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Trump Is Toast

Jewish Power will trump Trump


There is considerable irony in the fact that Donald Trump when president virtually crawled to do Israel’s bidding more than any of his predecessors. He moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, he accepted brutal Israeli settlement and control of the Palestinian West Bank, approved of the Israeli annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights, and ignored repeated Israeli war crimes using US provided weapons. Yet for all his gifts to Israel, which did not serve any actual US interest, he is currently being crucified by the Jewish/Israel Lobby because of an idiotic dinner with a pair of alleged anti-Semites, one of whom has been labeled a “holocaust denier.”

And the extreme reaction of Jewish groups to the affront also itself possesses a certain irony in that it demonstrates how extraordinarily powerful promoters of Jewish and Israeli interests actually are, something that those selfsame groups take pains to deny at every opportunity, just as they deny having “dual loyalty” to Israel. The fact is that force majeure will prevail and we will now see the deliberate and methodical destruction of Donald J. Trump’s 2024 proposed presidential campaign by American Jewish and Israeli apologists.

Trump had already been taken out to the back woodshed for a good whipping once after he posted a comment on his Truth Social network on October 16th. He boasted how “No President has done more for Israel than I have. Somewhat surprisingly, however, our wonderful Evangelicals are far more appreciative of this than the people of the Jewish faith, especially those living in the US… US Jews have to get their act together and appreciate what they have in Israel — Before it is too late!”

But the rage unleashed by folks like the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) Jonathan Greenblatt, who labeled the October 16th comment as “insulting and disgusting,” combined with the attacks on three black celebrities, is already beginning to produce pushback, particularly from many normally apolitical blacks who are upset at the viciousness of the Jewish take-no-prisoners response due to its perceived racial overtones. Other observers also are concerned at how the Jewish groups and individuals are overstating the significance of some of the alleged anti-Semitic incidents (by their definition) in a self-serving effort to validate their view that Jewish suffering is unique and cannot be compared with other crimes against humanity.

Also, for those who choose to defend the First Amendment right to free speech, it is discouraging to observe how it is possible to say nearly anything as long as it does not offend Jewish sensibilities. There have already been moves in congress to criminalize criticism of Jews or Israel, making such actions the ultimate “hate crime.” Those specifically Jewish sensibilities absurdly include declaring anyone to be an anti-Semite who criticizes the behavior of Israel as it destroys schools and shoots a Palestinian teenager nearly every day. Indeed, the US media of late has been awash with stories about surging anti-Semitism which taken all together celebrate Israeli/Jewish victimhood while also ignoring Jerusalem’s war crimes and focusing instead on alleged conspiracies against Jews. Most despicable of all in the eyes of those protectors of all things Jewish are the few visible critics who have recognized that the standard holocaust narrative that has been artfully and deliberately shaped since the Second World War is full of inconsistencies and errors in demonstrable fact. So-called “holocaust deniers” are denigrated beyond all others because they attack the very raison d’etre that constitutes the “miraculous” Israel creation myth.

Examining what Kanye West and Donald Trump did and said suggests that there has been considerable overreaction from the Greenblatts of this world and their allies in the media and in government. Starting with Kanye West, currently going by the name Ye, one finds that his initial comments made were not particularly startling, suggesting that Jews directly own or control and manage the entertainment industry in the United States, which is manifestly true. As the criticism of Ye, who believes that blacks are descended from the ancient Hebrews, intensified, he responded with some heat, eventually coming out with an incoherent tweet to “go death con 3 ON JEWISH PEOPLE.”

The comedian Dave Chappelle followed up on the controversy by delivering a stinging monologue on “Saturday Night Live” on “the Jews” and their numbers in the entertainment industry saying that it’s “not a crazy thing to think” that Jews exert outsized influence in Hollywood and the media. He also suggested that Kanye had violated Hollywood’s “rules of perception,” saying, “If they’re Black, then it’s a gang. If they’re Italian, it’s a mob. But if they’re Jewish, it’s a coincidence and you should never speak about it.”

