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Biden’s Back-to-Back COVID Diagnoses Undermine Administration’s Narrative on His Health: NYT

Samizdat – 31.07.2022

Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 a second time on Saturday, just days after his announcement Wednesday that he had been given the all-clear following last week’s diagnosis.

The president’s COVID rebound case, while mild, will undermine the White House’s narrative on his health and “complicate his effort to turn his illness into a positive story,” The New York Times believes.

In its story on the president’s re-diagnosis, the liberal newspaper pointed out that the 79-year-old president, whom detractors have been attacking mercilessly over possible signs of dementia and a series of slips, falls, and flubs, has shown eagerness to display his physical prowess, “especially as he forecasts plans to run for a second term in 2024.”

Biden, the NYT recalled, showed himself working at the White House throughout his first quarantine after testing positive on July 21, and then sought to present Wednesday’s COVID all-clear as a “triumphal return to work in person.”

“Instead of the narrative of beating the virus, however, the president’s rebound case reinforces the unpleasant reality that the pandemic refuses to go away. Although the death toll has fallen dramatically, Covid-19 remains a fact of life for Americans, some of whom [mostly the vaccinated] have been infected multiple times,” the paper noted.

It added that the re-diagnosis would push back the president’s plans to travel the country to push his agenda and campaign in support of Democratic allies, who face a walloping at the upcoming November midterm elections, according to recent polling.

The NYT also questioned what impact Biden’s re-diagnosis might have on Pfizer – the pharma giant and advertising revenue moneybag that manufactures Paxlovid – the oral drug taken by Biden after his first COVID-19 diagnosis which has come under growing scrutiny for so-called “rebound” cases.

“Paxlovid rebound has become a source of debate within the scientific community and among Covid patients,” the newspaper carefully explained, admitting and that the real number of rebound cases is “likely significantly higher” than the low single digits referred to by Pfizer in its studies.

“Either way, experts stressed that Paxlovid has been notably successful in preventing more severe Covid-19 illnesses and hospitalizations,” the paper stressed, referencing the commonly used talking point in US media referring to both COVID treatments and vaccines. Previously, when studies revealed that the FDA-approved Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson jabs were subject to a “breakthrough infection” rate of 25 percent or more, particularly against Omicron variants, the pharmaceutical companies, government, and media shifted the goal posts, pointing instead to their [claimed] “protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death.”

In a video address following his re-diagnosis Saturday, President Biden, who had been double-vaxxed and double-boosted before getting COVID the first time, emphasized that he was “feeling fine,” that “everything is good,” and that he would be “working from home for the next couple days” with Commander, his German Shepherd.

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  1. After reading this article, I have to admit to feeling some sympathy for Joe Biden. Given that nobody has conclusively isolated or proved the existence of the covid-19 virus, I can see how Joe’s behaviour might have been manipulated

    On one hand, he is fully aware that covid is a scam. He has never received a genuine ‘vaccine’ – all jabs being placebos. The illnesses are a put-up job to elicit sympathy and show that he is just an ‘ordinary’ guy. It is also a means by which the public are encouraged to get ‘vaccinated’, as the ‘illness’ could be much worse if they don’t.

    On the other hand, he has swallowed the whole covid scam hook, line and sinker, and allowed himself to be ‘vaccinated’ with the Pfizer poison. He is unable to see that before he was ‘vaccinated’, he had no health problems, as did many millions more. There would have been no pandemic but for the criminal PCR test, which declared those stupid enough to be tested, to be infectious and covid cases. Those cases were then subject to deliberate medical mis-treatment. Joe managed to avoid all that, and what he is now suffering from is not covid, but all the poisons he has put into his body.

    There are three questions that should be put to all those who claim they are now contracting ‘covid’.
    1. Have you been ‘vaccinated’?
    2. How many times?
    3. Do you wear a mask?

    Rather than blame a virus that doesn’t exist, their own foolishness and behaviour are most likely the cause. But, hey!, the show must go on.


    Comment by Bill Francis | August 1, 2022 | Reply

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