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FLASHBACK: Meet Smedley Butler (2010)

Corbett • 10/30/2022

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FROM 2010: He was a tenacious soldier, the most decorated officer in the history of the U.S. marine corps…and he detested war. Find out about the tyrannical government moves and secretive fascist plots that turned this famous general into a campaigner against war on this week’s edition of The Corbett Report.


Documentation – Episode 123 – Meet Smedley Butler
Time Reference: 00:28
Description: 2010 podcast episode that you are watching the visualization of (includes mp3 audio download).
Link To: The Corbett Report
Documentation – YesXorNo Substack spruiks Smedley Butler
Time Reference: 02:17
Description: Corbett Report member continues to promote this episode.
Link To: YesXorNo Substack
Documentation – Corbett Report 2010 Data Archive (USB Flash Drive)
Time Reference: 04:20
Description: Containing over 17 GB of data, this 2010 Data Archive has the audio, video and text files of every Corbett Report production from 2010.
Link To: New World Next Week store
Documentation – Hans Schmidt on Butler and the Bonus March
Time Reference: 09:15
Description: From a 2008 episode of the radio program History Counts.
Link To: Radio4All
Documentation – Smedley Butler speaks at the Bonus March 1932
Time Reference: 11:17
Description: Actual recording of one of Butler’s speeches.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – The White House Coup
Time Reference: 17:19
Description: BBC whitewash on Butler and the Business Plot.
Link To:
Documentation – The American Liberty League and its Financiers
Time Reference: 26:19
Description: Information on the American Liberty League and its corporate backers.
Link To: The Constantine Report
Documentation – McCormack-Dixtein Committee Final Report to Congress
Time Reference: 27:03
Description: Quotations from 74th Congress House of Representatives Report, pursuant to House Resolution No. 198, 73d Congress, February 15, 1935.
Link To:
Documentation – War is a Racket by Smedley Butler
Time Reference: 30:32
Description: Empassioned reading of Smedley Butler’s famous speech by Graham Frye.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Ron Paul’s What if? speech
Time Reference: 36:11
Description: Watch this YouTube video and spread it around. It is an excellent production.
Link To: YouTube
Documentation – Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon’s Hidden Hand
Time Reference: 40:27
Description: The NY Times exposes what we all already know: that the warmongers are paid Pentagon shills.
Link To: NYTimes
Documentation – Alex Jones Inside CNN Attack Piece
Time Reference: 41:35
Description: A must-see look behind the scenes as Alex Jones gets interviewed by CNN…and he tears them a new one.
Link To: Daily Motion
Documentation – War is a Racket (book)
Time Reference: 42:21
Description: Read the entire book online.
Link To:

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  1. Smedly Butler was right when he said it, and he is still right today. The Military Industrial Complex has been at war with someone for the past 80+years, and God knows how many Americans have been fed into the “Mince Grinder”, and an even much larger number of innocent peasants went through the mince grinder as well.

    But nothing can stop the Monster from the Pentagon. Not even the American voters.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | November 5, 2022 | Reply

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