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Ukrainian Starlink units go dark over funding issues – media

RT | November 4, 2022

Some 1,300 Starlink satellite terminals went offline in Ukraine last week due to a failure to pay the military’s internet bills, deepening fears that the country will no longer be able to afford the pricey satellite service, two sources familiar with the situation told CNN on Friday.

The terminals, all part of a block purchased from a British company in March, began to go dark on October 24 for lack of funding, causing a “huge problem” for the military that depended upon them. Aware the bill was coming due and that they would be unable to pay it, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense asked its UK allies for $3.25 million to cover the monthly cost and rotated the terminals out of use so they wouldn’t wink out at a critical moment. However, their request was turned down.

Starlink parent company SpaceX alerted the Pentagon in September that it could no longer pay the full cost of Ukraine’s Starlink usage, asking Washington to pick up the slack, according to CNN. With approximately 25,000 Starlink terminals in Ukraine, Musk estimated the military’s use of the service would cost nearly $400 million over the next 12 months. Fewer than 11,000 were being paid for at the time he wrote to the Pentagon.

Musk then appeared to change his mind about footing the bill for the service a few days later, tweeting “We’ll just keep funding Ukraine for free.”

However, a senior defense official told CNN SpaceX has continued negotiating with the Pentagon, adding that officials are eager to get Musk to commit resources in writing because they fear he will change his mind.

He has reportedly refused to operate Starlink in Crimea, fearing this would invite an escalation from Moscow, while Western media have accused him of hindering the network’s operation by Ukrainian troops in Russian-controlled areas, which Musk denies. Last month, he warned that even though the company has “diverted massive resources toward defense” as the Russian military attempts to take the system out, “Starlink may still die.”

Moscow believes Starlink is a legitimate target, reasoning that the US and its allies have been using “elements of the civilian space infrastructure, including commercial, for military purposes.” Because this “essentially constitutes an involvement in military action through a proxy,” the “quasi-civilian” satellite network is fair game, Russian diplomat Konstantin Vorontsov told the UN last month.

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FBI is ‘rotted at its core,’ Republican lawmakers say

RT | November 4, 2022

America is no longer a country where citizens are afforded equal justice under the law, as guaranteed by their Constitution, because the nation’s top law enforcement agency has been corrupted by politicized leadership and a “woke, leftist agenda” being imposed from the top, Republican lawmakers have claimed.

The allegations were contained in a 1,050-page report released on Friday by Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee. The report, which was based on information gathered from 14 FBI whistleblowers who came forward to expose a pattern of misconduct, argued that the agency was “rotted at its core.”

“Quite simply, the problem — the rot within the FBI — festers in and proceeds from Washington,” the report said. “The FBI and its parent agency, the Justice Department, have become political institutions.”

The report detailed such abuses as a secret partnership in which the FBI receives private information on conservative users from Facebook, without seeking their consent or going though the legal processes that would normally be required to tap such data.

Whistleblowers also alleged that the FBI “looked the other way” on dozens of attacks against anti-abortion groups, even as the agency sent heavily armed teams of officers to arrest pro-life activists at their homes for alleged violations of selectively enforced crimes. Parents who spoke out at school board meetings over controversial policies were targeted by investigators as alleged terrorists.

At the same time, former FBI official Timothy Thibault “shut down” a probe into the overseas business dealings of President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and attempted to keep the case from being reopened, the report said. Thibault openly displayed his political bias in social media posts that included his official title.

“America’s not America if you have a Justice Department that treats people differently under the law,” Representative Jim Jordan, the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, told Fox News on Friday. “It’s supposed to be equal treatment under the law. That’s not happening, and we know it’s not happening because 14 brave FBI agents came to us as whistleblowers and told us what exactly is going on here.”

The report also accused the FBI of inflating statistics on domestic extremism to help fuel a narrative promoted by President Joe Biden’s administration. FBI employees who have conservative views are being purged from the agency, it claims.

Republicans argued that the FBI was plagued by a “systemic culture of unaccountability,” as well as “rampant corruption, manipulation and abuse.” The agency’s shift toward “political meddling” has allegedly pulled resources away from legitimate law enforcement duties. For instance, one whistleblower claimed that he was told after the January 2021 US Capitol riot that child sex-abuse cases were “no longer an FBI priority and should be referred to local law enforcement agencies.”