If Greenblatt had ignored Ye it is likely that his poorly expressed comments would have been quickly forgotten, but that is not how the Greenblatts of this world operate. Every offense against the standard narrative of Jewish victimhood requires full scale war. Reports early last week suggest that the efforts by ADL and others to convince businesses associated with Ye to cut off all ties with him have been successful, meaning that he is no longer a billionaire and likely has a fortune reduced to something in the $400 million range.

There have been similar responses to basketball player Kyrie Irving’s recent tweet supporting the so-called Black Hebrew Israelite theory that he shares with Ye which asserts that blacks are in fact Jews while black comedian Dave Chapelle making fun of the ADL overreaction on Saturday Night Live is under the gun from that organization, which has accused him of “popularizing” and “normalizing” anti-Semitism. Kyrie Irving, who also believes the earth is flat, was denounced as a “person unfit to associate with” by his team owner and was suspended for eight games without pay by the Brooklyn Nets even though he characteristically offered several abject apologies.

This all led up to the dinner at Mar-a-Lago with Ye and a so-called white supremacist Nick Fuentes. It is not clear what was discussed at dinner, but Ye states that Trump was impressed by Fuentes. In the aftermath of the meal, when news of it appeared in the media, a shit storm erupted. Trump claimed both that he did not know Fuentes and that he had been tricked by Ye, that the man was brought to the meal as Ye’s guest. Those assertions, most likely lies, have been assailed all over the media and also by the usual suspects like Greenblatt who announced that “The normalization of antisemitism is here.” On the following day, Senator Chuck Schumer, the Democratic majority leader and himself a Jew who fancies himself the “Protector of Israel in the Senate” went to the Senate floor to denounce Trump’s actions as “disgusting and dangerous,” before calling them “pure evil.”

Prominent Republicans like Kevin McCarthy and Marco Rubio have also piled on, suggesting that Trump will find little support even among those politicians that he would normally consider to be favorable to his reelection. Notably, the Republican Jewish Coalition has joined in the attacks, which means that campaign money will not be flowing to Trump from that usually reliable source. And even Trump’s former lawyer and the man he named ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, has condemned his old boss and patron, saying “Even a social visit from an antisemite like Kanye West and human scum like Nick Fuentes is unacceptable.” Ironically, Friedman, whose loyalty to the United States might be considered questionable, was a persistent apologist for Israel during his time in that country rather than a promoter of US interests.

I have to confess that I had never heard of Nick Fuentes, so I did a little checking on the claim that he was a “holocaust denier.” Fuentes is well-documented as making comments reflecting his rather intense dislike for Jews, but concerning the holocaust all I could come up with was a comment allegedly made by him attacking the claim that six million Jews died in what have been described as death camps, with a suggestion that it was more likely 200,000 to 300,000 as a realistic figure supported by official and other records. He described those deaths as “cookies,” which are baked in the oven and which may have angered critics more than the comment about the numbers. Interestingly, the six million number is one of the more ridiculous assertions that are part and parcel of the holocaust narrative as it appears to have been arbitrarily arrived at as “acceptable” and there has been considerable disagreement over its reliability.

So, Fuentes, it seems, is not a holocaust denier, rather he appears to be skeptical regarding the standard narrative, as am I and many others who have bothered to look into the verifiable historical record. But that does not mean that anyone in power will be standing in line to excuse his behavior. And his dinner partner Donald Trump has evidently now outstayed his welcome by the standards of the noble protectors of Jewish and Israeli interests. The large dollops of campaign cash will not be coming in, those willing to endorse his candidacy will be far fewer, and the media will turn on him even more than it has done over the past six years. Indeed, it is doing so already. There are numerous articles in the mainstream every day telling over and over again the tale of the fateful dinner at Mar-a-Lago. Trump has clearly crossed the notorious red line on Jewish issues. The only remaining question is what will it do to people like Greenblatt? If he keeps hammering away, which he will because that is how he is wired, could the worm turn and will Americans begin to wonder how 2% of the population has obtained so much power? That would be a really interesting development.

