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The Dictionary Definition of “Anti-Vaxxer” Has Broadened

Soon there will be nobody left that does not meet the dictionary definition of “anti-vaxxer”

By Aaron Siri | Injecting Freedom | January 29, 2023

The common response to any criticism of a vaccine or a vaccine mandate is to yell, “anti-vaxxer,” rather than address the substance of the criticism.  Here is a recent tweet reflecting this reality:

Even those opposed to receiving an endless stream of COVID-19 boosters based on cogent reasoning are often met with the retort of “anti-vaxxer.”  This reality is now reflected in the updated definition of “anti-vaxxer” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

The old definition included “a person who opposes the use of vaccines or regulations mandating vaccination”:

The new definition is “a person who opposes the use of some or all vaccines, regulations mandating vaccination, or usually both”:

So now to be an “anti-vaxxer,” per the dictionary, one need only oppose receiving some vaccines.  For example, annual ever-changing flu shots or numerous and changing COVID-19 vaccine boosters.

Consider that, despite spending billions in taxpayer dollars promoting flu shots and COVID-19 booster shots, polling reflects a majority of Americans do not plan to get either of these shots and hence are dictionary definition “anti-vaxxers.”

The irony is that rationally considering each of these medical products and making an informed medical decision makes you a thinking, rational human being.  But if you mindlessly get every single vaccine, then there are those would claim you are making an intelligent, thoughtful decision?!  Hats off to the public relations firms representing pharma and CDC/FDA in being able to convince the public that up is down and down is up on this one.

The next time someone calls you an anti-vaxxer because you have made a decision regarding whether or not to engage in a medical intervention, you let them know that, yes, you did make an informed, independent medical decision.  And wish them luck doing the opposite.  Worked out for Novak Djokovic who just won the Australian Open!

You can also let them know that since “anti-vaxxers” are now the majority, you can understand their insecurity and hostility.  But they should not worry: the thinking majority is not interested in taking away their rights and choices.  They can feel free to vaccinate all day long.  You, and the majority, just ask that those individuals respect our right to do the same.

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  1. I don’t mind being called an anti-vaxxer, I did my research over twenty years ago and I’ve refused all injections ever since. You can put anti-vaxxer on a badge and I will wear it on my shirt, no problem.
    As to the tweet from “Silenced Survivor”, they may have had good hearts but they didn’t have intelligent brains. And now I bet they don’t even have good hearts!


    Comment by poisonedwater | January 29, 2023 | Reply

  2. Vaccines are not a natural way to prevent or cure illness. Mankind has survived for thousands of years without them, even through some of the worst plagues. Vaccines are not a miracle cure, and like other ‘therapeutic’ treatments they still have side effects which bring injury and death. Especially the covid-19 so-called vaccine. Most are not necessary, and general health would be better if more attention were given to diet and lifestyle. So, being an ‘anti-vaxxer’ indicates that you are more intelligent and genuinely concerned for your health.


    Comment by Bill Francis | January 29, 2023 | Reply

  3. I am antivax – at least anti-currently available vaxxes – in large part due to Aaron Siri. If you feel like doing a deep dive on traditional vaccine safety and issues with corporate capture by that industry, his 9 hour deposition with vaccine Godfather Stanley Plotkin is worth every minute of your time.


    Comment by 4justice | February 1, 2023 | Reply

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