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What hasn’t the CDC lied about?

The agency must have told some truths, but it’s hard to identify those statements.

By Bill Rice, Jr. | February 27, 2023

Substack All-Star Igor Chudov just published another important article. This article asks if the CDC was lying all along about “vaccine effectiveness?”

My question (and it’s a serious one) is this: Can someone name ONE pronouncement of CDC officials that either wasn’t a lie or of highly-dubious veracity?

Partial List of Lies …

Per my assessment, the CDC and other national public health agencies and their key experts …

Lied about there being no evidence of early cases in America.

Lied when they said there was no possibility this virus leaked from a lab.

Lied about the effectiveness of masks.

Lied when they said the virus could be spread on physical surfaces.

Lied when they said it would take only two weeks to “flatten the curve.”

Lied when they said that virus transmission could easily happen outside.

Lied about the stats of “cases” and “deaths.”

Lied about the mortality risk to children and healthy young adults.

Lied about ivermectin and HCQ being worthless drugs for treatment.

Lied about remdesivir being a safe drug.

Lied about the vaccines being “safe and effective.”

Lied when they labeled these shots as “vaccines.”

Lied about the “vaccines” and boosters preventing “severe” cases and deaths.

Lied about the necessity or importance of testing people (including the asymptomatic) over and over.

Lied when they attacked and sought to censor people who were telling the truth.

Lied when they “adjusted” estimates of ILI in the Flu Season of 2019-2020 … to make it seem this flu season did not produce “widespread” and “severe” ILI (Covid?) outbreaks.

Before Covid, lied about the effectiveness of the flu vaccines.

A few other questions …

Do liars continue to lie? Will liars lie again?

Do liars often try to cover-up their lies?

Do liars in positions of great power often attack people who try to expose their lies?

Is it smart to continue to trust proven or known liars?

How many lies does some person or agency have to tell before people start to realize they are listening to a liar?

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