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American Japs Imprisoned

Tales of the American Empire | January 5, 2023

A famous tale from World War II are the heroic deeds of the US Army’s 442nd Infantry Regiment that was manned by nearly all second-generation Japanese Americans. These men served a government that had arrested them and their families for the crime of being Japanese descendants, imprisoned them, and looted their property. The US government then drafted young men in these camps and demanded they fight in its foreign war. Approximately 300 men at various camps refused to join the military were sent to a harsh prison at Tule Lake California. Many stated they would serve if their families were freed, but were still treated as criminals. Hundreds of those who served in the US Army were killed and thousands wounded as the 442nd regiment was ordered to conduct dangerous attacks in Europe. The survivors of the 442nd were deemed heroes after the war, but those who refused to serve their captors showed greater courage.


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  1. The way I see it, the war in Ukraine is NATO’s war. NATO wanted it. Russia tried for months to get America to agree to Russian security guarantees, to no avail. So when the Ukrainian civilians living in the Donbas had had enough of Ukraine’s murderous bombing and killing, they appealed to Russia for help. NATO on Russia’s borders, Ukrain neoNazies killing thousands of Russian speaking Ukrainians, provoked Putin’s decision to invade with a special force that had a special assignment. Keep Ukraine out of NATO and a buffer between Russia and NATO members. Demilitarize Ukraine. DeNazify Ukraine.

    Ukraine nazis may have looked forward to fighting Russia but NATO saw Ukraine and Ukrainian soldiers as cannon fodder in a war of attrition intended to wear Russia down and destroy it as a major player among the community of nations. Of the 600,000 Ukrainian soldiers who began, over half are dead! Another 100,000 are wounded. That leaves NATO few options. One of them is to give Ukraine Patriot missile systems that can hit deeper into Russian territory. It would take 6 months to train Ukrain troops to operate them. The West doesn’t have 6 months. The financial system is coming down while living conditions are critical due to Russian sanctions. An alternative would be to use US troops to operate the Patriot batteries. This comes with risks.

    What might the consequences be if Russian forces kill American troops who are assisting Ukraine with Patriot missile batteries? Will a biased media and native American point a guilty finger at Russian Americans? Putin has already been vilified as the Son of Satan Where could it go from there? There are approximately a million Russian-Americans living in the U.S. Will the inaffable sometimes nasty President Joe Biden order Russian-born Americans to report to the nearest detention center? My wife and stepdaughter are Russian-born American citizens. I’m a veteran who joined the army to serve my country during the cold war. After two years in Germany, I volunteered to serve in Vietnam. Will this veteran be expected to wilfully hand my wife and daughter over to U.S. authorities?

    While this is hypothetical it is relevant given the knee-jerk reaction to the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor. I just hope cooler heads will prevail if something like that happens.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | January 7, 2023 | Reply

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