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‘Activist groups’ tanking Twitter profits – Musk

RT | November 4, 2022

Twitter owner Elon Musk has accused “activist groups” of “trying to destroy free speech in America” by pressuring advertisers to boycott his platform even though he hasn’t changed any policies. The billionaire took to Twitter to complain about the “massive drop in revenue” on Friday.

The platform is losing money “due to activist groups pressuring advertisers, even though nothing has changed with content moderation and we did everything we could to appease the activists,” Musk tweeted, calling the situation “extremely messed up!”

“They’re trying to destroy free speech in America,” he wrote.

Musk held a Zoom call on Tuesday with representatives from the Stop Hate for Profit Coalition, a pressure group led by the ADL that has organized advertiser boycotts of social media platforms over perceived weaknesses in keeping out “hate speech.” Representatives from the NAACP, Color of Change, the Asian American Foundation, and the George Bush Presidential Center were also reportedly present, among others.

The coalition was able to secure all three of its “immediate requests” from the Tesla tycoon, according to multiple members and Musk himself.

He promised not to replatform banned accounts before the midterm election results were certified or before a “clear process” had been devised, and vowed to keep in place “election integrity” measures. Additionally, Musk agreed to form a “content moderation council” that would include representatives from the ADL and other coalition members with “diverse” viewpoints.

Despite appearing to bring the self-described “free speech absolutist” to heel, ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt hinted that further controls might be necessary in a statement released following the call. He insisted “much more needs to be done to reduce lies and hate on Twitter” and said backtracking on previous progress was “not an option.”

A few Twitter users had suggestions for how Musk might deal with the pressure campaign.

“Name and shame the advertisers who are succumbing to the advertiser boycotts,” Mike Davis, co-founder of the Internet Accountability Project, tweeted, suggesting Musk’s followers engage in a “counter-boycott” against them.

More than three quarters of 2.7 million respondents agreed that advertisers should support free speech over political correctness when polled by Musk on Wednesday.

Musk fired the board of directors and several high ranking executives upon taking over as CEO last week. However, he has attempted to reassure advertisers that the site would not become a “free-for-all hellscape, where anything can be said with no consequence” under his watch.

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Pfizer, Democrat-led “Accountable Tech” are Blackmailing Twitter

Will they succeed at preserving censorship?

By Igor Chudov | November 3, 2022

Pfizer is “pausing advertising on Twitter” because it is “concerned that Mr. Musk could scale back content moderation, which they worry would lead to an increase in objectionable content on the platform.”

Pfizer was one of the most significant sources of revenue for Twitter. I constantly saw Pfizer ads and promoted posts, such as this one:

(If you are not sure why “the human brain” becomes so sweaty once pink “science” grabs it firmly from behind, neither am I)

What is interesting is that this advertising pause involves not only Pfizer but other large multinationals with no specific issues related to Twitter censorship, such as General Mills, a producer of popular but unhealthy breakfast cereals.

Who is behind this? Meet a new “action coalition” called “Accountable Tech” that is directing efforts to withhold advertising money from misbehaving technology companies. You may be very surprised, or not, but “Accountable Tech” is packed with Democratic operatives:

Accountable Tech is spearheading this letter to Twitter advertisers:

Accountable Tech joined more than 25 groups to deliver the below message in a letter to Twitter’s top advertisers to demand nonnegotiable requirements for their ad business in the midst of Elon Musk’s acquisition:

To whom it may concern:

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter will further toxify our information ecosystem and be a direct threat to public safety, especially among those already most vulnerable and marginalized.

The undersigned organizations believe that Twitter should continue to uphold the practices that serve as guideposts for other Big Tech platformsWe call on you – Twitter’s top advertisers – to commit to these standards as non-negotiable requirements for advertising on the platform:

  1. Keep accounts including those of public figures and politicians that were removed for egregious violations of Twitter Rules – such as harassment, violence, and hateful conduct – off the platform

All these coalitions attempt to influence large advertisers into doing their bidding by withholding ad money from tech companies that “Accountable Tech” wants to punish.

I understand why Pfizer, a company selling fraudulent “Covid vaccine” and relying on censorship for continued sales, has a vested interest in Twitter continuing to censor vaccine skeptics. However, other companies mentioned above do not have such reasons.

