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Mechanisms of damage from the COVID shots

Fact plus opinion

By Meryl Nass | November 22, 2022

The injection method

Since I went to medical school, there has always been the instruction to pull back on a needle (aspirate) when giving an intramuscular or subcutaneous injection, to be sure you are not injecting directly into a blood vessel.

This instruction has been omitted from the COVID vaccine guidance, and I have come to think the omission is probably deliberate. If you inject a COVID vaccine directly into a blood vessel (usually a vein, because they are more superficial and the walls are thin) you will give most of the dose directly to the vascular system at once.

If you inject the dose correctly, vaccine components will need to be taken up by cells and lymphatics before some enter the vascular system, both slowing down the process and delivering less to the endothelial cells that line the blood vessles, where we know a lot of direct spike damage is done.

The adenovirus vector vaccines

The DNA adenovirus-vector vaccines (Astra-Zeneca and Janssen, a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson) both used an adenovirus that had been genetically engineered to produce spike protein. The adenovirus vaccine platform (method) was already known to cause thrmbosis (blood clots) before COVID.

The fact that they caused thrombosis should have been expected, and should have been included on the fact sheet, which is part of the informed consent process for EUAs. Excluding this known complication might be helpful in litigation by the injured parties. I cited the literature on this in my blog when the vaccines came out.

The spike produced is of course an additional cause of injuries, and like the mRNA vaccines, you don’t know how much you make .

There may be other causes of which I am unaware, especially when you consider the speed of manufacture and the fact that some or most of the J and J vaccine was made in the Emergent BioSolutions factory in Baltimore, where about 400 million doses of COVID vaccines (or the ingredients for their manufacture) had to be thrown away due to contamination and other problems.

The mRNA vaccines

The spike proteins cause damage, and as with the adenovirus vaccines, there is no way to know how much your body will make, in which cells it will be made (many of which will be destroyed by the immune system), nor over what duration.

The lipid nanoparticle (LNP) used to coat the mRNA and help get it into cells is made of polyethylene glycol (there are multiple variations of PEG), cholesterol, and in the Pfizer vaccine there are two additional chemicals called ALC 315 and ALC 059. Neither ALC was injected into humans previously and their toxicity is not established. It seems they easily cross the blood-brain barrier.

70% of people have antibodies to PEG, which probably is the cause of most of the immediate anaphylactic reactions to the vaccines. While we have stopped talking about anaphylaxis, some early evidence from the mRNA vaccines suggested that anaphylaxis occurred at a rate 25-100x more than from other vaccines. I discussed this on January 28, 2021 in The Defender.

Then there is the degraded RNA, which was said to be up to 45% of the total RNA in the product at the factory. After the vaccine has been shipped and warmed the degraded RNA is probably a lot more of the total.

The smaller bits of RNA may be simply junk with no effect on us. Or some of this RNA may retain the nucleotide codes that allow it to be transcribed into proteins or peptides—which we know absolutely nothing about.

Some of it may affect which genes are turned on and off. Some may have other physiological functions. Small interfering RNAs are about 20 nucleotides long, are double-stranded, and are used to study the function of genes by turning them on and off.

What is the role of small RNAs?

Small RNAs regulate a multitude of biological processes in plants, including development, metabolism, maintenance of genome integrity, immunity against pathogens, and abiotic stress responses. Increasing evidence suggests that small RNAs play a critical role in regulating the interaction of pathogens with plants.

Some small pieces of RNA could have been included deliberately in the vaccines for a specific purpose. The problem is that with millions of species (different lengths and types) of different RNAs in the vial, there is simply no way known to sort out what exactly is there and how it could affect you.

Addendum: from the Acuitas website, we find that Acuitas, one of the developers of the LNP also works on small interfering RNAs:


  • Lipid nanoparticles for intracellular delivery of nucleic acid therapeutics
    • Messenger RNA therapeutics
    • RNAi therapeutics (siRNA and microRNA)
    • DNA therapeutics (plasmids and DNA constructs)

There may be other things in the vaccines. The manufacturing proceses were speeded up and virtually no quality control was done the way it normally is, checking for patency at every step in the process.

I was struck by the number of vaccine reactions that mimic reactions to anthrax vaccines, made with a totally different process and using different materials. Might it be that both types of vaccines simply have a lot of impurities that lead to reactions simply due to how much ‘junk’ is being injected? I can’t give you an answer.

The bottom line is that there are many good reasons to never take any of these products.

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