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Advocating a Risky Experiment Generates A Motive to Conceal Its Failure

Dr. Paul Alexander asks some tough questions about Grant Wahl’s death

By John Leake | Courageous Discourse | December 16, 2022

My first true crime book—about the Austrian author, journalist, and international serial killer, Jack Unterweger—recounted a strange dilemma suffered by Austria’s intelligentsia after evidence emerged that Jack had murdered several women. The trouble for them was, they had, just a few years earlier, vehemently advocated (through letters and a petition to the Justice Ministry) Jack’s early release from his life sentence in prison for a brutal murder he’d committed in his youth. Their passionate desire to liberate him arose after he published an “autobiographical novel” titled Purgatory. They (a Who’s Who of Austrian writers, artists, journalists, and scientists) found his book so moving, and so apparently expressive of his mature self-awareness, that they asserted it was evidence of his rehabilitation.

About 18 months after he was released from prison with great fanfare, an Austrian daily newspaper reported that a warrant had been issued for his arrest for murdering 7 women in three Austrian cities. Shortly thereafter he also fell under suspicion for murdering three women in Los Angeles and one in Prague, for a total of eleven women.

The lead police investigator, Ernst Geiger, discovered that many Austrian journalists and public commentators were extremely reluctant to acknowledge the extensive circumstantial evidence that Jack was the killer. Especially embarrassing for the Austrian National Broadcasting Corporation was the strange fact that Jack had gotten an assignment to produce a major radio story on the mysterious killer who was stalking Vienna’s red light district, much like “Jack the Ripper” had done in London a century earlier.

Those who’d advocated the extremely risky social experiment did not want to face up to the fact that their gamble had gone the wrong way, resulting in the terrible deaths of eleven young women. Many even seemed to prefer that the arrest warrant be rescinded and the investigation suspended.

This afternoon I was reminded of my first book when I read Dr. Paul Alexander’s reflections on the sudden death of celebrity soccer commentator, Grant Wahl, in the press box at the World Cup in Qatar. Mr. Wahl’s wife, Dr. Celine Gounder, was a member of President Biden’s COVID-19 Advisory Board and a vehement advocate for mass vaccination using the mRNA gene transfer shots developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna.

Dr. Gounder’s high profile endorsement of “The Great Gamble of COVID-19 Vaccine Development” (as Dr. McCullough characterized this massive experiment) raises the concern that she will be reluctant to examine the distinct possibility that these products caused or contributed to her fit young husband’s death.

Dr. Alexander’s fascinating and provocative essay is well worth reading in full.

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