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And Just Like That… It Was All Gone

Zero Covid is deemed surplus to requirements

Health Advisory & Recovery Team | December 13, 2022

Newsflash from China: the world’s last bastion of Zero Covid has finally given up the pretence. “Covid China cracks”… this is a message that seems to have penetrated even the mainstream media’s coverage.

What is not, however, entirely clear is how brave BBC reporters can travel around the world to capture footage in the Far East, but were blind to peaceful protests closer to home. Those voices of reason who have been ignored for almost three years have found the cognitive dissonance more than a little unnerving. How can it simultaneously be true that lockdown sceptic protests and protestors in UK are bad, selfish and unscientific, while lockdown sceptic protests and protestors in China are brave and pushing back against regime oppression?

Even in their dissonant apostasy, the media cheerleaders still struggle with fundamental misconceptions due to their alignment with the crumbling narrative and blindness to the obvious: “the main challenge is ensuring the inevitable uptick in infections does not lead to mass deaths” claims the BBC. Really? With almost three years of data now to hand, is it now not blindingly obvious that the UK’s Chief Scientific Officer Patrick Vallance was absolutely correct when he stated on 16 March 2020 that “this is a mild disease in most people”?  If these brave reporters want to investigate ‘mass deaths’, how about some hard-hitting investigative reporting on iatrogenesis instead?

This unpalatable (and hard to ignore) charade aside, can we at least hope that this is the end of an era? Can the Zero Covid chapter be closed for good?

Let us hope so. Humanity may – finally – have rid itself of Zero Covid policies, but what of its erstwhile supporters – what new hair-brained schemes are they now supporting? Whether the chaos they were involved in creating was by accident or design is arguably immaterial: how can society protect itself against future periods of collective self-harm?

The precautionary principle “emphasises caution, pausing and review before leaping into new innovations that may prove disastrous”.

Winding back the clock almost three years, it was for this reason that many of us had a principled objection to draconian non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs, i.e. lockdowns) from before they were enacted. While this view is now fashionable, many supported these policies at the time and then did not want to back down from this shibboleth. But why was it ever acceptable to deploy this combination of hand grenades to crack a nut? Why did society go along with a perverse inversion of the anti-precautionary principle: “panic; shout ‘fire’, abandon detailed disaster planning and then implement the precise opposite, botch the implementation, shut down constructive debate and then vilify those that challenge the new orthodoxy”?

It is instructive to observe the flailing attempts by vocal proponents of Zero Covid and its associated policies (school closures, rules of six, masks, vaccine mandates) to post-rationalise and excuse their mistakes.  This is where lessons will be learned (and not, incidentally, from the preposterous attempts by those who piloted the ship onto the rocks to shift blame onto others or to claim that the right decisions were made “based on all the information available at the time”).

We have previously outlined clear evidence of what was common knowledge by mid-March 2020. Chief Scientific Advisor Vallance, quoted above, went on to state: “Epidemics are like a pole vaulter taking flight: the outbreak starts slowly, takes off rapidly, reaches a peak and then comes back down to earth”.  No different to what had happened in previous months on the Diamond Princess, in Wuhan and in Bergamo. This was a known quantity well before the UK launched itself, lemming-like, off the cliffs on 23 March 2020.

From hereon in it was one-way traffic for much of the next two years. Dissent was essentially criminalised, and the full force of far-from-benign authoritarian state machinery was turned against its citizens. Rational discourse was squashed (why would authorities collude with the media to stifle calm voices of reason such as Professor Jay Bhattacharya and instead promote shrill panic-mongers?); the media controlled via carrot (advertising) and stick (OFCOM diktat); dissenters were made an example of. None of this was necessary, and a normally-functioning society and fourth estate could have led us quickly back to balanced rationality, avoiding much of the human cost and unnecessarily-wrought collateral damage of the Coronapanic debacle.

They might prefer us to forget, but we must not. Thankfully, public records exist that will serve as a salutary reminder to future generations of what our own home-grown Zero Covid zealots wanted to perpetrate. For example, in the dark days of February 2021, 47 MPs from Opposition parties tabled an Early Day Motion promoting Net Zero. This Motion – as well as its stated (and implicit) underlying assumptions – has not aged well, the most egregious claim being that harsher draconian measures might avoid “putting huge additional strain on the NHS” – tell that to those on the now-gargantuan waiting lists for essential treatment. Most of the 47 signatories on this Motion are Labour MPs… Labour is currently riding high in the polls. They might well now criticise the UK Government’s handling of the last few years, but it was Labour – and their union paymasters – who were consistently pushing for more and more restrictions. Voters should be careful what they wish for.

So good riddance to Zero Covid, but have we learned any lessons? Unfortunately, there is as yet little evidence to show that society has the strength to resist the siren calls of the next Zero Policy fiasco… for example, could it be that Net Zero is an unholy hysteria rather than a holy grail? We would do well to look a bit more closely before we leap into deindustrialised pauperisation.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and in the interests of protecting all that we hold dear, we can only encourage everyone to keep constructively challenging and critiquing the official narrative.

