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Russia cuts off gas supply to French energy giant

Samizdat | August 30, 2022

Russian state energy giant Gazprom has said it has cut off gas supplies to France’s utilities company Engie. The French side has failed to pay for the gas deliveries in July in full, the Russian company added.

Gazprom informed Engie that it would cease the gas deliveries starting September 1 until the moment it gets the payment for the already supplied gas in full, the energy giant said in a statement. It also noted that the French side had failed to make the payment by Tuesday evening, making any further gas deliveries impossible under the Russian law.

Earlier on Tuesday, Engie said that Gazprom informed it “of a reduction in gas deliveries” and cited “a disagreement between the parties on the application of some contracts,” according to Bloomberg. It did not provide any details about the nature of the disagreements and did not specify the level of delivery reductions.

French Energy Minister Agnes Pannier-Runacher accused Moscow of using its gas exports as a weapon on Tuesday. She also said that France “must prepare for the worst-case scenario of a complete interruption of supplies.” Her statement was made before the Gazprom announcement.

Engie maintained it “had already secured the volumes necessary to meet its commitments towards its customers and its own requirements,” adding that it would take measures to “significantly reduce any direct financial and physical impacts” of the potential supply interruption by Gazprom.

The developments come as the EU governments are trying to fill up their gas storages in the face of the approaching heating season and reduced supply from Russia – one of the continent’s major gas suppliers. Earlier on Tuesday, Gazprom also said that Nord Stream 1 would be completely stopped from August 31 to September 2 for maintenance since it has only one operational compressor.

On Monday, Engie Executive Vice President Claire Waysand said that France has had its storages filled up by 90% and added that it should be enough to get through the winter.

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  1. Europe is going to pay dearly for supporting Ukraine against Russia in this ridiculous war. The Northern Winter is on the way, and I imagine the Russians will see it as “Payback Time”.
    Here, in Australia, we are looking forward to Sun, Sand, and Surf……..Ye Harr…..!!


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | August 30, 2022 | Reply

  2. What I had read was China was buying fuel from Russia and reselling to Europe with elevated prices.
    Maybe that is why France’s storages are 90% full and they don’t feel the need to pay their debts.


    Comment by The Willpower | August 31, 2022 | Reply

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