General Mills should only care about selling its cereals. As such, they would advertise wherever the ads would bring future product buyers. So, the pecuniary interest of that company is certainly NOT in pausing their Twitter ads that go along with sports coverage and other non-controversial threads.

Thus, by stopping ads, General Mills acts against its own shareholders. Its management is not blind to this. However, over the years, the coalitions like Accountable Tech have acquired significant influence within these companies and boardrooms via various “diversity,” “equality,” and other “stakeholder” commissions intimidating corporate management.

I discussed this previously in a somewhat broader context after Musk made his first Twitter offer. I explained why “free speech” is a threat to very powerful interests:

Free Speech Threatens the Entire West’s Power Structure

Not all tech companies succumb to these “silencing coalitions.” Substack is a very successful, profitable platform that said no to all attempts to deplatform “misinformation superspreaders.” Rumble recently told France to bug off with its requests to close certain channels and blocked France. Other platforms like gab are doing just fine financially without these corporate advertisers.

These “fringe” platforms are resisting censorship but involve comparatively few users. What “Accountable Tech” is trying to do is keep the general masses on the largest social networks from learning the truth.

Will Elon Musk overcome this blackmail? Does he even care to have free speech on Twitter? Is he an ally of freedom? Will “Accountable Tech” win and silence us? What do you think?

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Study: Incidence Of Acute Cardiac Involvement After mRNA Booster “800 Times Higher”

By P Gosselin | NoTricksZone | November 2, 2022

“Alarming: 1 in 35 booster patients has lab values indicating acute heart damage.”

That’s the headline of an article by at

The finding is based on results by a Swiss observational study by Prof. Christian Eugen Mueller published here.

1 of 35 individuals showed laboratory values indicative of acute cardiac injury after booster mRNA vaccination.

Researchers led by Prof. Christian Eugen Müller of the University Hospital Basel investigated the extent to which cardiac involvement occurs after mRNA booster vaccinations. Heart damage from the mRNA booster shots appears to be a much higher risk than previously thought, the recent findings show.

777 employees of Basel University Hospital, median age 37 years and 69% female, had received booster vaccination. After 3 days, their troponin levels (hs-cTnT) were measured. Troponin is a laboratory value that indicates acute damage to the heart.

Much higher in women

“40 subjects showed elevated troponin levels. In 18 of these cases, other causes were present. The remaining 22 cases corresponded to an incidence of 2.8%. The incidence in women was 3.7% and in men only 0.8%,” reports “Most of the subjects had no cardiovascular history. Three days after vaccination, their troponin levels (hs-cTnT) were measured to detect cardiac damage. If levels were elevated, another hs-cTnT measurement and imaging examination followed the next day.”

The surprising results were presented at the 2022 ESC Congress.

It had been previously suggested that such complications were very rare, with an incidence in the range of only 0.0035%. But the new study results suggest it’s far worse.

800 times higher than previously shown

According to Prof. Christian Müller: “The study confirms the hypothesis that the incidence of acute cardiac involvement is higher than thought. At 2.8% it was 800 times higher than in passive observational studies. But now that we need annual booster vaccinations, there could be a lot of vaccine-related cardiac involvement.”

Prof. Christian Müller adds. “From day 3 to day 4, we observed a clear drop in troponin in almost all participants, indicating that this was an acute problem.”

“Alarmingly high”

“The incidence of 2.8% of acute cardiac involvement is alarmingly high,” warns.  “Thus, 1 out of 35 boostered persons shows such values shortly after the mRNA vaccination. Converted, one would have e.g. with 350,000 booster vaccinations consequently 10,000 persons or with 3.5 million 100,000 persons, who show such laboratory values of an acute heart damage.”

Also see: Dr. John Campbell 

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Revealed, how the ‘safe’ Covid jab triggers a toxin blitz on the body

By Neville Hodgkinson | TCW Defending Freedom | November 3, 2022

Over the last weeks Neville Hodgkinson, the former medical and science correspondent of several national newspapers, including the Sunday Times, Sunday Express and Daily Mail, has been researching and preparing a ’round-up’ for TCW detailing the scores of indications of harm from the Covid mRNA jabs, from myocarditis, menstrual irregularities and infertility to teen and under-30s deaths and increased rates of cancer. In a series of articles, he will focus on each of these adverse effects and more. His introduction today explains exactly why the novel technology mRNA jab has triggered such a wide range of alarming reactions.