Philip M. Giraldi, Ph.D., is Executive Director of the Council for the National Interest, a 501(c)3 tax deductible educational foundation (Federal ID Number #52-1739023) that seeks a more interests-based U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. Website is, address is P.O. Box 2157, Purcellville VA 20134 and its email is

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  1. The triggering of the Jewish diaspora is at a fever pitch. When triggered, dangerous false flags are imminent. FREE THE JEWS.


    Comment by rediscover911com | December 7, 2022 | Reply

  2. Never mind that the “Jewish Mafia” ran drugs, prostitution, gambling, and a whole lot of murder from the 1920s on. Meyer Lansky, Kid Kann, Max Jacobs, Max Fisher, Bugsy Segal, and Mo Dalitz, to name a few, were known to be protected by Hoover’s FBI. As the story goes, the “mob” had compromising photos of J Edgar’s homosexual activities and they threatened to use them unless Hoover turned a blind eye to their criminal operations. How ironic! It was well known among political operatives as well as the Mob that blackmail was a favorite technique of Hoover’s and the FBI’s COINTELPRO.

    Political Maverick Lyndon LaRouche was a target of the FBI COINTELPRO from the late 60’s when he first became politically active, until the FBI raided his offices and home residence in October 1986. Several of LaRouche’s associates were arrested and charged with selling securities without a license. Truth is, those arrested were not only some of LaRouche’s top fundraisers, but they were also organizers, organizing Republican donors to forego contributing to Bush’s Iran-Contra operation. Almost all of them were Jewish!

    LaRouche correctly identified the ADL as the attack dog for the Jewish Mafia which protected members of Jewish crime families from being investigated by going after anyone who dared expose the Jewish crime bosses. Abe Foxman’s ADL heaped a truckload of slanders and lies on LaRouche after the LaRouche organization exposed the ADL in a 1981 pamphlet titled “THE UGLY TRUTH ABOUT THE ADL”. The ADL charged LaRouche with anti-semitism but those charges barely moved the needle. Most of LaRouche’s leadership and half its membership were Jewish. This fact deflected alot of the attacks against LaRouche, who had a Quaker upbringing. The New York Times weighed in calling LaRouche a “political extremists” which, over the ensuing decades, stuck.

    After LaRouche was arrested in 1987, he was charged with defrauding contributors and failure to repay loans, his trial in Boston ended in a mistrial. (Both charges were arguablly moot due to the fact the Federal government previously ordered the shut down of several LaRouche entities with a side order that forbid repayment of loans)

    The judge bailed in this case after Defense’s evidence disclosure produced a letter of corresponence between Vice President GHW Bush and Colonel Oliver North. In the letter, Bush called on North to do something about LaRouche. ROBERT MUELLER represented the United States in the case along with Massachussets State Attorney General William Weld. While they lost this case to mistrial and were admonished by the court for hiding exculpatory evidence, it wasn’t over for LaRouche. Soon after, the 67 year old LaRouche would be charged with one count of obstructing an IRS investigation and 1 count of defrauding the Postal Service. LaRouche was tried a second time in the District of Alexandria, Virginia in the “Rocket Docket” of Judge Albert V. Bryan. LaRouche was railroaded into prison with a 15 year sentence. Several of his fundraisers were given outrageously long sentences of 70 to 85, year sentences in prison for “selling a security without a license!”

    The reason Lyndon LaRouche was sought after by higher ups was because he took personal responsibilty to intervene in US strategic defense policy to avert what he percieved were tensions between the United States and Soviet Bloc that could erupt into general nuclear war.,Lyndon,-LaRouche%20at%20Work.

    It was in 1977 that LaRouche wrote a 44 pg pamphlet focused on “Beam Weapon Defense using new physical principles.” The pamphlet was circulated globally. Then in 1980 Presidential pre-candidate LaRouche had a chance meeting with Gov Ronald Reagan at a Town Hall meet the candidates night in New Hampshire prior to the New Hampshire primary. He spoke to Reagan about this topic. Not long after Reagan won the election LaRouche was invited to the Washington to present his strategic defense using beam weapons program. It was a game changer. Not only did William Teller and Reagan like it, LaRouche became the back channel negotiator to the Russians in an effort to get the Russians to agree to mutually develop a beam defense system. The Russians would not agree to it, but they tried to develop their own SDI. While at the same time the US went full bore ahead with the SDI. Here was a private citizen, Lyndon LaRouche, intervening at the highest levels to shape US nuclear defense policy.

