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New Fauci emails show Drosten, other Corona astrologers debating whether and how to address lab origin hypothesis

Drosten: “Didn’t we congregate to challenge a certain theory, and if we could, drop it?”

eugyppius – a plague chronicle – November 23, 2022

In February 2020, virologists were beginning to worry that discussion about the origins of SARS-2 was getting out of hand. Four of them – Edward Holmes, Kristian Andersen, Andrew Rambaut and Robert Garry – decided to write a short statement on the matter, in the hopes of regaining control of the debate. Jeremy Farrar, chairman of the international vaccination cabal known as the Wellcome Trust, coordinated their work and sent a draft to various virological villains, among them Anthony Fauci and Christian Drosten, for comment. A later version of the statement appeared in Nature a month later as “The proximal origin of SARS-CoV-2”.

New emails discussing the genesis of this statement came to light yesterday, as a result of another successful FOIA request for Anthony Fauci’s emails, and it contains some interesting moments.

The draft statement itself (at p. 67 here) is mostly unremarkable and not all that different from the Nature piece. It insists, in bold on the first page, that “Analysis of the virus genome sequences clearly demonstrates that the virus is not a laboratory construct or experimentally manipulated virus.” At least some of its authors, though, especially Edward Holmes, were willing to entertain the lab leak hypothesis, and the consequence was this paragraph considering the possibility that SARS-2 had been enhanced by repeated passage in cell cultures or animals:

Christian Drosten, after reading the draft, complained immediately that he thought he and his colleagues had already agreed “to challenge a certain theory, and if we could, drop it”:

From this we learn, first, that Drosten had been party to prior discussions among his colleagues, where they had discussed messaging strategies relating to “a certain theory”; and, second, that Drosten apparently had no real understanding of the reasoning behind or the case for laboratory origins, and this as late as 9 February.

Edward Holmes (who Farrar elsewhere says is leaning “60-40” for the laboratory origins of SARS-2) has to bring him up to date:

Jeremy Farrar also chimes in:

Then Holmes’s co-author, Kristian Andersen (who has since become a hardcore if disingenuous natural origins advocate), contributes these very interesting remarks:

Among other things, it’s telling to see how eager all these virologists were for those fishy pangolin sequences, which Chinese scientists released just as discussions of laboratory origins were gaining ground.

There’s surely more lurking in this email dump, but I have (alas, alas) a conference coming up, and thereafter it’ll take me a few days to get through it.

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  1. Well, it all started in ancient Greece. Here is the background for the beginning of the title PhD. It is a short excerpt taken from a parody of Sherlock Holmes detective stories titled “Sir Schlock Heims and the Matter of Time.” in that episode of Sir Schlock’s legal work, an alien from Venus called “iCandy” shows up at this law office to educate him about subjective vs. objective realities. That which now follows is from one of her lessons.

    “The term ‘PhD’ derived from the initials of the little known Greek doctor of witchcraft medicine who became famously known as Philo Hypocritus Dungstudy. He decided that he needed a way to determine if one of his ill patients had a fever or a chill. He started by putting his hand under a large pile of sheep dung and sensing the temperature there. Then he put it under a shorter pile and did the same. He noticed that the large pile retained the heat longer than the short one. This gave him the idea that temperature level is based upon the depth of a pile of dung, the deeper the higher, but it did not tell him what body temperatures should be when sick or well and was not a thermometer.

    “Next he tried putting the same accurately measured amount of water in his hand when he had a fever and then when he was well, but nothing was measurably different in the height of the water. When he discovered that the liquid called mercury did change depending upon his health, he thought he could then develop the first thermometer. His problem was how to use this new discovery. By putting the mercury in a glass tube, he could see its height better than in his palm.

    “So, after repeated experimentation, he was able to decide how high the mercury should rise in the tube when he was well. He found it was below that he was having a chill and above that he had a fever. Unfortunately, the doctor died of mercury poisoning before his invention was patented by the company named Merck, named, of course, after Mercury. After his death, he became known as the doctor of ‘Piled higher and Deeper’ fame, the one who had discovered the observable effect of temperature on time when his ran out. That has become abbreviated to the title PhD.”

    So you can see that the jig is up with the medical establishment and SHC14-MA15, the real name of the corona virus that was engineered by the lab in North Carolina using a bat corona supplied from the PRC-owned virology lab in Wuhan China to merge with SARS. Of course, the UN’s WHO had to rename it to Covid-19 to hide its earlier design and bioengineering by Dr. Ralph Baric and his team at the NC virology lab. [nature, NEWS 11 FEBRUARY 2020, CORRECTION 31 JANUARY 2020, Coronavirus latest: WHO officially names disease COVID-19,
    SHC014-MA15 recombinant virus, aka Covid19 per WHO edict]

    So’s y’all know what all this geriatric, uhm, genetic gibberish means, here are the meanings.
    Def: recombinant [ree-kom-buh-nuh?nt]
    adjective: of or resulting from new combinations of genetic material:
    recombinant cells.
    noun: a cell or organism whose genetic complement results from recombination.
    the genetic material produced when segments of DNA from different sources are joined to produce recombinant DNA.