Go to the UK’s National Health Service website and it will tell you Covid vaccines are ‘safe and effective’, and that booster jabs are the next stage in ‘the biggest and most successful vaccination programme in health service history’.

It is now widely accepted that the jab does not prevent infection or transmission, but regulators believe lives saved far outweigh the price paid through side-effects. Dr Robert Malone, who played a foundational role in developing the technology on which the mRNA vaccines are based, disagrees.

In this recent talk, he says that on paper, it looked as though the mRNA jabs should be safe. They deliver a gene sequence for producing the famous ‘spike’ protein, characteristic of the Covid virus, and it was hoped this would prime the immune system so as to lessen the impact of SARS-COV-2 itself. The protein is toxic, and is at the heart of what made the genetically engineered bat microbe a threat to human health.

Normally, when cells make RNA (ribonucleic acid), it lasts for only a few hours.  Scientists believed the same would happen with the vaccine, so that if someone had a toxic reaction, it would soon be gone. That has turned out to be a big mistake.

The RNA used in the jabs was modified with an insert, called pseudouridine, aimed at making it last long enough to produce enough of the protein to ensure an immune response.

It turns out that this is super-effective, so much so that levels of spike protein post-jab are much higher than the levels found through natural infection.  With the latter, the virus slowly starts to replicate, and the immune system gradually starts to neutralise the protein.

With the jab, as Malone puts it, ‘the body gets a truckload of spike antigen that’s basically dumped into the bloodstream on a very short time course – very different from natural infection.’

Regulators and manufacturers also thought that after injection in the shoulder muscle, both the RNA and the protein would travel to the lymph system, to be filtered safely from the body after activating the immune system.

It is now known, however, that the jab products enter the bloodstream and become distributed throughout the body, where in some vaccinated people they continue to be active for at least 60 days.

‘This is not theoretical,’ Malone says. ‘This is putting needles into patients’ axillary lymph nodes, taking a sample, and asking is the RNA there; and taking blood samples and asking how much protein is in those blood samples. So that explains a lot of what we’ve experienced.’

Another major problem, he says, is that immunity gained naturally is far superior to immunity gained from the jab.  This is because when we are infected by the virus, the immune system mounts a defence based on recognising many of the virus proteins, such that when variants emerge there are still a range of ways of defeating the virus.  By contrast, the jab induces only the production of antibodies to the spike protein, so protection is far less.

‘The data are in now,’ Malone says. ‘Natural immunity is more robust, longer-lasting, and more protective.’

A third related problem arises from receiving multiple jabs.  These train the immune system to respond only to the spike protein produced by the original virus strain, in a phenomenon called immune imprinting.  ‘This is why when you get multiply jabbed – and I think these boosters are going to make it even worse – you actually become more susceptible to the viral infection,’ Malone says.

He adds that when Pfizer, which produces one of the main jabs used, was forced by court order to release data accumulated from all over the world by its pharmacovigilance team, page after page of adverse events were reported.

These included general disorders, nervous system disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, gastrointestinal disorders, respiratory disorders, skin disorders, infections, heart and blood vessel disorders, psychiatric disorders, blood and lymph system disorders, eye disorders. ‘It goes on and on’, says Malone.

But are these side-effects ‘extremely rare’, as the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) – in common with most other regulatory bodies – insists?

That claim is hard to reconcile with the fact that many expert warnings about the dangers are now validated by actual experience, including unprecedented levels of deaths and injuries reported after the jabs.

Over the next few days, TCW will take a look at some of the warnings given, and the mounting evidence for their validity with regard to specific threats to health.

Tomorrow: Heart and blood vessels.   


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Canada’s Bill C-11 explained: A chilling law that lets the government censor user-generated content

By Tom Parker | Reclaim The Net | November 3, 2022

Canada’s Online Streaming Act (Bill C-11) is one of several recent attempts by Western governments to crush online speech while claiming that they support free expression.

The bill is being pushed by Canadian Heritage Minister Pablo Rodriguez — a politician who believes that unregulated speech “erodes the foundations of democracy.” And it has the full support of Canadian Prime Minister  — a world leader who previously said freedom of expression isn’t “freedom to hate.”

