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Showdown in Ukraine

Hobbled US Turns to War to Preserve its Waning Primacy


The future of humanity will be decided on a battlefield in Ukraine. That’s no exaggeration. The conflict between the United States and Russia will determine whether global economic integration will expand within an evolving multi-polar system or if the “rules-based order” will succeed in crushing any opponent to its Western-centric model. This is what’s taking place in Ukraine today, in fact, all of the recent government-prepared documents related to national security identify Russia and China as the greatest threats to US hegemony. For example, take a look at this brief clip from the 2021 Congressional Research Service Report titled Renewed Great Power Competition: Implications for Defense—Issues for Congress:

The U.S. goal of preventing the emergence of regional hegemons in Eurasia… is a policy choice reflecting two judgments: (1) that given the amount of people, resources, and economic activity in Eurasia, a regional hegemon in Eurasia would represent a concentration of power large enough to be able to threaten vital U.S. interests….

From a U.S. perspective on grand strategy and geopolitics, it can be noted that most of the world’s people, resources, and economic activity are located not in the Western Hemisphere, but in the other hemisphere, particularly Eurasia. In response to this basic feature of world geography, U.S. policymakers for the last several decades have chosen to pursue, as a key element of U.S. national strategy, a goal of preventing the emergence of regional hegemons in Eurasia.” (“Renewed Great Power Competition: Implications for Defense—Issues for Congress”, US Congress)

That sums up US foreign policy in a nutshell; “prevent the emergence of a regional hegemon” at all cost. Now check out this summary of the 2022 US National Defense Strategy by Andre Damon at the World Socialist Web Site :

These documents, which were not seriously discussed in the US media, make clear the fundamental falsehood that the massive US military buildup this year is a response to “Russian aggression.” In reality, in the thinking of the White House and Pentagon war planners, the massive increases in military spending and plans for war with China are created by “dramatic changes in geopolitics, technology, economics, and our environment.”

These documents make clear that the United States sees the economic rise of China as an existential threat, to be responded to with the threat of military force. The United States sees the subjugation of Russia as a critical stepping stone toward the conflict with China.” (“Pentagon national strategy document targets China”, Andre Damon, World Socialist Web Site )

These two excerpts are by no means a comprehensive summary of US foreign policy objectives, but they are a pretty effective thumbnail sketch. Bottom line: The war in Ukraine is not about Ukraine. America’s clearly articulated strategic objectives are as follows: To weaken Russia, topple its leader, take control of its vast natural resources and move on to containing China. Simply put, Washington’s escalating aggression in Ukraine is a Hail Mary pass aimed at containing emerging centers of economic power in order to preserve its waning position in the global order.

This is the geopolitical chess match that is being played behind the cover of “a war against Russia’s unprovoked aggression.” People should not be hoodwinked by that absurd deception. This war was concocted as a desperate attempt for the United States to defend its flickering global hegemony. That’s what Ukraine is really all about. It’s a clash between the warmongering western oligarchs who have a stranglehold on the US media and political establishment and the emerging economies that are using the market system to link their resources and manufactured goods to countries around the world through “high-speed” infrastructure and cooperative development.

So, the question everyone must ask themselves is this: Do you want to see more economic integration, lower prices, more shared prosperity and less war or another 80 years of onerous and arbitrary sanctions, color-coded revolutions, regime change operations, genocidal interventions and bioweapon warfare (Covid-19)? Which do you want?

Perhaps, you are one of the millions of Americans who believe that China is an enemy of the United States. Perhaps, you are also unaware of the role the US played in creating modern China. Here’s a question for you: Did the US and western corporations move their operations en masse to China to escape the high costs of production in the US?

answer– Yes, they did.

And, did they betray US workers because they didn’t want a fair wage to interfere with their excessive profit-making?

answer– Yep.

And, did they offshore their businesses, outsource their product manufacturing and do everything in their power to make themselves winners while robbing American workers of the opportunity of making a decent wage so they could put food on the table?

answer– They sure did.

Then who is actually responsible for the rise of China?

answer– Western corporations are responsible. If Americans want to blame someone, blame them!

But now the corporate mandarins and other elites are unhappy with China because China will not allow them to take control over their markets, financial system and currency as they have in America. So now these same cutthroat corporations want us to fight a war with the monster that they created?

Can you see that? Can you see that the relentless provocations against China have nothing to do with US national security or US interests. We are being led by the nose to fight and die for the cadres of voracious western oligarchs who have settled on China as the next target of their grand looting operation.