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  1. In your article you say “whether the chaos they were involved in creating was by accident or design is arguably immaterial”. I ague against the idea that it is immaterial. From the information that has surfaced we know that the covid bio weapon was being worked on long before 2019, by various entities, in cooperation with the Dept. of Defense, DARPA, Dr. Ralph Baric, and others. Dr. David Martin and Karen Kingston have shown patent after patent that was filed throughout the development. Event 201 prepared the WEF members of various nations for the identical response involving masking, lock downs and the arbitrary 6′ distancing. There was no accident here, especially since we have access to the TED speech by Bill Gates who suggested that vaccines would somehow contribute to a 15% decrease in population. It was all by design. The suppression of Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin and other proven therapies were well thought out in order to keep the EUA going so that Big Pharma could really cash in on the vaxxes, which were not vaccines after all, but genetic modification. The ensuing illness and death that has resulted from the vaxxes, now exceeding deaths by covid, tells me that this whole thing was definitely by design, and most material, and more is coming, if we listen to what they are talking about. The world was already, and continues to be in a state of cognitive dissonance and willing to follow any loudly proclaimed lie to their demise. Half of the shoppers at stores are still wearing masks, and some of them even think they are protected when they wear then under their noses. Don’t tell me that we are seeing an awakened, intelligent and prepared humanity that has learned a valuable lesson. Not yet and by a long shot. The ego is completely in control and causes eyes, ears, and minds to be shut tightly.


    Comment by Peter | December 13, 2022 | Reply

  2. The Zero Covid era maybe coming to an end but what it has left behind is tragic catastrophic and fulfilling the main agenda of depopulation, culling , sterilisation of millions of people as the toxic jabs altered the Human DNA pumping its recipients with evil nano biological technology leaving their blood streams floating with those blood clotting Graphene particles contaminating peoples bodies within and producing horrific damage to their insides along with other dire debilitating side effects
    This is after all what the Globalist psychopaths wanted and succeeded in thanks to their Jewish led Drug Kabal and the infamous satanic Bill Gates Foundation Dr Death Fauci and his side kick the WHO
    Oh and we must never ever forget all our world leaders who were complicit in this Medical Terrorism Holocaust that took the lives of so many especially a generation of our beloved Elderly who the Health professional Eugenists deemed a liability and ‘useless eaters’ as President Donald Trump and other notable Ministers described the elderly, ironically omitting the fact they too were in that age bracket but hey they had their billions or millions wealth so no matter!!
    Of course we are now being deluged with research reports full of terrible upsetting Data that proved to many of us unvaccinated that these Toxic jabs were harmful dangerous untested ‘ Nazi Needles’
    Our wisdom and sound justified objections were met with us all being labelled as mental requiring treatment in an institution, dirty people contaminating others and selfish etc. The vitriol continues to this day!
    Finally we must never forgive or forget these Crimes against Humanity by ALL who took part in this Medical Holocaust for which NO Amnesty must be given – our leaders health ministers doctors nurses, our media pundits and celebrities all pushing it whilst pretending to take the jabs, the Judiciary Police Forces that brutalised the unvaxxed protestors. Demanding an Amnesty -That request in itself is an admission of guilt!! ‘We did not know, we were just carrying out orders and accepting the science of our peers’ ‘Nazi’ excuses!!!
    We must not be complacent at all as Bill Gates and his Globalist Thugs the WEF are not done as they plan to unleash a much bigger more lethal ‘pandemic’ with a new name to further their ambition of reducing our God created Humanity further as they assume the role of God which Israeli psychopath Yuval Harari declared he wanted to be, from estimated 8 billion down to a manageable enslaved 580, million who will be connected to their Matrix AI mainframe
    We sadly in the next year will see millions more die from the side effects which Gates and Co anticipate and planned along with their other lying subterfuge and Scam- Climate change rolled out by their programmed MK Ultra Rothschild Bitch Greta Thurnberg, another darling of Psycho unelected Jew Klaus Schwab along with Trudeau Freeland, Ardern Andrews Macron Johnson Hancock Whitty Fauci etc
    Gates himself gave us all another of his pre planned ‘predictions’ of another much worse pandemic which idiot Media presenters laud and applaud him for fir being such a great guru- one that has zero Medical or academic qualifications but who arrogantly has appointed himself the custodians for the lives of billions who he thinks he has some egotistic god given right to determine who should live or die as he proceeds to murder more Africans Pakistanis and Indians with his lethal eugenic based ‘vaccines’ that thus far have killed maimed paralysed or sterilised his victims
    If justice existed all these Globalist Psychopaths and their Government world leaders health officials – their medical Sayanem should all be facing the gallows for mass Democide Infanticide and Real Holocaust of the many Millions they have put to slaughter along with the millions of livestock killed to accommodate Bill Gates Frankenstein fake meat and GMO crop business causing food shortages
    Crimes against Humanity along with extreme Animal Abuse
    No Amnesty no forgiveness and we must NEVER FORGET as we can anticipate more of the same on a much larger scale in the near future unless we as Humanity unite and find a way of stopping these Evil spawns of Satan otherwise we will see an end to our beautiful God given world and Humanity being replaced with Matrix style Humanoids enslaved to their NWO Great Reset mainframe – Lifeless with no Soul or Human Emotions as they are now churning out incubated Embryos – Babies grown in Pods!!
    Is that really the legacy and future we wish to leave for our next generation??