The Trudeau regime first attempted to pass a version of this bill in 2020. However, this bill (Bill C-10) failed in 2021 after mass pushback over the way it attempted to censor online speech.

After Bill C-10 died, Pierre Poilievre, the current leader of the Canadian Conservative Party of Canada who was serving as a Member of Parliament (MP) in 2021, warned critics of Bill C-10 to “make sure that we’re ready the next time Trudeau and his team come for our freedom of expression.”

And just one year later, Trudeau and his team did just that by resurrecting Bill C-10 and renaming it Bill C-11.

The bill gives Canada’s communications regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), increased powers to regulate “programs” — a definition that applies to almost all forms of audio-visual content that are uploaded by Canadian citizens.

It will empower the CRTC to set content promotion and demotion rules for Canadian content and require platforms to make financial contributions towards Canadian content.

As with most censorship bills, Bill C-11 uses freedom of expression as a red herring and claims that the bill will be “applied in a manner that is consistent with…the freedom of expression and journalistic, creative and programming independence enjoyed by broadcasting undertakings”

But the bill is so restrictive that even censorship-loving YouTube has warned that the bill will harm creators and creators are considering leaving the country if it passes.

Here are the main things you need to know about Bill C-11:

It empowers government regulators to censor user-generated content

When pushing Bill C-11, Rodriguez has implied that it won’t apply to user-generated content by repeating the phrase “platforms are in, users are out.” However, the actual text of the bill gives the CRTC vast powers to decide whether almost any piece of user-generated content uploaded by Canadian users falls under the scope of the bill.

Section 4.2 of the bill states that the CRTC “may make regulations prescribing programs in respect of which this Act applies.”

And while the CRTC is expected to consider three factors when making these regulations, Dr. Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa, notes that these factors are only considerations that the CRTC can simply ignore.

“Much like the lip service the Commission has given at times to policy directions, the CRTC is free under the bill to confirm that it ‘considered’ the factors in setting the regulations and adopt a different approach,” Geist said.

The bill itself empowers the CRTC to indirectly censor any content that falls under the scope of Bill C-11 by imposing conditions on Canadian apps, social media platforms, and websites.

One of the most controversial conditions the CRTC can impose is a condition related to “the presentation of programs and programming services for selection by the public, including the showcasing and the discoverability of Canadian programs and programming services, such as original French language programs.”

This condition lets the CRTC decide whether content that falls within its scope should be boosted or demoted on Canadian apps, platforms, and websites. And according to Geist, this condition could result in platforms that host user-generated content being forced to demote content and apply warning labels to a wide range of lawful content.

It may target a wide range of apps, platforms, and websites

While most of the discussion around Bill C-11 has focused on how it will impact user-generated content on social media, the potential scope of the bill is actually much wider because it doesn’t contain any provisions that limit its scope to just social media platforms.

And an early government memo on Bill C-10 (the Bill C-11 predecessor) acknowledged that the Canadian government wanted to target audiobook services such as Audible, podcast apps such as Pocket Casts and Stitcher, music streaming services such as  Music and Amazon Music, sports streaming services such as DAZN and, video streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+, niche streaming services such as BritBox, websites such as the BBC and TVO, gaming platforms such as PlayStation, home workout apps, and more.

It will limit the reach of independent Canadian creators

Even if the CRTC doesn’t use its Bill C-11 powers to push for the demotion of lawful content, any presentation or discoverability conditions that are imposed on apps, platforms, or websites are still likely to limit the reach of independent Canadian creators and boost mainstream media outlets.

According to Geist, the current rules for determining whether a piece of content is “certified Canadian content” are “geared toward well-established productions that fall outside the digital first world” and it’s unclear whether content from independent, digital first creators even qualifies as certified Canadian content. This means that content from large Canadian media outlets is much more likely to be selected for prioritization when any Bill C-11 presentation and discoverability conditions are imposed.

Geist argues that “the impact will be incredibly damaging to digital first creators, who may find their content effectively de-prioritized in their own country based on Canadian legislation as implemented by the CRTC.”