But let’s forget the past for a minute and focus on the future, after all, that’s what really matters, right?

Well then, which country has a more “positive vision” for the future: China or the United States?

Have you ever heard of China’s Belt and Road Initiative, the massive, multi trillion-dollar infrastructure plan that is the centerpiece of China’s foreign policy? It is the biggest infrastructure program in history and more 150 countries have invested in the plan already. It is a development-oriented project aimed at increasing connectivity through high-speed rail, shipping lanes and ports, skyscrapers, railroads, roads, bridges, airports, dams, power stations, and railroad tunnels. By increasing the speed of travel, China’s products and merchandise will get to markets faster generating greater prosperity for itself and for the other countries involved. And, keep in mind, the BRI will link countries around the world in a high-speed system that will not require its participants to follow a specific economic model dictated by Beijing. In other words, the Belt and Road Initiative is free market economics without the politics. It’s a “win-win” situation for everyone, a guarantee of mutual prosperity absent political manipulation, coercion or exploitation.

The venal oligarchs that run the US can’t even imagine a project of this scale or potential. In fact, they can’t even pony-up enough money to keep the trains on the rails in America. The profits these billionaire parasites extract from their activities invariably come from stock buybacks, tax evasion, and other sleight-of-hand, debt-layering ponzi-scams that benefit no one and merely shift more of the nation’s wealth into their own bulging bank accounts. Of course, ripping off the country would be bad enough, but now we see how this same class of miscreants have settled on public health as a means for amplifying their political power so they can impose repressive, police-state measures that greatly curtail the freedom of the entire population. In short, they want absolute social control and they aren’t going to let-up until they get it.

Where is the “positive vision” in this behavior?

There isn’t one. America used to be a country of ideas, ideals and vision. Now it is an oligarch-run detension center in which all hope for the future has been ruthlessly extinguished by a handful of mercenary billionaires.

At least, in the case of China, we can imagine a better, more prosperous world that is interconnected and more accessible to everyone. But what about the United States? Are we supposed to believe that fighting a war in eastern Europe is going to improve our lives? Are we supposed to believe that the only way “we can stay on top” is by pushing everyone else down? Are we expected to hate China and Russia even while our own government demonizes 80 million of us for voting for the wrong presidential candidate or for not supporting the terrorists who burn and loot our cities or for believing that the people in East Palestine are more deserving of our support and assistance than the Nazi stormtroopers in Kiev?

The fact is, our leaders cannot imagine devoting public resources to a giant interconnected infrastructure project like BRI, because that would mean less lucre for themselves. So, they’ve decided to destroy it just like they destroyed Nord Stream. Just read the press reviews on this groundbreaking project. Western journalists can’t find a ‘good word’ to say about it. A vast area in the center of America was fiendishly nuked with vinyl chloride, butyl acrylate and isobutylene, but the western media would rather criticize China’s ambitious BRI project than hold their paymasters accountable. Go figure.

The same rule applies to Russia. The Biden team and their wealthy allies don’t want closer relations between Germany and Russia because closer relations mean more prosperity for both countries, and Washington can’t have that, which is why they blew up the pipeline that was Germany’s lifeline to cheap fuel. That’s how Washington solved the problem. It pushed Germany and Russia down so the US could remain on top. Who doesn’t see this?

In contrast, the Belt and Road Initiative provides a positive vision for the future, which is an idea that the majority of the world supports. It puts us on a path to an interconnected world in which people can raise their standards of living, make a meaningful contribution to their communities, and enjoy their own culture and traditions without fear of being sanctioned, incarcerated or bombed to death. This is an excerpt from China’s Global Times :

The China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has already become a well-received international public good and an important platform for international cooperation…

“BRI transcends the outdated mentality of geopolitical games, and created a new model of international cooperation. It is not an exclusive group that excludes other participants but an open and inclusive cooperation platform. It is not just China’s solo effort, but a symphony performed by all participating countries….

Since the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) was proposed in 2013, the initiative has always been development-oriented, and consistent efforts have been made to ensure that it is high-standard, sustainable and people-centered….

