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Switzerland slated to destroy millions of mRNA vaccine doses in 2023

Even the oldfolk have stopped caring, and nobody in the developing world wants the surplus either

eugyppius: a plague chronicle | January 7, 2023

Switzerland, home to less than 9 million people, is one of the biggest mRNA vaccine customers in the world relative to population. The’ve already received a staggering 33 million Covid vaccine doses, only a little over half of which were ever administered.

The small country is now sitting on 13.5 million doses, nervously awaiting the delivery of a further 2 million in the coming weeks, and surely lamenting that 11.6 million more are scheduled to arrive by the end of 2023. The vast majority of these will sit for some months in freezers before the Swiss Confederation destroys them. The country already binned more than eleven million doses last year, the greater part of them after a deal to supply surplus snake oil to the third world via the failed Covax initiative fell through because nobody in Africa wants this stuff either.

Vaccine credulity may still be the mainstream, politically acceptable position, but revealed preferences show that enormous majorities everywhere are done with mass vaccination. Pharmaceutical executives can sing their doubtful hymns to the miraculous safety and efficacy of their jabs, but the quiet worldwide rejection of their garbage products is a stinging rebuke, suggesting that billions across the world harbour unexpressed scepticism towards the mRNA Covid vaccines.

From here, it is only downhill for the vaccinators.

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  1. Well that is all fine and wonderful, since these vaccines have been paid for by the perpetually duped taxpayers, just as everywhere in the world. In a sick sort of way this is somewhat humorous and ironic, to see the taxpayer getting sick and dying from a product that he/she helped to mandate on the world’s populace, even projecting scorn for the unvaxxed. Justice may take a while to appear, but it always does.


    Comment by Peter | January 8, 2023 | Reply

  2. It strikes me as odd that, in a country that has Citizens’ Initiated Referendums, nobody has called for these profligate politicians who spend billions on shonky so-called medical products to be prosecuted and/or thrown in Lake Geneva. There would surely be sufficient numbers for such a referendum to be held, and sufficient anger to get rid of (and get reparations from) these pollies.


    Comment by Bill Francis | January 9, 2023 | Reply

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