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The Washington scenario in phase two is to fight Russia to the last European

By Gilbert Doctorow | March 12, 2023

My latest essay on the wrongheadedness of Belgian and French labor leaders fiddling while Rome burns elicited a number of Contact messages that are too important to keep to myself. What is at issue is how we read the scenario for the further course of the ongoing war in and over Ukraine: will it go on for years at the present level of intensity or is some devastating escalation to be feared in the coming months when the long-promised Ukrainian counter-offensive gets under way.

Allow me to say up front that no one knows for sure. But some observers point to schisms within the Washington establishment, in particular within the State Department, over how determined Russia is to react to violation of its red lines.

One can blame Vladimir Putin all one wishes for the restraint in prosecuting this war that is misinterpreted as cowardice or indecisiveness in the halls of power in Washington. Assigning blame for the misreading of Russia’s intentions changes nothing. The result is that the more hawkish side of the Washington establishment is urging upon the President measures that risk the onset of a full-blown war between Russia and the European powers in the immediate future.

I say “European powers” rather than NATO, because nearly all commentators agree that the U.S. has no intention of putting its own soldiers and homeland at risk when it can play with self-sacrificing proxies. The incredible acceptance of such rules by European leaders has been demonstrated manifestly by German Chancellor Schulz’s silence over the U.S. planned and executed destruction of the Nord Stream II pipelines.

Stage one of the Ukraine war as scripted by the USA was to fight against Russia to the last Ukrainian. Stage two is to fight against Russia to the last European.

In the past few weeks, the USA has delivered to Bremerhaven in Germany and to Gdansk in Poland vast quantities of military hardware that is not going to Kiev but is being prepared for a war with Russia to be fought by either of those states with or without NATO backing. A week ago, one of the US “Doomsday Planes” that coordinate action in a nuclear war came to Europe via Iceland. Smart observers noted this could be an exercise to prepare nuclear attacks on Russia using warheads and delivery systems already on European soil.

Let us remember that Victoria Nuland remains the most important personality in the State Department, head and shoulders above her nominal boss, Blinken. This is the lady who famously, while planning the coup d’etat of February 2014 that overthrew Ukrainian President Yanukovich, was recorded as telling the then U.S. ambassador to Kiev “fuck the EU.” Well, according to information in the public domain that is exactly what she is cooking up today and we, Europeans, are in the soup.

Nuland is said to be the loudest mouth calling for provision to Kiev of long range precision missiles for a summer attack on Crimea which will surely elicit a game-changing level of violence in the response from Russia, possibly entailing strikes against the logistical centers in Poland, Romania and Germany which are delivering the new weapons systems to Ukraine. There are ways this can happen which will make invocation of NATO’s ‘one for all and all for one’ Article 5 problematic.

This is not to say that the United States is not at the same time preparing a back-up scenario in case the Russians go for the principal villain and not for the European implementers. In the past week, a nuclear capable B-52 bomber of the U.S. Air Force is said to have been rehearsing an attack on St Petersburg.

In conclusion, I ask those of my European readers who are leaders in financial institutions, in wealth management, in manufacturing industry, in global shipping, in universities and in widely respected think tanks (from my LinkedIn account I know that some of you are daily followers of these essays), I ask you to use your voices, in public and in private to save Europe from the disaster that may befall us in a matter of months. Salvation will come only when several more European heads of state join Viktor Orban in voting against further arms to Kiev and for an immediate cease-fire. What we need now is definitive peace negotiations between Moscow and Kiev based on the principle of a neutral Ukraine.

©Gilbert Doctorow, 2023

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  1. How committed are Nuland and Blinken to a …fight against Russia to the last Israeli?

    America is led by a Shabbos Goy, the worst President ever, a cardboard character, propped up by a cadre of neo-conservatives, and for that, read war mongers. How long before Zelenskyy and his rotten oligarchs whisk themselves out of the Ukraine, to their villas in Italy or Florida, or the apartheid Israel? To be met with open arms by Netanyahu, accompanied by such ‘heroes’ as Jonathan Pollard.

    Among the presently paying for this are the American taxpayers, whose leaders give their money away without restraint, without any vote on a give-away and as well as given to Israel.

    For what? For the latter, a traitorous, treacherous country, ever more extorting, spying upon America, ad nauseam, directing and promoting ever-more loss of Constitutional guarantees, in the name of countering ‘hate speech’, also ad nauseam.

    How stupid, how cowed, how extorted, how manipulated into foreign wars and how to the slave auction is the direction for America.


    Comment by michael | March 12, 2023 | Reply

  2. The “U.S. has no intention of putting its own soldiers … at risk? So the tens of thousands of US of As soldiers stationed in bases all over Europe will stand down and carry on drinking Coors and watching US major league sports? And Russia will of course not target these bases?
    In that case, why doesn’t the US of As just bring them all home? Wouldn’t that be swell.
    PS The majority of European men and women will not fight the Russians. On the contrary, they will help them and hail them (once again) as liberators.


    Comment by Victor G. | March 13, 2023 | Reply

  3. Back in the dim and distant past, in the Cold War, when both the US and the Soviet Union were producing as many nuclear weapons as possible, there was a kind of stalemate called MAD or mutually assured destruction. If one side launched a missile, the other would retaliate, and given the number of nuclear missiles, each side could look forward to being sent back to the stone age, if anybody survived. Actually, the Soviet Union was in a better position as the population was less concentrated. I don’t know if the kindergarten kids in Washington have any knowledge of history, but they can be assured that Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) still has those missiles, and they are undoubtedly targeted at all the major US cities. And as the US is the source of all the troubles in Ukraine, it would make complete sense for the Russians to remove the source, rather than worry about the Europeans who are stupidly giving away all means for their own defence.


    Comment by Bill Francis | March 14, 2023 | Reply

  4. I find it rather amusing that the US should be rehearsing an attack on St. Petersburg with a B-52 bomber. What sort of mentality permeates Washington in thinking that a B-52 will get anywhere near St. Petersburg, when the Russians have hypersonic missiles. The crew of the B-52 will never know what hit them.


    Comment by Bill Francis | March 14, 2023 | Reply

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