By August, China’s goods trade with countries participating in the BRI had reached around $12 trillion and the country’s non-financial direct investment in those countries surpassed $140 billion. … By the end of 2021, Chinese enterprises had invested $43 billion in the construction of economic and trade cooperation zones in BRI countries, creating more than 340,000 local jobs, official data showed…

China is open to other countries’ and regions’ participation in the BRI and is considering connecting with infrastructure initiatives proposed by other nations to provide more good-quality public goods for the world…. China hopes to join hands with all partners to advance the high-quality development … stressing that China aims to strive for global connection rather than fragmentation, for mutual opening-up rather than shutting doors, for mutual integration rather than zero-sum games. (“BRI remains open, inclusive for all, transcends the outdated mentality of geopolitical games“, Global Times )

What is the American-led project that rivals the Belt and Road Initiative?

There isn’t one. The US allocates over $1 trillion per year for lethal weaponry and war-making, and trillions more to bail out the Wall Street banksters, and trillions more to shut down all the businesses across the country that were forced to comply with the diktats of billionaire elites who wanted to inject the population with their toxic slurry, but zero for any global infrastructure project that would peacefully bring the world’s people closer together through commerce and recreation.

No one is saying that China is perfect, at least, I’m not. Nor do I want to live in China. I don’t. I’m an American and I plan to die here.

But I’m not blind. It’s easy to see that this war with Russia has nothing to do with “unprovoked aggression.” That is merely a smokescreen that’s being used to conceal the real objective, which is to preserve America’s global hegemony. What we need to do now, is honestly analyze ‘what is happening’; try to understand ‘why it is happening’, and, then, figure out what the outcome will be if the United States prevails. In other words, do we want to perpetuate an oligarch-controlled system that crushes Russia, contains China, starves Europe of the energy it needs, sabotages the Belt and Road infrastructure plan and reinforces the same failed policies that brought us Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and Iraq?

Do we want that? Do YOU want that?

The American people want their government to cooperate with other nations in order to create a more prosperous and peaceful world. They don’t want a new world order and they certainly don’t want a Third World War.

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  1. The author has laid out an emerging power structure, and that power is constructing an agenda and a challenge to America. Thank you for it, Mike Whitney.

    A question: America might not be able to compete with the level of organization, this much cooperation, but from another perspective, is America suckered into something as well organized? For “suckered”, substitute manipulated or anything similar.

    America has been manipulated by its leaders, for example how FDR worked America into a war for the benefit… of other countries and for the bankers. More and more is revealed in this context.

    Now, consider its involvement with Israel. The initial establishment of the state of Israel was opposed by much of the American State Department and others in the government at that time. They foresaw the consequences of forcing a jewish nation/state into and upon the middle east. America lost more than it gained, respect and influence the biggest, because it was a state made by military conquest.

    The second loss is of American tax-payer’s money as foreign aide to Israel. Consider how much American tax-payer money has been given to Israel. Have Americans ever voted for this, but its politicians gave gigantic amounts to a foreign state. What has it got in return? And that concept expanded and the indigenous people got… apartheid, genocide and theft, and America has not only been giving money and arms and MOA’s (Memorandum of Understanding, a quasi-treaty/agreement) for 75 years, and it has made of America a complicit partner in its wars on the neighboring countries.

    And now, how clear that Israel wants a war on Iran. Will this next war be the initiated-by-Israel war, that is, because of a false flag? Considering the past, why should America trust Israel? Or America, considering its use of false flags to initiate a war? Will Israel initiate a successful equivalent false flag to the USSLiberty, something which will be used to push America into a new ‘War on Terror’, but this time, a sufficiently demonized country so that America will be in the forefront in a war, much to the delight of Israel and completely to its benefit? Why can’t America make peace with Iran, establish trade and commerce with Iran, rather than goading it and causing it to form alliances with countries which have been practically destroyed by Americas ‘War on Terror’ and occupation thereafter?

    And now, is America being suckered into financing and participating in a war on Russia. Will it be manipulated to “rebuilding” the Ukraine, if and when there is anything remaining of that country, if and when a peace is brokered? Why would America trust Zelenskyy and his likewise corrupt oligarchics? Or those taking us into a dangerous policy, that is, Joe Biden and his neoconservative/jewish handlers who are so dutifully carrying out this financing and war participation? The whole lot of them are pushing for war, are pushing Europe to war with Russia. As to trust, why would America trust the leadership of an American president who destroyed, sabotaged one of its most valuable allies–Germany and Europe–by destroying its energy source?

    Last, consider what could be done for America if its tax-payer money was used here, for schools, for… well, the list is endless and great are the needs.