    Furthermore, published by nature on 09 November 2015 was the following piece of evidence that they were doing it well in advance of 2019 in Baric’s lab titled
    “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence”
    And the team contributing to this genetic genocide of humankind were named in that article:
    Vineet D Menachery, Boyd L Yount Jr, Kari Debbink, Sudhakar Agnihothram, Lisa E Gralinski, Jessica A Plante, Rachel L Graham, Trevor Scobey, Xing-Yi Ge, Eric F Donaldson, Scott H Randell, Antonio Lanzavecchia, Wayne A Marasco, Zhengli-Li Shi & Ralph S Baric
    Antonio Lanzavecchia
    Department of Cancer Immunology and AIDS, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

    Wayne A Marasco
    Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


    V.D.M. [Vineet D Menachery, Department of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA] designed, coordinated and performed experiments, completed analysis and wrote the manuscript.

    B.L.Y. [Boyd L Yount Jr, Department of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA] designed the infectious clone and recovered chimeric viruses;

    S.A. [Sudhakar Agnihothram, National Center for Toxicological Research, US Food and Drug Administration [FDA], Jefferson, Arkansas, USA] completed neutralization assays;

    L.E.G. [Lisa E Gralinski, Department of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA] helped perform mouse experiments;

    T.S. and J.A.P. [Trevor Scobey and Jessica A Plante, Department of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA] completed mouse experiments and plaque assays;

    X.-Y.G. [Xing-Yi Ge, Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences] performed pseudotyping experiments;

    K.D. [Kari Debbink, Department of Epidemiology and Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA] generated structural figures and predictions;

    E.F.D. [Eric F Donaldson, Department of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA] generated phylogenetic analysis;

    R.L.G. [Rachel L Graham, Department of Epidemiology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA] completed RNA analysis;

    S.H.R. [Scott H Randell, Cystic Fibrosis Center, Marsico Lung Institute, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA] provided primary HAE cultures;

    A.L. and W.A.M. [Antonio Lanzavecchia, Institute for Research in Biomedicine, Bellinzona Institute of Microbiology, Zurich, Switzerland and
    Wayne A Marasco, Department of Cancer Immunology and AIDS, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Department of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA] provided critical monoclonal antibody reagents;

    Z.-L.S. [Zhengli-Li Shi, Key Laboratory of Special Pathogens and Biosafety, Wuhan Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan, China] provided SHC014 spike sequences and plasmids.

    R.S.B. [Ralph S Baric, Department of Epidemiology & Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA] designed experiments and wrote manuscript.

    Corresponding authors:
    Correspondence to Vineet D Menachery or Ralph S Baric.

    Oh and one more thing, Pile higher and Deeper Baric first found a way to hide the fact that the corona had been modified even earlier, say in 2010 or so.

    Anyone in favor of a trial for this gang of murderers, say “aye.”
    PS The term “conspiracy theory” was coined by the CIA to dismiss with prejudice any idea that could harm their agenda. Now you know.


    Comment by Honng Hadj | November 23, 2022 | Reply

  2. Can you please explain who these “Corona astrologers” are–which are part of your title but never again appear in the body of the text? Maybe also define what you mean by that term. I was comprehending something quite different. Later I found at least one example in your Substack. To me, Eric Coppolino would be an example of one of these “Corona astrologers” but is on the complete opposite end of the germ theory and pandemic continuum.

    Coppolino does serious investigative journalism, does not believe in the germ theory, nor the testing technology of PCR. According to him (his words), he has created a new genre of journalism which forms at the nexus of geo-political events and astrology and which provides/reveals the significance of such connections or events. He also focuses on how the Covid-19 “pandemic” has exclusively been a digital event, a fiction, a fraud. He draws heavily on the work of Marshall McLuhan and his descendants–one of which he still communicates with–in revealing the power of different media and how they effect us. The important factor is not the content of the “message” in Marshall McLuhan famous quote: “The medium is the message” but rather the technology and how it changes us and how we feed it and become its slave.

    If people have not heard of it, they ought to check out Coppolino’s fairly exaustive “Covid Chronology” in which he has put much work (with at least one other person). It is a significant document as it provides a chronological ordering of Covid events (through the end of 2020 for now) in which one can make more sense of the events than from the chaotic, constant, nerve-racking 24/7 media barrage which only helps to confuse as well as cementing in certain fears, keywords to brainwash. Additionally the pharmaceutical industrial complex freely rides on the coatails of the MSM presented as “news” (I know they are owned by the same few oligarchs, obsoletists (as in obsolete rather than “elite”).

    Covid Chronicle/Chronology:

    Some interviews of, and by, Eric Coppolino in which media, digital life and the digital fraud and fantasy of the completely digital pandemic are discussed follow. These are interviews referred to above, below or which carry the themes covered in this comment. Eric also converses with Mark Bailey where they examine the importance of focusing on the upstream elements or characteristics (including of the recent, ongoing plandemic)—namely that we should focus on comprehending the fallacy of the germ theory (it is only a theory after all!) and how it is the basis, the foundation of the continuing fraud which will continue to be used as a form of scapegoating and avoidance of personal responsability in an ever-increasing number of fake epidemics and varied technological applications to keep the unwashed, “useless eaters” controlled (well at least and attempt at control and total execution of their original plans. This fortunately never happens and the elements, the glitches or reality and the regular flow of life and society alter their original plan.

    “The Digital Seduction of COVID-19 with Eric Coppolino”. Dr. Sam Bailey.

    “Digitisation is changing the fabric of reality”. Jerm Warfare.

    “The COVID-19 Chronology with Eric Coppolino”. Dr. Sam Bailey.

    A Farewell to Virology: Conversation With Mark Bailey. Planet Waves FM.

    Thank you,
    Louis Laframboise

    P.S.: Forgive me if this appeared twice.


    Comment by louisglaframboise | November 24, 2022 | Reply

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