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  1. LESSON 2. Last Sunday, the Schiller Institute and its sister organization The LaRouche Organization, together with the Peoples Party, and the Libertarian Party, sponsored “RAGE AGAINST THE WAR MACHINE” in DC, to protest the war in Ukraine. Two to three thousand people came there espousing every ideology imaginable on the political specrum. Left, right, center, conservative, liberal, they all came to hear speakers who pocketed their personal opinions in order to denounce the war in Ukraine and the military-industrial complex that fuels it.

    Every speaker, from former Democratic Party Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard to liberal comedian turned political activist Jimmy Dore and many in between spoke about the need for people to rise up, and take a stand. This must have been viewed as “nightmarish” by all those Tavistock-influenced mind-benders who have spent the past 5 decades and tons of money, dividing the American people. The “Compartmentalization” of the minds of the 68’ers known as the baby boomer generation, became the mission of brain washers such as Herbert Marcuse, Theodore Adorno, and Hannah Arendt, who together with British Intelligence’s London Tavistock Institute, and Prince Philip’s World Wildlife Fund, brainwashed the majority of boomers into abandoning the culture of their parents in order to embrace the rock, drug, sex counter-culture that was synthetically created for them. If we add the US instigated Vietnam war to the equation the boomer generation never had a chance to be normal.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 26, 2023 | Reply

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