Even if independent creator content is selected for prioritization, the way Bill C-11’s presentation and discoverability conditions force Canadian content on users who aren’t necessarily interested in the content is likely to result in lower engagement rates. These reduced engagement rates will result in algorithms recommending Canadian content less frequently outside of Canada and ultimately reduce the reach of independent Canadian content in non-Canadian countries.

It will give Canadians an inferior online experience

The way Bill C-11 forces Canadian content into the feeds of Canadian users also has a detrimental impact on their online experience. Instead of being able to fill their feeds with interesting content from their favorite creators, Canadians will have a certain amount of potentially irrelevant content forced on them by the CRTC’s requirements.

Not only does the bill prevent Canadians from being able to fully control and customize their feeds but it also makes it more time-consuming for them to find non-Canadian content. Even if Canadian users take explicit steps to seek out non-Canadian content, the requirements of Bill C-11 will continuously push a pre-determined amount of Canadian content into their feeds.

In addition to this, Bill C-11 could reduce the number of apps, platforms, and websites that are available to Canadians because the high cost of compliance may result in some companies pulling their services out of Canada.

Furthermore, Canadians will likely have to pay more to access subscription-based apps, platforms, and websites that fall under the scope of Bill C-11 as the affected companies pass on the cost of compliance to users.

It could create privacy issues for independent Canadian creators

Bill C-11’s discoverability conditions could create privacy issues for independent Canadian creators because the only practical way for these creators to verify that they’re Canadian would be to hand over sensitive personal information.

Canada’s federal privacy commissioner, Philippe Dufresne, admitted this would be the case during his appearance before a Standing Senate Committee on Transport and Communications.

“Discoverability conditions could nonetheless potentially require the adaptation of existing algorithms that rely on personal information or the analysis of personal information to determine whether user-generated content is Canadian,” Dufresne told the committee.

And these privacy restrictions aren’t limited to algorithms. The more personal data companies hold, the more devastating the privacy impact is on their users if there’s ever a data breach.

It disproportionately impacts small platforms

Most large apps, platforms, and websites have significant data harvesting capabilities, utilize advanced algorithms, and generate billions of dollars in revenue. These resources make it relatively easy for these platforms to comply with Bill C-11’s requirements to identify Canadian content, prioritize Canadian content in a way that’s compliant with CRTC orders, and make their financial contributions towards the production of Canadian content.

However, smaller platforms with more rudimentary technology and less revenue will find it harder to abide by the requirements of Bill C-11. Some may even find the cost of compliance to be so prohibitive that they’re left with no choice but to pull out of the Canadian market altogether.

The potential privacy issues associated with Bill C-11 could also harm smaller platforms that are attempting to differentiate from their Big Tech counterparts by offering a more private experience for their users. These platforms could be forced to start collecting personal information to comply with the bill’s discovery conditions, and in doing so, lose their competitive advantage over the tech giants.

Stay up to date with Bill C-11

Despite the major problems with Bill C-11, it has already made its way through the Canadian House of Commons and it’s on the verge of passing the Senate. However, there are some members of the Senate that oppose the bill and hope to kill it before it becomes law.

You can read the full text of Bill C-11 here.

You can track the progress of Bill C-11 here.

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Russian narrative gaining traction in Germany – study

RT | November 4, 2022

The number of Germans that agree with Russia’s position on the root causes of the Ukraine conflict has risen over the past several months, a recently published study reveals.

Published on Wednesday and titled ‘Endurance test for the democracy: Pro-Russian conspiracy narratives and belief in disinformation in society’, the paper is based on opinion polls conducted at intervals of several months.

According to the report, 19% of the respondents agree with the statement that Russia had no choice but to attack Ukraine in response to NATO provocations; 21% partly support this notion. In April, the figures stood at 12% and 17% respectively, the study says.

People living in eastern regions which comprised the former German Democratic Republic tend to show more understanding toward Moscow, the report indicates. The number of people who believe that NATO provoked Russia into the conflict is said to be nearly twice as high there compared to western Germany.

The researchers noted that supporters of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AFD) party are far more likely to espouse such views than the general population. Similarly, those at the opposite end of the political spectrum from the Left party also display more acceptance of Russia’s positions.

NATO’s expansion and its attempts to drag Ukraine into its sphere of control were cited by Russian President Vladimir Putin as one of the reasons for launching the military operation. The Kremlin argued that it had repeatedly tried to convey its national security concerns to the West, but they invariably fell on deaf ears.

