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US officials basically admit they blew up Nord Stream – Lavrov

RT | February 12, 2023

US officials are basically admitting that they were behind the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines, which was perpetrated to prevent rapprochement between Moscow and Berlin, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said.

“The US decided that we [Russia] have been cooperating too well with Germany over the past 20 or 30 years; or rather, the Germans cooperated with us too well,” he said in an interview published on the Foreign Ministry’s website on Sunday.

The “powerful alliance” based on Russian energy resources and German technology “began to threaten the monopoly position of many American corporations,” Lavrov explained.

So, Washington decided to destroy this alliance between Moscow and Berlin, and did it “literally” by attacking the pipelines, which were built to deliver Russian gas to Europe through Germany, he added.

“American officials are basically admitting that the explosions that occurred at Nord Stream 1 and 2 were their doing. They even speak about it with joy,” the foreign minister stated.

Lavrov was likely referring to a confession made by US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland during a Senate hearing in late January. “I am, and I think the administration is, very gratified to know that Nord Stream 2 is now… a hunk of metal at the bottom of the sea,” she said at that time.

“The vileness of Western politicians is well known,” Lavrov continued, suggesting that “the plan, which is now being implemented through ‘inciting’ Ukraine against Russia and waging a war by the entire West against Russia by means of Ukraine, is to a large extent aimed at preventing a new rapprochement between Germany and Russia.”

The comments by Russia’s top diplomat come just days after iconic American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh released a bombshell report, blaming Washington for sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines last year.

According to an informed source who talked to Hersh, explosives were planted at the pipelines in the Baltic Sea back in June 2022 by US Navy divers under the guise of a NATO exercise. They were detonated in late September, rendering the key European energy infrastructure inoperable.

US National Security Council spokeswoman Adrienne Watson denied the report by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, calling it “utterly false and complete fiction.” No one among high-ranking American officials has even commented on the accusations made by Hersh.

For months, the Russian authorities have been pointing to the fact that the only side to benefit from the destruction of Nord Stream was the US, which has seen supplies of its more expensive liquefied natural gas to Europe increase massively since the explosions.

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  1. IMO, this narrative is akin to blaming Saudis for 9-11.

    What role might the Dolphin-class Israeli submarines have played? Would Victoria Nuland want to draw attention to the US and away from possible Israeli involvement?

    Liked by 2 people

    Comment by rediscover911com | February 12, 2023 | Reply

    • Victoria Nuland, another Red Sea pedestrian, telling the USA what to do. The USA has lost it’s Sovereignty, to Israel.

      “IMO, this narrative is akin to blaming Saudis for 9-11″……….. resulting in the USA attacking AFGHANISTAN, and massively increasing the production of Opium in that country, resulting in an Opioid, dependence problem in the USA, today. And, no one in the USA has smelt a Rat yet?
      Americans believe anything their government tells them. It’s weird.

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      Comment by brianharryaustralia | February 12, 2023 | Reply

  2. How can America be considered an ally to Europe? Qui bono? As determining motive for a criminal’s act, who benefits as to motive? If the purpose was to prevent cheap Russian oil and gas for the then reliance upon American supplied oil and gas, then this sabotage was ‘war’ for financial gain.

    An analysis by Mike Whitney shows how language used by Seymour Hersh’s report distorts the supply from Russia. The article must be read, rather than attempting to explain it here, but the sabotage by America is a betrayal toward Europe.

    Furthermore, how controlled the American media, it’s censorship. If some things are not reported, it’s as though they don’t exist.

    An example is how very unreported the killings, the murders, the kidnapping, the abduction, the destruction, done on a daily basis by Israel, of its non-citizen citizens, whether the victims are Arab or otherwise. Simply not reported. Thus, non-existent. Or, denied and a state-directive to not allow investigation, such as the murder of the Al Jazeera reporter, Shireen Abu Akleh. An entire history of such denial and refusal to allow investigation, which if publicized, has a twisted, perverted language use to skew the state-protection of Israeli perpetrators. How Israel would have used the successful destruction of the USSLiberty to its purposes is another, greater criminal act, an act of war upon the United States, really, yet that attack, that sort-of sabotage, was never labeled as such… except by the survivors, perhaps. And, consider what betrayal of America to its own military servicemen, to threaten them, to silence them, to censor them. A demonstration of loyalty to a foreign state over its own. Treason. Traitorous.

    Whitney shows how the use of words can skew perception in his analysis of the report by Seymour Hersh. And, the pictures accompanying the analysis, of Nancy Pelosi and Kamala “the Cackler” Harris holding the Ukrainian flag with the caption, “10% FOR THE BIG GUY” with Joe Biden behind and sniffing Zelensky’s hair, of Nancy Pelosi and Zelenskyy in a laundromat, Ukraine flags on the washing machines, the two shaking hands and behind them, bags and bags of dollars.

    And, as to what America did, how can that be regarded as anything other than terrorism, an act of war and betrayal to its allies. And to itself, for certainly America has a great amount of German manufactured products, upon which America has dependence to maintain, et cetera.

    Qui bono?

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    Comment by michael | February 12, 2023 | Reply

    • “Qui Bono”?…..and the answer is, ISRAEL……Queue the Applause button….!

      Liked by 2 people

      Comment by brianharryaustralia | February 12, 2023 | Reply

      • Oh, right. Europe can’t enter long term contracts for LNG or piped gas from Africa because they are holding the market for “Israel’s” East Med gas.

        Liked by 3 people

        Comment by aletho | February 12, 2023 | Reply

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