”

Dr. Rogers is a smart guy.

His work:


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Russia comments on UN Security Council expansion prospects

Samizdat | July 4, 2022

Moscow supports expanding the UN Security Council (UNSC), but not by admitting Germany and Japan, the Russian ambassador to China, Andrey Denisov, said on Monday.

Speaking during the plenary session of the UN World Peace Forum in Beijing, Denisov, whose key statements have been published on the embassy’s social media accounts, claimed that the Security Council has become a place where “the Western colleagues carry out propaganda, presenting their views as the ultimate truth.”

Therefore, he argued, there is a pressing need to reform the UN.

“Our country is in favor of expanding the composition of the UN Security Council on the basis of a broad consensus. To do this, it is necessary to increase the share of African, Asian and Latin American states,” Denisov said, explaining that this would make the council “more democratic.”

He added that Russia is open to the idea of membership for India and Brazil, but not Germany and Japan, “since this will not change the internal balance in any way.”

His remarks followed multiple calls from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to strip Russia of its membership, amid Moscow’s military operation in his country. The US, however, has repeatedly made it clear that Russia will remain a permanent member of the UNSC, as there is no way to exclude the country.

There have been discussions about increasing the number of permanent Security Council members since the approval of the UN Charter in 1945. Brazil, Germany, India, and Japan have made the strongest demands.

The UNSC, whose primary responsibility is “the maintenance of international peace and security,” is the only UN body authorized to issue binding resolutions on member states.

Its five permanent members – China, France, Russia, the UK, and US – can block any resolution. The bloc of Western democratic and generally aligned permanent members – France, the UK, and US – is often called the ‘P3’.

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Russia makes massive oil discovery in the Arctic

Samizdat | July 4, 2022

Russian energy major Rosneft has announced the discovery of a huge oil deposit in the Pechora Sea containing an estimated 82 million tons of oil.

The field was discovered thanks to a drilling campaign in the Medynsko-Varandeysky area. “During the tests, a free flow of oil was obtained with a maximum flow rate of 220 cubic meters a day,” the company’s statement read on Wednesday, noting that the “oil is light, low-sulfur, low viscosity.”

Rosneft noted that the exploration works in the waters of the Pechora Sea proved the “significant oil potential of the Timan-Pechora province on the shelf and became the basis for continuing the study and development of the region.”

The company reportedly controls a total of 28 offshore licenses in the Arctic, eight of them in the Pechora Sea.

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Team Enigma | June 28, 2022

How Bad is Your Batch?

We have a list of 691 lot numbers for the C-19 injections. The list was leaked from CDC and contains valid lot numbers, NDC codes, manufacture and expiration dates. The adverse events and deaths per lot number show very strange patterns of data over time. It’s as if a “cliff” has occurred in March 2021 – did the manufactures change the formulations or is there some other explanation?

I am using data on removed reports from VAERS provided by Albert Benavidez:

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