Senior Ukrainian officials have acknowledged that Kiev has not given up on the idea of joining the alliance, and that NATO has played a key role in strengthening the Ukrainian military.

The authors of the study dismissed any narratives that are in line with Moscow’s views as “disinformation” and “propaganda.” They claimed, however, that these ideas are “gaining ground among the German population in horrifying proportions.”

They concluded by calling on the government to do more to counter the spread of what they consider to be ‘disinformation’, which the paper described as an “attack on democracy as such.”

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French glass maker halts production as energy costs bite

RT | November 4, 2022

France’s largest glass manufacturer, Duralex, has suspended operations for five months due to soaring electricity prices, the company’s CEO Jose Luis LLacuna told the BFM TV channel on Wednesday.

“Our gas and electricity bills have risen from €3 to €13 million a year… The price of energy usually represents 5% to 7% of our turnover. Today, it is around 46%. It is not tenable,” Llacuna explained, adding that the company’s operation had become “nonviable” as it is unable to make a profit after such staggering outlays for energy, in addition to paying salaries and procuring raw materials.

He added that during the five-month closure, Duralex employees would continue to receive 95% of their salaries, 70% of which will be covered by the state.

The head of the company noted, however, that its warehouses are currently sufficiently stocked to survive the winter and not cause a shortage of its goods on the market.

Earlier, France’s largest aluminum smelter, Aluminium Dunkerque, said it would cut production by about 20% due to rising energy prices. Another glass manufacturer, Arc, also said it would lower output and move a number of employees to part-time work.

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Raisi responds to Biden: Iran was freed 43 years ago and is determined not to be occupied by you

By Ilya Tsukanov – Samizdat – November 4, 2022

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi responded to Biden’s promises to “free Iran,” giving the US leader a history lesson on when the Islamic Republic gained true freedom.

“I was informed a few hours ago that the president of the United States had uttered some words due to distraction, he said [the US was] aiming to ‘free Iran’,” Raisi said in a speech in Tehran on Friday marking the anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the US Embassy, which the Islamic Republic celebrates as the ‘National Day of the Fight Against Global Arrogance.’

“Iran was freed 43 years ago and is determined not to be occupied by you. And we will never be your milk cows,” Raisi said, referencing the Iranian Revolution which overthrew the country’s US-backed dictator, the Shah.

Biden made the provocative comments at an election stump speech in California on Thursday. “Don’t worry, we’re gonna free Iran. They’re gonna free themselves pretty soon, you’ll see,” Biden said.

The president did not elaborate, and it’s not clear what prompted him to make the comments, given that the part of his speech immediately preceding the “free Iran” comments was devoted to injuries suffered by US troops in US wars of aggression over the past two decades.

“You know, we found out that a lot of our soldiers, more people were coming back from Iraq, Afghanistan with serious brain injures and tumors, than any other war in American history. Other than the Civil War. Maybe more amputees are coming back than in any wars in American history. And those burn pits. Those burn pits,” Biden said.

In his response Friday, Raisi stressed that “today is the symbol and manifestation of the arrogance of the ruling system of the United States, which, according to Imam Khomeini, is the Great Satan and is ready to destroy many nations and people of the world in order to achieve its interests.”

The Iranian president highlighted the US’s involvement in over 300 wars and 62 coups around the world, and the US nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and accused Washington of founding and supporting terrorist groups across the Middle East.

Iran has faced more than a month of deadly protests following the death of Mahsa Amini, a young woman who fell into a coma and died in hospital several days after being detained by Iran’s morality police for allegedly wearing a headscarf improperly. While protest organizers and Western officials and media blamed Iran’s authorities for beating Amini into a coma, CCTV footage released by authorities appeared to show that she was not abused in custody, and had collapsed after getting into an argument with a minder.

Iranian authorities have accused the United States and Israel of fomenting unrest via networks inside Iran and online. The BRICS group of nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) charged the West with attempting to provoke a color revolution in the Islamic Republic. The anti-government protests began a day after Iran moved to officially join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

President Biden’s comments hinting at regime change in Tehran mark the latest escalation of tensions between Iran and the US amid the stalemate in negotiations on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – the 2015 Iran nuclear deal that Washington walked out on in 2018, but which the Biden administration has pledged to restore.

