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Russia calls out American goal in arming Ukraine

Samizdat | July 9, 2022

The US government is aiming to protract the armed conflict in Ukraine for as long as possible, and it is for this purpose that Washington is providing Kiev with four more HIMARS units, the Russian embassy in Washington claimed on Friday.

The diplomatic mission’s statement went on to suggest that the planned delivery of additional multiple launch systems is intended to make up for growing casualties among Ukrainian forces.

It dismissed the Pentagon’s claim that such weapons are being used by Kiev for defensive purposes.

The Ukrainian military and “nationalist groups are deploying US-supplied weapons to destroy cities of Donbass,” the statement insisted.

The Russian diplomats claimed that the “Ukrainian Armed Forces are constantly deliberately targeting residential areas of Donetsk,” including parts of the city where there are no Russian troops. As a result of this, “civilians are dying,” according to the embassy.

“The goal of the Russian Federation is to put an end to the terror of the Kiev regime,” the embassy proclaimed, adding that “Washington with its actions is not bringing peace closer, but on the contrary, is encouraging the Ukrainian authorities to commit new blood crimes.”

Earlier on Friday, a senior Pentagon official revealed that the “White House will be announcing” a new round of military aid for Ukraine, which would include, among other things, four high-mobility artillery rocket systems, HIMARS, and additional ammunition for those units.

The US Department of Defense official stressed that these weapons are “especially important and effective in assisting Ukraine and coping with the Russian artillery battle in the Donbass.”

When asked by a journalist about the total number of HIMARS units that Ukraine would have after receiving the new four ones, the Pentagon representative said Kiev would have 12 such systems at its disposal.

They went on to rebut Russia’s claims that its forces had managed to destroy some of the HIMARS units Washington had previously supplied.

“That is not correct,” the unnamed DoD official insisted, adding that the “Ukrainians have those systems and are making use of them.”

He also revealed that the $400 million package would include 1,000 rounds of 155 millimeter high-precision artillery ammunition.

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  1. Noted. I’m pleased to see the final paragraph, as I thought throughout my read that another “purpose” of this HIMARS “gift” to Kiev (on whose ultimate dime?!) is yet further enrichment of the greedy MIC; I was going to try some research about “cost,” but now I can simply do a bit of simple arithmetic:
    If these 4 system “packages” = $400M, then the total “cost” of 12 = $1.2B, no? The old observation by US Senator Everett Dirksen comes to mind: A billion here, a billion there; pretty soon we’re talking real money. The beat, the uber-profitable MIC gravy train roll on, and on, and on….


    Comment by roberthstiver | July 9, 2022 | Reply

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