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Biden team has ‘deeply rooted hatred for Russia’ – US congressman

RT February 24, 2023

Senior officials at the US State Department are attempting to get the country “involved in another world war” with Russia, Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted on Friday. Gosar, Twitter CEO Elon Musk, and former president Donald Trump, have all named Victoria Nuland as the most dangerous among this group in recent days.

Responding to an RT article on Musk accusing Nuland of “pushing this war” in Ukraine, Gosar declared that the billionaire “is correct.”

“Both Nuland and Blinken have a deeply rooted irrational hatred of Russia, and they seek to get the US involved in another world war,” he continued. “These are dangerous fools who can get us all killed.”

In a follow-up tweet, Gosar wrote that “as a non-soldier, Nuland is quite willing to endorse violence and war.” The Republican lawmaker then quoted the article, which stated that Nuland had “endorsed regime change in Russia, celebrated the US’ destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, and called for the indefinite flow of arms into Ukraine.”

As assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs in 2014, Nuland was largely responsible for orchestrating the pro-Western coup that unseated democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovich. Nuland traveled to Kiev and promised military aid to the rioters, and was recorded plotting to install a successor to Yanukovich.

As Biden’s secretary of state, Blinken has promised to keep weapons flowing into Ukraine “for as long as it takes,” and advised Kiev in December not to seek the kind of negotiated settlement that would liken to a “phony peace.”

Gosar has been a persistent critic of the Biden administration’s Ukraine policy since Russia’s military operation began a year ago on Friday. However, although the Republican Party now controls the House of Representatives, there is little the Arizona congressman can do to change the administration’s course. A significant bipartisan majority supports continued military aid to Ukraine, with only 11 Republicans, Gosar included, sponsoring legislation that would cut funding for Kiev.

These Republicans are all allies of former president Donald Trump. In a campaign video released on Tuesday, Trump blamed the situation in Ukraine on Nuland and “others like her” in the Biden administration. Nuland, he said, was “obsessed with pushing Ukraine towards NATO,” adding that the conflict would have “never happened if I was your president.”

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  1. If anyone has any questions why Nuland seems to “love” Ukraina and hate Rossiya, simply look at her genealogy through her father. Here is a link:


    Comment by Tim | February 24, 2023 | Reply

  2. I agree with Gosar but I disagree with Trump’s sporting a badge of courage. It was Trump who pulled the US OUT of the INF Treaty. I was Trump who imposed more sanctions on Russia to prove to Republicans and Democrats how tough he was on Russia. It was also during Trump’s presidency that the Ceasar Sanctions were imposed on the war-torn country of Syria which has killed more Syrians than Obama’s Jihadis.

    The US has to stop funding NATOs war in Ukraine which is only making US defense contractors richer and thousands of Ukrainians dead and homeless. The war would end tomorrow if that happened.

    Seymour Hersh’s allegations against the Biden administration should be investigated by the US Congress. Let the chips fall where they may. Right now there is a de facto complicit wall of silence in Congress among both Parties all because the majority supports Ukraine and hates Russia. The fools in Congress who parroted the false narrative that Russia blew up its own pipelines have been silent regarding the fact that Russia is attempting to repair the damage to its two pipelines. If Russia wanted to cut Germany’s natural gas supply all Putin would have to do is flick a switch.

    Biden bragged about the ability to stop Nord Stream and so did Russophobe Victoria Nuland, whose husband is Russophobe Robert Kagan who as a member of the CIA front National Endowment for Democracy, organized Chechens to fight Russia after Putin came into office.
    If an honest investigation were successfully begun Biden and Nuland could be held accountable for committing terrorist acts on the high seas and an act of war against not only Russia but fellow NATO member Germany. For her part in the 2014 coup, and for CIA Director James Byrnes part in signing off on the bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, Nuland and Byrnes need to be brought up on criminal charges while President Biden is impeached. Because if no one is held accountable for these horrific crimes that resulted in deadly consequences for millions of Ukrainians and Germans, America the Beautiful will go down in history as America the ugly.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 24, 2023 | Reply

    • It may be shaping up that Republicans will have to compete for who is more anti-war. A dynamic that could make it difficult for the ongoing US escallation to go forward.


