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The Myth of Pandemic Preparedness

The entire effort is based on the false assumption that pandemic preparedness would actually work. In fact, all it has done is create new pandemics.

1.     The most recent WHO-declared Public Health Emergencies of International Concern (PHEICs) for SARS-CoV-2 and Monkeypox were both caused by lab-created viruses, based on many careful analyses of their genomes.

2.     There is no evidence that pandemic preparedness ever benefited anyone but the preparedness industry, and substantial evidence that it led to the creation of the COVID pandemic.

3.     The Democrat majority staff report, “Preparing for and preventing the next public health emergency.” echoes the WHO Amendments.

4.     The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board has also geared up to push the identical program as the WHO: surveillanceOne Health, and investment — “all topics that the GPMB has long recognised are crucial for the advancement of resilient pandemic preparedness mechanisms.”

5.     The G20 nations agreed last April to a $50 Billion dollars a year price tag for gloval pandemic preparedness.

6.     The Globalist agenda is out in the open for all to see.

The pandemic preparedness concept is based on fantasy; it is a dangerous money grab for a new biodefense industry. It brought:

·      Many more high-containment BSL-3 and BSL-4 labs,

·      15,000 new scientists trained to research biowarfare pathogens,

·      Poorly tested drugs and vaccines for which the manufacturers had no liability

·      More corruption and pork for politicians to distribute.

·      Nathan Wolfe’s company:  biolabs in Ukraine, squire to Ghislaine Maxwell, funding by Hunter Biden’s investment group

·      Peter Daszak’s ‘nonprofit’ that collected dangerous viruses from over 30 countries to bring to the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DOD’s DTRA) for further investigation

·      Extremely dangerous anthrax, smallpox and COVID vaccines

·      The COVID drug paxlovid, which led to relapses of COVID in President Biden, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky and NIAID Director and Presidential COVID adviser Anthony Fauci and millions of Americans, presumably prolonging their infectiousness and causing more cases of COVID

·      Expensive new federal agencies (ASPR, BARDA in DHHS, and subagencies within DHS and within DOD) and new funding streams to the NIH

·      An excuse to censor alternate medical/scientific views

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  1. Wouldn’t such information convince every thinking person that we are being taken for a ride, and cause alarm? But no, things are being done for t he safety of the world.


    Comment by Peter | December 18, 2022 | Reply

  2. “The Myth of Pandemic Preparedness”.

    One thing that the Covid 19 “Pandemic” has done is to destroy people’s trust in the WHO, the CDC, The Pharmaceutical industry, Fauci, Gates, Kreepy Klaus Schwab, “White House Spokesmen”, Trudeau, Doctors, and others in various countries, too numerous to mention, who ALL played their role in convincing people that the World was in terrible danger.

    Monkey Pox came and went within about two weeks when the “Pox Salesmen” realised that nobody was silly enough to believe “Smiling Billy Gates”.

    Who will we trust in future? The recent parade of “POX Vendors” will never be believed again.


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | December 18, 2022 | Reply

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