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American and NATO Disinformation and Lies Fuel Never Ending War In Ukraine

By Boyd Cathey | My Corner | September 4, 2022

There is perhaps no better-informed military geostrategic authority on the war in Ukraine today than Swiss intelligence analyst, Jacques Baud (Colonel, Swiss Army, ret.). His long and exceptional experiences over the years in evaluating military intelligence and strategy for a variety of national and international agencies, in particular the geopolitics of Eastern Europe after the fall of Communism, have given him an enhanced and realistic insight into current events in that part of the world.

Recently, Amnesty International—of all sources!—came out with a critical report, largely ignored by the American and Western media, which documented the fact that Ukraine is actively engaged in terrorism and war crimes in its present conflict with Russia. One of the few Western media sources, Newsweek, quoted the report “that the Ukrainian military’s tactics ‘violate international humanitarian law and endanger civilians’ by operating weapons out of bases established in residential areas while civilians are present.” That is exactly what some of us have been saying and charging for some time, especially in reference to the accusation of Russian “war crimes” in Mariupol and Bucha, to mention but two prominent examples.

Now, an international agency, not known for its rightwing or pro-Russian bias, has come out and admitted the very same thing: it is the policy of the Ukrainian government to use civilians as human shields, to place potentially rich military target in the midst of unprotected civilians, many of whom become hostages to the Ukrainian military. The objective, of course, is to inflame Western and American media and political types: “See how evil and barbaric those Russians are!” goes the refrain. And that disinformation campaign has been fairly successful, if you watch most of Fox News (e.g., General Jack Keene, Brian Kilmeade, etc.) which is joined at the hip with the entirety of the hysterical (mostly leftwing) anti-Russian media, not to mention the Deep State cabal in Washington, which includes such deranged armchair warriors as Senators Lindsey Graham and Chuck Schumer.

Of course, Ukraine has attempted to push back against the report, employing it minions in the West and in the American media. But numerous analyses have surfaced, and, although ignored by our media, they confirm Amnesty International’s study.

In his most recent analysis, Colonel Baud examines the issue of terrorism as employed as a military tactic, and largely on the part of the Ukrainian military and its violent militia groups, in the current conflict with Russia. In an interview with the journal, The Postil, he explores in detail that question, as well as other critical issues—issues about which most Americans (and Western Europeans) have little reliable information.

There is a zealously pro-Ukrainian historical blackout framing Western media. It is openly admitted by Joe Biden and his Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (since they visited Kiev back in late April, 2022) that the American strategy (and thus that of our NATO satraps) in Ukraine is “to bleed Russia dry, if it takes the death of every Ukrainian to do it.” In other words, Ukraine is a kind of “piege de mort,” a death trap for the Russians to facilitate a radical change in Kremlin leadership, to install by whatever means possible a pliant government which will essentially take orders from the globalist cabal which seeks to implement “the Great Reset.”

Colonel Baud’s interview is detailed, providing accurate and detailed information that most Westerners and Americans don’t see or hear in our controlled media. His wide-ranging interview is fairly long—9,000 words—but well worth reading and pondering. The goal of our elites in Eastern Europe has nothing at all to do with “protecting democracy”—Ukraine is the least democratic nation in all of Europe. It has everything to do with cementing globalist control, a unitary world where agencies like an empowered World Economic Forum (which Volodymyr Zelensky now pays homage to), the European Union, and a reconfigured and aggressive NATO, abroad, and an FBI and CIA, which have become our equivalents of the East German Stasi of Communist KGB secret police, domestically.

I pass on Colonel Baud’s interview below:

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  1. It is the goal of the Western Mainstream Media(and the likes of Rupert Murdoch, and his ilk) to keep people in “The West” in a state of stupidity, as to what is actually happening on this Planet. They have been very successful at it in the past, but, if you immediately believe what you see and read in the MSM, you have been Conned by those whom I have mentioned.

    Why else has the Internet excluded “Press TV” from Iran and “Russia Today” from being accessed, by people in the West, like me, who do like to get BOTH SIDES of the story?

    WE, cannot trust anything that the MSM ‘dishes up’ for us to consume………Sad, but True.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | September 4, 2022 | Reply

  2. ANYONE opposing the NATO/US/Ukraine “Narrative”about the Nato war against Russia is being labeled “Russian Propagandists”. These charges now can lead to assaults and assassinations.!. The supporters of the Nazi loving Stepan Bander who run the Ukrainian Government, with funding and direction by NATO have established “Hit Lists” to silence its critics around the world. The “Ukrainian Center for Countering Disinformation” has fingered a List of Prominent Americans,including Sen. Paul, former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Federal Candidates Diane Sayre, Geoffrey Young ,Military Veterans Col Richard Black and Scott Ritter,journalists,Veterans of US Intelligence services and others around the world as “information terrorists”and “war criminals. The Myrotvorets group list, which overlaps the UCCD list has published personal information of its opponents that has resulted the victims being harassed, imprisoned, tortured and sometimes murdered. Call your representatives to cut off the funding of these groups


    Comment by Marty | September 5, 2022 | Reply

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