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Maisoon | December 14, 2022 | Reply

    • You have stated the truth most eloquently, my friend. The only point I want to elaborate on is this discussion on “AMNESTY”. Amnesty for crimes committed and which continue to be committed and are planned for the future is not a God authored principle, as some would want it to be perceived. Ironically, many of those who propose it are atheists anyway. Throughout the Old and New Testament, God has always required true repentance to precede any forgiveness, on which amnesty might be considered. But even then, God has exacted a punishment on those who eventually repented. Such repentance would require that the criminals that you mentioned reverse their actions by redirecting their vast amounts of money, and efforts, toward correcting the evil that they have previously funded. Most of that evil cannot be corrected. They cannot cancel the permanent gene alteration that those shots have caused, heal the permanent disabilities, heal the emerging cancers, paralysis, cardiac compromises, or raise those who have died. If they were given amnesty for such gross crimes against humanity, while they have multiplied their power and wealth, and deprived the rest of humanity, why not abolish all law and penalties and let everyone commit whatever crime they wish. It seems that this is already the norm for government, big tech, the justice system, academia and so on.

      Liked by 1 person

      Comment by Peter | December 14, 2022 | Reply

  3. Only God can and will pass true judgement on all these people who sold their souls and took part in this Medical Holocaust. I believe in almighty God but this question of Amnesty and me bringing it up has nothing to do with it being a God authored principle. It is a Legal issue , one that International Law Courts would pass etc. No one ever gave Nazi Soldiers a get out of jail free card and granted them Amnesty. They paid with their lives even when they tried to excuse what they had done by declaring they were only carrying out orders. But I as a Layperson/Woman, with no scientific backgorund knew of the dangers and the hidden Agenda ebhind all those executing this horrific and as you stated irreversible tragedy that can never evere be reversed and those afflicted paid with their lives or suffered immeasurable harm and disability. We must hold to account all the aforementioned Culprits- our infamous World Leaders, bought and paid for, our ever lying Media and paid Celebrities who all pushed this Scamdemic, receivinng bonuses from the Gates Foundation. WEF, WHO as did shamefully man Hospitals, Clinics Doctors and Nurses who now have the gall here in the UK to strike and ask for a pay rise when they facilittated the Mass Murder of their Patients, going back on their ancient old honourable hippocratic oath of doing no harm, which they threw in their recycling bin full of their dirty masks and PCR tests.
    Many of us live by God’s Morality with dignity and compassion as well as mercy and empathy, instilled in us as Human Beings
    What has transpired these last nearly 3 years must never ever be forgotten not forgiven as the Crimes are too great to ignore or be granted Amnesty. Since when does the Law grant Amnesty to Murderers Rapists, Child Abusers etc…. They are expected to serve the time for their crime but in the case of our Covid Criminals they deserve nothing but the death penalty for the immense horrfying scale of their Criminality. I am usually a forgiving compassionate person but this is beyond forgiving due to its in your face brutality cruelty and inhumanity to man, worse than the Rules of War under the Geneva Convention etc. NO this crossed the Red Line in its barbarity. They killed our elderly,Mothers fathers, Grand Parents, targeted our children and babies and kille dmany Athletes etc… and brought in their NO resuscitation Order for those 60+ which would make any Pensioner fearful of being seen by a doctor or being admitted into corrupted Hospitals!! If I as layperson knew of the dangers and toxicity of these Jabs, WHY the hell did not the professional medical staff?? It truly beggars belief or comperhension as they want to bring in more draconian dystopian Medical Science based Bio Weapons and their sick damn Transgender garbage. that is killing the traditional Family of Man, killing womanhood and sterilising our men and contaminating our New borns.
    They all must be held to account, openly apologise to those of us they demonised, brutalised physically and verbally because we exercised our God given right to decide what we wnated to put into our bodies. our Judiciary, Police Forces too like those in UK, Canada Australia and New Zealand and of course dystopian China, also must face a Court of Law and sentenced for what they did to innocenct protestors. Trudeau Ardern and Andrews, Von De Leyen, Schwab, Hararri, Gates, Fauci etc should be executed. along with others too long to mention here.
    They also must be held to account for assassinating 4 African Leaders who refused to fall for the Scamdemic and who were customarily ‘executed’ but the Lying mocking Media told us they died from Covid which was a load of horse manure.
    The next PLANDEMIC and lockdowns incorporating the Climate Change Scam will be on a much larger destructive scale to enact further their Culling programme as Wars are nit enough bloodshed for these Bastards determined to destroy Human Beings and our Freedoms whilst they as the Self Chosen privileged minority It truly beggars belief will reap the financial benefits and obscene wealth that they managed to procure in the last 3 years- Bourla, Von De Leyen Gates, Amazon, and other blood sucking Corporations and Drug Kabal CEOs


    Comment by Maisoon | December 14, 2022 | Reply

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