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How We Can Stop the Coming War With Russia

By Ron Paul | February 13, 2023

Twenty years ago this spring the US government was finally successful in lying us into war with Iraq. Administration after administration had sanctioned and bombed and even invaded the country, but finally 20 years ago next month the Bush Administration unleashed “shock and awe” to flatten a country that did not and could not threaten the United States.

After eight years of battle in Iraq perhaps as many as a million innocent people died, either directly or indirectly, from Washington’s aggression. No one was brought before a tribunal over the lies and destruction. No one even apologized. Washington’s puppet of the day, Ahmed Chalabi, brushed off the lies about Iraq’s WMDs by proclaiming that the war promoters were “heroes in error.” They got their regime change and that’s all they cared about.

The propaganda machine pushing the Iraq war seemed overwhelming at the time. At that time several fellow Members of Congress began to open communication across party lines to look for way to stop the war. From conservatives like the late Rep. Walter Jones and Rep. John Duncan, to progressives like Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Rep. Jim McGovern, and so many more, we began to organize and strategize.

One tool we used to our advantage was the idea of an “improbable” coalition of left and right uniting to oppose the war. The media may not have been interested in our antiwar views, but they could not help themselves when presented with this “man bites dog” story. Time and again this “unlikely” group held press conferences, introduced various legislative tools, and communicated behind the scenes to try and grow the movement against the Iraq war.

Unfortunately with the 2008 election of Barack Obama, who ran as an antiwar candidate but then launched numerous military attacks abroad, that old coalition fell apart. Some progressives excused Obama’s militarism and lost interest in cooperating with conservatives. Some conservatives were driven by their personal dislike of Obama and lost sight of the target.

Suddenly, as we face the once-unimaginable prospect of a direct military conflict with nuclear-armed Russia over Ukraine, a beyond Left-Right coalition is emerging from its long slumber. This Sunday, February 19th, a broad and very diverse group will assemble in Washington, DC at the Lincoln Memorial to denounce Washington’s sleepwalking into World War III.

The “Rage Against The War Machine” rally promises to be the first large-scale rally against Washington’s aggressive war lobby in many years. I am looking forward to sharing the stage with my good friends and former House colleagues Dennis Kucinich and Tulsi Gabbard, as well as my good friend and fellow libertarian Judge Andrew Napolitano, and so many more speakers from a broad political spectrum.

Many of us have watched with alarm as the Biden Administration – with the enthusiastic backing of many Congressional Republicans – has continuously escalated involvement in the Russia/Ukraine conflict and now sits dangerously close to a direct, hot war with the largest nuclear superpower on earth.

How did we get here? Where are the sane voices and cooler heads? Just when it seemed they were nowhere to be found, here we are! I hope as many people as possible will join us and continue to come together for this important cause. We must join together while we still can. No war with Russia!

Copyright © 2023 by RonPaul Institute

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  1. The bear has been injured and angered by the corruption and short sightedness of the US. Maybe now the US government will realize that empire building and controlling the world is not such a good thing.
    The Russians have begun their major assault and like a ship at full knots it can’t stop and requires a large radius to turn around. Knowing the puppet masters reaction its time to not only prepare for the worst but move away from target area’s. The government doesn’t care about your property or your well being

    Liked by 1 person

    Comment by raggs12 | February 13, 2023 | Reply

  2. The coming war with Russia can be stopped by the American citizens getting rid of the warmongering neocons and neoliberal imbeciles running your foreign policy. It would also help to not have a dementia patient as your president.

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    Comment by papasha408 | February 13, 2023 | Reply

  3. Under the present conditions and attitudes that we live, there is absolutely no value in saving and preserving anything, because it is all concocted narrative, proven totally false by those who advocate these changes and finance them. If the lack of thinking of the world continues and worsens, a nuclear war and totalitarianism will, in fact, end anything and everything beautiful and worthwhile on this globe, and it will probably be time for the judgment and the end of this system by the Creator. I know that there are many people who consider themselves very sophisticated and disbelieve in creation, even though they can’t offer one single logical and provable alternate explanation, who are actually helping and contributing greatly to the world’s demise, without any consciousness or awareness of their effect.


    Comment by Peter | February 13, 2023 | Reply

    • Absoluetly Spot on Peter. Agree totally with your assessment. The other day I read an article published by an American, which stated that Australia would be the safest place to sit out a nuclear exchange. This idea, struck me as totally idiotic. It demonstrates the stupidity being practiced today by many folks in the U.S. the idea of Australia being a safe haven during such an exchange, clearly demonstrates the lack of knowledge about Australia, and simply assumes, things here, are as they are in America. Which they are NOT ! It also ignores the FACT Australia would also be targeted during such an event, as we host the center piece of U.S. Global Military Communications, which would be No 1, target in any such event. We also host other U.S. facilities which also play a large part in their military machine, which would all be targeted. In Darwin, and Western Australia, Central Australia, all would be targeted. So how anyone with half a brain can imagine Australia would be a safe place in such a confrontation, is kidding themselves. Recent developments have also highlighted the FACT that Australia is very much reliant on IMPORTS. should those imports cease, Australia would fall apart. Clearly, the folks making these decsisions need to be committed to the nearest loony bin.


      Comment by itchyvet | February 13, 2023 | Reply

      • I appreciate your comments, Itchyvet and agree with what you are saying. It is not the nuclear disaster alone, with all of the toxic fallout that needs to be considered, destroying the air, the oceans, food supplies everywhere, but the fact that once it starts, the opportunists of the world will want to jump on the war occasion to grab more power and wealth, as they always do. Under such circumstances, former allies mean nothing. If the source of profits has moved and former alliances are null and void, there is no place on earth that is safe from plunder and stupid error. Insanity is the very absence or directed reasoning, and the aftermath of covid has uncovered the extent of insanity in the world. It is surprising to behold. Each day I just ponder what I hear on the news and see “alleged” leaders doing and can’t comprehend it. I am amused to think that, after all the decades of scheming and planning the great conquest of the globe by a few “stake holders”, one or two good EMP events that paralyze the Ai servers which control the surveillance and enforcement of the will of the few on the many, may bring the whole “new”, “green”, “asinine” system to its knees and quickly. But the deaths and suffering will be incomprehensible. It looks like the Tower of Babel story will be re-enacted in our times.


        Comment by Peter | February 13, 2023 | Reply

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