    The deep state never forgave him. In 1983 a task force was created to “Get LaRouche.” It included CIA banker John Train, NBC’s First Camera, Readers Digest, and the ADL. They set out to launch a campaign of attacks that would result in silencing LaRouche, some of which I have described here. Because LaRouche’s person and name were dragged through the mud and villified without rehabilitation by Presidential Exoneration, he remains so, even in death. We must find a way to get LaRouche exonerated which will open up to the world all of this genius’s impressive writtings, books, scientific papers, and presentations LaRouche authored to improve the human condition and quality of life for every person in our civilization.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Thomas Simpson | December 7, 2022 | Reply

  3. Another great article by Mr Giraldi but there is one thing that these writers and reporters always fail to mention which is important especially in this context, is that DOnlad Trump is Jewish, having accepted the Chabad Lubavitch Cult that his daughter and her Kushner husband belong to. He has done more for Israel than previous subservient Presidents , given a special awars from Israel and being called King Cyrus by Israeli rabbis to whom along with Putin, he promised to help them build their Pagan Sacrificial Temple in Jerusalem where also Promised the American embassy would be moved to, [large junks of Palestinian lands amd homes demolished to make way for this large American Embassy but as wqe all know realistically, America is indeed Israeli and Jewish occupied with 99.5% of its Government officials Jewish and also Zionist]. To me America IS ISRAEL
    As for Fuentes and Ye, this is all political theatre in order to rbing about more Anti Semitic Laws and stop all and any criticism of the Sacred Cow, Holy Grail, Jewry and Israel. Ye is playing his part in all this and Fuentes is a dubious character at best, not to be trusted as he is an opportunist. Political theatre with a hidden Jewish Agenda that all parties are playing to to muster the sympathy vote for Trump to get elected perhaps.
    There is no way he did not know who Fuentes was and why on earth would he meet Ye anyway being an avid staunch Israel and Jewish devotee, or Ye meet him as he too would have been aware that Trump was a Jew as they do inn those circles. All this stinks to high heaven from all parties concerned. And the outrage from Greenblatt etc is to be expected as he too plays his role as required for their intended Agenda. Xe is not genuine and nor is Fuentes despite ahving lost his job few years back due to Jewish pressure.
    Does not it make you laugh at the Jews who go to great lengths to deny just how much disproportionate power andf control they have and then prove the points people make about it! Bunch of deceitful lying selfabosrbed and self centred political scumbags
    TRUMP IS JEWISH, so keep that always in mind when he is disingenously accused of being anti semitic whihc frankly is a sick joke as Trump happily sold his soul to this Cult and the Jews themselves always BRAG that they own the US Government as Ariel Sharon and Netanyahu both stated.
    Jews want and demand a universal Law declared even in the UN to make it a criminal offence to criticise Israel Zionists and World Jewry for their endless crimes against Humanity under the Trope and false banner of Anti Semitism which again is a joke as 99% of today’s Jews are not Semites at all but indeed are the real Anti Semites against Semitic Arabs upon whom they got their Western Lackeys to wage wars on for Eretz Israel. How many more people are these damn Jews going to crucify, demonise, character assassinate or frame and imprison like they did with American James Trafficant and Canadian Lawyer Edgar Steel who both met untimely deaths as did the Kennedy Brothers and the Victims of the USS Liberty and 9/11 ISRAELI Terrorist attack with its far reaching cruel consequences that ahs seen 30 million dead Arab and Muslims since then paying a huge price for Jewish/Israel Crimes which these pyschopaths and parasites always manage to carry out with shameful impunity, defended and protected by their American British/Western Judeo and Christian Zionist stooges
    Israel is the number one Terrorist Entity in the world and America is the number one Conned duped and occupied country, followedf by the UK, Canada, Australia and Europe all udner the bloodied boots of Israel

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Maisoon | December 7, 2022 | Reply

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