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NYT: Covid Vaccine Makers and Bill Gates’ GAVI Screwed Everyone

US Government and Other Governments are Holding The Bag

By Igor Chudov | February 1, 2023

This New York Times story from today is very illustrative of the current times.

Vaccine Makers Kept $1.4 Billion in Prepayments for Canceled Covid Shots for the World’s Poor

Separately, Johnson & Johnson is demanding additional payment for unwanted shots, confidential documents show.

It turns out that makers of Covid vaccines expertly screwed their customers, keeping a large part of the prepayment money advanced to them without shipping vaccine doses that no longer find any demand.

As global demand for Covid-19 vaccines dries up, the program responsible for vaccinating the world’s poor has been urgently negotiating to try to get out of its deals with pharmaceutical companies for shots it no longer needs.

Drug companies have so far declined to refund $1.4 billion in advance payments for now-canceled doses, according to confidential documents obtained by The New York Times.

The worst example is J&J, manufacturer of the Janssen vaccine, which was pulled from use worldwide due to blood clots. Despite that, J&J demands that more money be given to it “because of existing contracts.”

If it cannot strike a more favorable agreement with another company, Johnson & Johnson, it could have to pay still more.

Gavi and Johnson & Johnson are locked in a bitter dispute over payment for shots that Gavi told the company months ago it would not need, but which the company produced anyway. Johnson & Johnson is now demanding that Gavi pay an additional, undisclosed amount for them.

New York Times is lamenting this situation and highlights appeals to the conscience of vaccine makers:

Covid vaccine manufacturers “have a special responsibility” because their products are a societal good and most were developed with public funding, said Thomas Frieden, the chief executive of the global health nonprofit Resolve to Save Lives and a former director of the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Who is Thomas Frieden? He is a former director of the CDC and also a convicted sex offenderin my opinion.

Vaccine makers resist Frieden’s appeals to their conscience because they do not have any.

Pfizer’s Strangely Special Case

Bill Gates’ GAVI is not asking Pfizer for refunds: Pfizer was paid directly by the US government. Did Bill Gates pull strings to have the US government hold the financial bag in the case of Pfizer?

If so, Bill certainly had personal financial reasons for this!

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation invested 55 million into Pfizer’s vaccine maker BioNTech in Sep 2019.

This investment was made when BioNTech was an obscure company with no vaccines in the pipeline. That “unexpectedly” changed mere months later when BioNTech was selected to become the largest producer of Covid vaccines. Such lucky timing for Bill!

So, Bill Gates, having a financial interest in BioNTech, did not want his own GAVI to pay for BioNTech vaccines that eventually found no buyer; instead, the US government paid Pfizer directly. Pfizer will keep the funds, giving the US government an “option” to buy vaccines that nobody wants anymore.

Under the revised deal, a total of 600 million Pfizer doses will be made available to the US by the end of the year, giving the administration more time to find countries who want them. Pfizer had originally agreed to sell a billion shots at cost by this month.

Bill Gates-funded GAVI seems to have screwed its donors innovatively: the donors gave money towards Covid vaccinations, which fizzled. Hence, GAVI received back 1.6 billion out of 2.3 donated billions it gave Covid vaccine makers. Gavi, however, will not refund 1.6 billion to the donors and will use the money it recovered for other purposes, inflating its budget:

Had some vaccine manufacturers not been willing to renegotiate their contracts with Gavi, the costs to the organization could have been much higher. Gavi would have been on the hook for $2.3 billion for the doses it wanted to cancel, the documents show, but it saved $1.6 billion by exiting those contracts.

Donations for Covid shots substantially inflated Gavi’s budget, and the lost prepayments for canceled Covid vaccines do not threaten its regular childhood-vaccination work.

Such is the current state of the pandemic. The money is gone; vaccines do not work; people are dying suddenly; the government and Big Pharma do not want the public to pay attention.

If you, my reader, are in the United States, remember that the US government’s money is your money. Say bye-bye to it.

Will there be any real investigations?

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  1. frieden and ilk should be given napalm vaxxes (according to pentagon research
    very effective) but the misconduct charge against sounds like new-age horseshit.


    Comment by 5 dancing shlomos | February 3, 2023 | Reply

  2. “Drug companies have so far declined to refund $1.4 billion in advance payments for now-canceled doses, according to confidential documents obtained by The New York Times”.

    Is it any wonder that the USA’s National Debt is soaring above the $30 TRILLION mark and heading even higher?
    Is ANYONE at the top in the USA responsible for the MASSIVE Debt build up?
    The Fat Chick who use to run The FED is now running the Treasury, and the alarm bells are NOT ringing yet.

    WHO is Going to pay the debt???


    Comment by brianharryaustralia | February 3, 2023 | Reply

  3. There is a congressional committee under Republican leadership in Congress that is addressing the story behind Covid and the mRNA vaccine. Both were mfg in laboratories beginning two decades ago. SARS is man-made. Covid 19 is man-made. The mRNA was never approved by the US Patent Office because it did not meet the standard for vaccines. The conspiracy to defraud the general public on every continent, was hatched circa 2017. And it was implemented beginning spring 2019. Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci, and Ralph Baric to name a few of the conspirators were complicit in the fraud of he century. The gain of function research was financed with US tax dollars while billions more were paid out to Big Pharma for their experimental mRNA vaccine which was never approved by any federal agency. Heads must roll. Those involved in the conspiracy must be charged with committing a crime against humanity. Punishable up to and including death.

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 5, 2023 | Reply

    • The problem is, they’re ALL going to get away with it, because, those at the top in the USA are never held to account.
      Whoever holds the “Dirt Files” on America’s elites, always get what THEY want.


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | February 5, 2023 | Reply

      • If you will reflect on two nations that were ruled by dictators it teaches us a lesson in history that there is a limit to the power of the tyrant. Jailed S. African dissident Nelson Mandela and twice jailed Chech playwright Vaclav Havel. Both were elected presidents after their respective dictatorships collapsed. Just as the current Anglo-American regime will collapse under the weight of the systemic disintegration of the Trans-Atlantic monetary and financial systems that have propped up this British-US regime for decades. For details on this and other relevant intelligence, search


        Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 5, 2023 | Reply

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