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Western Russophobia increasing even in UNESCO

By Lucas Leiroz | November 4, 2022

The irrational hatred incited by the pro-NATO media against the Russian people in reaction to the special military operation in Ukraine continues to gain strength around the world. Russian citizens in the diaspora who have nothing to do with the government or the military are often affected by anti-Russian animosity. However, the main target today seems to be Russian culture, which is increasingly fought and “canceled” by Westerners.

In a recent statement during a UNESCO’s conference in Mexico, Sergei Obryvalin, First Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation, commented on the issue of Russophobia and expressed deep concern about the current global rejection of Russian culture. He said he considers the way the West deals with cultural matters an “unnecessary and harmful politicization”. More than that, Obryvalin even denounced the existence of Russophobic tendencies in UNESCO’s forum itself, where discriminatory speeches and untrue narratives about an alleged “destruction” of other cultures by Russia proliferate.

“Egregious cases of cultural discrimination against Russia and Russian citizens are happening everywhere in Western countries (…) False accusations [against] Russia of alleged destruction of cultural heritage are nothing but a manifestation of the policy of cultural genocide against Russia and Russians (…) Such facts, of course, cause us grief and serious concern (…) [Russia] consistently maintains a careful attitude to cultural heritage, historical memory, freedom of literary, artistic and other forms of creativity, [as well as] ensures pluralism of opinions and openness of the cultural sphere (…) No one is able to cancel the unique Russian civilization and rich culture, to destroy or shake Russia”, he said during the speech.

There was no response from UNESCO’s officials regarding the allegations that the organization acts in complicity with the anti-Russian discourse. Representatives from 193 countries attended the event and spoke at different times, but this topic was not mentioned by any of them. The case reflected in the field of culture something that has become increasingly common on the international scene: the silence on the part of organizations when Moscow denounces something wrong. In recent months, international organizations only make pronouncements if it is aimed at condemning Russia, while always ignoring when Russian officials file complaints.

However, the evident reality of cultural Russophobia cannot be ignored. Since February, irrational reactions to the anti-Nazi operation initiated by Moscow have been promoted around the world, mainly in Western countries, including the banning of Russian or Russian-translated books, cancellation of Russian musical concerts and even boycotting Russian-made food and drink. Classical authors of Russian literature have also been removed from Western academic courses as a way of “protesting” against military moves in Ukraine, which is something that undoubtedly causes great cultural damage, considering Russia’s importance in world literary history.

This cultural intolerance is just one of the many faces of the Russophobic racism that has become vital to Western “responses” against Russia. Cases of physical violence against Russian citizens have also occurred all over the world. Orthodox churches have been vandalized. Social networks have encouraged racism and pro-aggression speech against Russian citizens. In fact, there are attempts to “anathematize” the Russian people in every way possible. And, in this sense, cultural cancellation seems to be a fundamental strategy to be followed by Westerners.

In fact, with these attitudes the West becomes more and more like its Ukrainian proxy in the way it deals with the Russians. For the past eight years, Kiev has been promoting direct and explicit persecution of Russian people and culture. Not by chance, one of the first laws passed by the Maidan government was the abolition of the co-official language policy in ethnically Russian zones, which allowed the use of Russian language in official documents.

With the beginning of Russian participation in the conflict, Kiev has further radicalized its racist policies, with the Ukrainian parliament in June this year passing a bill to ban books and songs written by Russian authors. Ukrainian forces have also frequently performed public exhibitions of burning books in Russian language, which resembles the practices of Nazi Germany (a major inspiration for the Ukrainian government).

The West, albeit under the guise of liberal “democracy”, is moving in the same direction. Russian culture is gradually criminalized and violence against Russian citizens takes place without any restrictions, in absolute impunity. This only tends to further exacerbate international tensions and diplomatic frictions. The West’s Nazification process can in no way be tolerated by Moscow, which tends to move away from international organizations that tolerate racism and form new axes of international decision-making, in partnership with emerging countries that also historically struggle against discriminatory practices.

Lucas Leiroz is a researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

You can follow Lucas on Twitter and Telegram.

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The Biosecurity State With James Corbett & Meryl Nass

Good Morning CHD | November 3, 2022

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