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Russia Called The US Out For Double Standards Towards Georgia-Moldova & Bosnia-Serbia

By Andrew Korybko | March 11, 2023

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov remarked that the US hypocritically wants regime change in comparatively neutral Georgia while opposing it in Western-aligned Moldova, after which his spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said that it supports Bosnia’s territorial integrity but violates Serbia’s. Calling that declining unipolar hegemon out for its double standards towards these two pairs of countries in similar situations is meant to raise wider awareness of the US’ self-interested policies.

Its infamous “rules-based order” has nothing to do with the UN Charter like its proponents falsely claim and everything to do with the arbitrary implementation of selective standards designed to advance the US’ zero-sum interests. In the first pair of Georgia and Moldova, both are experiencing very intense protests at the moment, but the former are Western-backed and designed to pressure Russia while the second are purely indigenous and designed to restore this country’s neutrality in the New Cold War.

As for the second pair of Bosnia and Serbia, the US has feigned worry that the former’s Serb region might separate from the federation that it was forced into in 1994 while doing everything in its power to support the separatist claims of the latter’s Autonomous Province of Kosovo & Metohija. In this example, the double standards are applied because retaining Bosnian “unity” is integral to upholding Western hegemony in the Balkans, the outcome of which is further advanced by splitting Serbia.

Pointing out the US’ hypocritical approach towards each pair of countries, which is objectively existing and easily verifiable, discredits its soft power by exposing just how unprincipled its foreign policy truly is. The only constant is that it always aims to advance US zero-sum interests as was previously explained, to which end it’ll employ whichever double standards are necessary. Morals, ethics, international law, and principles will never stand in the way of the US maximizing its power.

Awareness of this “politically incorrect” reality in turn extends credence to what Russia has always claimed since the onset of its special operation last year, namely that it was forced to resort to military means for defending its national security red lines in Ukraine after NATO clandestinely crossed them. For whatever the most gung-ho Western readers might think about the preceding explanation, there’s no denying that the Kremlin has retained narrative consistency over the years compared to the US.

Moscow began warning about NATO’s eastward expansion earlier this century, most famously during President Putin’s keynote speech at the Munich Security Conference in 2007. By contrast, Washington gaslit by claiming that there’s no credible reason for that country to be concerned by this, yet at the same time also alleging that Russia’s military presence in the former Soviet Republics of Georgia and Moldova that was agreed to per deals for ending their civil wars destabilizes their respective regions.

It was always the US and not Russia that obstructed peace efforts in those two countries unlike what the Mainstream Media claimed, all with a view towards indefinitely perpetuating their “frozen conflicts” in order to more effectively divide-and-rule them. Instead of encouraging their Western-aligned authorities to pragmatically compromise with their ethnic rebels, Washington fully supported their absolutist demands that made a political solution impossible.

The same modus operandi was at play when it came to the Minsk Accords that were agreed to for ending the then-Ukrainian Civil War. It’s now known from former German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own admission as well as that of her French and Ukrainian counterparts that these were just a ruse for duping President Putin so as to buy time ahead of a final NATO-backed offensive against Donbass. The US’ track record is thus indisputably one of double standards, warmongering, and dividing-and-ruling.

Observers therefore shouldn’t be surprised that it’s applying the exact same approach towards Georgia-Moldova and Bosnia-Serbia with regards to their protests and separatist problems respectively. The US will always promulgate the policy that stands the greatest chance of most effectively advancing its zero-sum interests irrespective of whatever stance it previously practiced towards a prior analogous situation. The pursuit of power, not political consistency, is the only constant in US policymaking.

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