      Comment by aletho | February 24, 2023 | Reply

  3. I never understood war. Why fight against millions if only a few are behind it?


    Comment by Balthasar Gerards | February 25, 2023 | Reply

    • I think the majority of people don’t give two wits about the well-being of people in other lands. (I mean “two wits” literally: I don’t think that the majority wishes harm on the others; they simply aren’t thinking of them.) And this non-caring makes them susceptible to believing propaganda. If the propaganda is laid on only lightly, a person giving three wits (one more than two) might take a little time to look past that propaganda and do a cursory investigation. The war mongers know how much propaganda is needed to convince a given percentage of the public.

      Anyone who asks themselves, on each of a number of beliefs, “why do I believe this?; how much of this belief is based on direct observation and how much is based on the trust of other people’s words?”, will see that many of his beliefs are based on other people’s words. I’ll use myself as an example: it’s only recently come to my attention that there’s a scientist, Akio Nakatani, who argues that Hiroshima and Nagasaki could not have been nuked (that they were destroyed by other means). His book is Death Object Exploding, The Nuclear Weapons Hoax. Up until I became aware that this book exists, I fully believed that the nuking of those two cities was a fact, and that’s even being aware that the propaganda laid on the public in regards to WWII was full spectrum. I’ve only yet taken a cursory look at Nakatani’s argument, so, as I stand now, I don’t fully believe the nuking like I did before, but rather, I reserve some space in my mind for the possibility that it isn’t true. Ask yourself, “how much of my belief in this is based on my own observations?; how much is based on my deductions of these observations?; how much is based on my inductive inferences?; how much is based on my deductions from the conclusions of my inductions?; how much is based on my believing other people’s words?” Ask yourself these questions on a number of facts that you believe, especially on beliefs that you don’t pay much attention to, and I think you’ll realize that many of them are based, in large part, on trust in a narrative (whether true or false) that’s been handed down to you. So, the less any person investigates an issue, the more that person is susceptible to believing propaganda on that issue.


      Comment by Matt | February 25, 2023 | Reply

      • There is a scientific approach to all of this. It’s grounded in the history and writings of the great poets and philosophers during the time of Socrates. His greatest student Plato composed dialogues he had with his students in which Plato uses the Socratic method of “hypothesizing the higher hypothesis” to eventually bring his student to answer his own question and solve the problem. In today’s classroom kids are brainwashed by rote learning from a textbook. It’s the biggest racket going in colleges today. Students learn how to achieve a passing grade by reading McGraw Hill. But they come away unable to put into their own words or on paper how the hell they came to their conclusions. They really don’t know anything. Instead of approaching a problem rigorously through Socratic dialogue and classroom discussion, they turn to the last page of each chapter to find the answers to the questions. They know the textbook answer, but they don’t know the root of the problem nor how to solve it. That’s one side of the problem. The other side is cultural. The erosion of Judeo-Culture culture by Tavistock and its affiliates in the United States has reduced society’s cohesiveness. There is more emphasis on being entertained with sports or graphic displays of all kinds of mayhem and murder. Rock Star Video’s Grand Theft Auto epitomizes the level of degradation of what counts as moral standards today. Is it any wonder children are killing children en mass?

        The transformation of American society into becoming what we see today, was begun over six decades ago by British Tavistockian psychiatrists who specialized in brainwashing. They and mind-benders from the Frankfurt School targeted the baby boomer generation for destruction. CIA’s Congress for Cultural Freedom joined the fun in 1950. Together the CCF, British Tavistock Institute, together with Frankfurt School’s Herbert Marcuse, Theodore Adorno, and Hannah Arendt, joined up with Dame Margaret Meade and her nasty husband Gregory Bateson, all of whom had something to do with things like MK-UTRA, Rock music, the Beatles, SDS, WWF/environmentalism, identity politics, political correctness, and Critical Race Theory. The influence that these organizations and individuals had on European and American societies during the fifties and sixties molded the shape of things to come decades later. We are experiencing the effects of it now.
        I hope you don’t mind my long thesis but I’m giving you a snapshot of why our nation is in such an awful state, hoping you will begin to understand why and open your eyes to what is needed in this moment to reverse it.


        Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | March 2, 2023 | Reply

    • The question is, how do the many who don’t want war, stop being vassals of the few? The answer is: Get in touch with the Schiller Institute and get informed. It is through an informed citizenry that peaceful relations between nations will be achieved and future wars prevented.


      Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 26, 2023 | Reply

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