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Our latest polls show twice as many people died from the vaccine as from COVID

These are third party polls. We don’t control the recipients. The people making the assessments of vaccine deaths are almost all people who took the shot.

By Steve Kirsch | July 3, 2022

Here are the last two external polls we ran:

July 2 summary data

June 30 summary data

Both show that the vaccine killed nearly twice as many people as COVID did.

The survey recipients are a broad cross-section of America and were selected by Pollfish.

For the Jun 30 poll, the numbers were 45 killed by the vaccine [Q16] vs. 23 killed by the COVID virus [Q18] and for the Jul 2 poll, the numbers were 38 [Q22] and 18 [Q24], respectively.

If the vaccines are safe and effective, how can they explain these poll results? This is objective poll data of the American people.

These are great polls to run past your blue-pill friends and have them explain it to you since they are the expert and you don’t know anything.

I predict silence from the medical community, the mainstream media, Congress, and the government agencies. Not even 60 Minutes is going to touch this data with a ten foot pole. Nobody will. They will just ignore it just as they have for my earlier polls.

Next step for us: run it against 5,000 people.

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