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    Comment by michael | February 26, 2023 | Reply

    • Anyone who follows your analogy will fail to see the role the British Empire played in breaking up US relations with Japan that led to three wars, Japan-Russia, Japan-China, and eventually Japan vs United States.

      Britain influenced Japan to expand its navy in order to challenge the US in the Pacific. Britain still had the most naval tonnage on the high seas. This was an area of contention for the British. For the British controlled the seas with its navy up to that time and did all they could to limit US expenditure for naval expansion. If you view Wall Street investment banking as the junior partner of the City of London you will begin to understand the geopolitical interests of the British Imperial system vs the development orientation of the US until the end of WWII.
      British financial policies adopted by the US government in 1913, gave Wall Street hegemony over US financial and economic policy. Branded The Roaring 20s, that system collapsed in 1929. By 1933 the US commercial banking system began to shut down. FDR made a decision to reverse course. He was able to establish a new set of banking and related credit policies that favored productive investment over speculation. One of the actions was the Glass-Steagall Act. Glass-Steagall separated investment banking from the commercial banking system. If Wall Street wanted to speculate they alone would have to suffer the consequences of their losses, not the American people. Another step that was taken was the creation of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation. The RFC provided necessary credit for infrastructure projects such as rural electrification and the greatest infrastructure project built in America, the Tennessee Valley Authority. TVA still produces energy, irrigation, and electrification for millions of Americans in the Tennessee Valley region, yet is rarely a topic of interest in American corporate media. Why? Because scientific and technological progress, no matter which nations are engaged in it is the enemy of the Anglo-American financial oligarchy. And since the oligarchy controls mainstream media, well you get the picture.

      Only an Ostrich-like individual wouldn’t know the world is greatly divided today. On the one side is the financial oligarchy which controls the money-centered banks in the City of London and Wall Street. A central banking system modeled on Rothschild banking, designed to get governments indebted and dependent on the central banks which they control, through the control of the supply of money, interest rates, and lending.

      I’m sure you were aware of the QE 1,2, 3, 4 bailout of the TransAtlantic banking system after the 2008 collapse, right? But even QE couldn’t satisfy the indebtedness and liquidity needs of London and Wall Street. The derivatives bubble had grown exponentially after Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall in 1999. It had the effect of causing speculation in the derivatives bubble to rise above 1 trillion to tens of trillion of purely speculative side bets. Main Street suffered even more as Wall Street speculation fattened the bank accounts of hedge funds and the proprietary accounts of Goldman Sachs et al.

      Bubbles Greenspan’s zero interest rate policy in 2000 had turned on the monetary spigot after the bubble collapsed. Instead of speculators ponying up for their bad bets, Greenspan effectively bailed them out if only temporarily. This had the effect of hyperinflating the derivatives bubble, mortgage bubble, and mortgage-backed securities bubble. A slight hiccup in any one of these bubbles would threaten to bring the whole system down. Greenspan also suspended transparency regulations so borrowers could borrow money to purchase a home with only a signature. Remember the unemployed Maynard G Krebs on the Doby Gilles show who blurted out “Work” every time Doby said work in a sentence? If you didn’t have a job you could still purchase a home until the ARM mortgage reset. That meant that eventually, the proverbial shit was going to hit the fan. Millions of Alt-A subprime mortgages began resetting. Millions of homeowners simply walked away from their homes. These foreclosures had the ripple effect of collapsing the income streams to the MBS market, which in turn rippled through the banking centers of London and Wall Street, and the insurance giant AIG which was holding trillions in Collateralized Debt Obligations.
      Standard and Poors did their part too with AAA ratings on all this garbage. But have no fear, said Bush’s Treasury Sec. Hank Paulsen to Wall Street. We’ll bail you out. He and W. Bush panicked the nation into going along with bailing Wall Street out.
      The Federal Reserve Bank secretly provided 23 trillion to the banks to bailout them out while millions of Americans lost their jobs, their homes, and their savings.

      I went to the trouble of explaining the history of this episode to make a point. The world is divided into two opposing world views. The first is represented by City builders in the Global South. The other is made up of Imperialists who represent a financial oligarchy in the Global North. The former is led by China and Russia. The latter by the UK/EU and US/NATO. Put another way, it is the multi-polar world of win-win development promoted by China and Russia that the unipolar world of the British and the United States intends to rob and loot. One system is advancing the common aims of mankind while the other system is threatening WW3 if Russia and China won’t bow down to it.


      Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | February 28, 2023 | Reply

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