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China wants Nord Stream attackers ‘brought to justice’

RT | March 28, 2023

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has said the saboteurs of the Nord Stream pipelines must face consequences, as it condemned America’s failure to support a UN-led investigation into the incident. A Russian-sponsored resolution for an international probe did not pass a vote at the UN Security Council earlier this week.

Speaking at a media briefing on Tuesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning claimed that Washington is “keen to carry out so-called ‘investigations’ of developing nations, yet is secretive on this incident.” The diplomat argued that the US attitude was an example of “obvious double standards,” and suggested that officials in Washington were “afraid of” something. Mao added that China hopes the perpetrators will be “brought to justice” as soon as possible.

China, Russia, and Brazil backed the draft resolution for an international Nord Stream investigation in a UN Security Council vote on Monday, although 12 other members abstained. If adopted, the resolution would have requested the secretary general to establish a commission to conduct a “comprehensive, transparent, and impartial international investigation” of the incident, which happened in September last year.

The US claimed the proposal was intended to undermine the national investigations being run by Germany, Denmark, and Sweden. Germany was the intended recipient of Russian natural gas pumped through the sabotaged pipelines. Denmark and Sweden are conducting probes as the explosions which ruptured the energy link occurred in their territorial waters.

China’s deputy representative to the UN, Geng Shuang, argued that there was no obstacle to holding an international investigation in parallel with national ones.

Geng also noted that the trio of European nations had already had six months to conduct their probes. Beijing expects them “to increase their sense of urgency, report the progress of the investigations to the Security Council in a timely and regular manner, and find out and announce the results of the investigations as soon as possible,” the Chinese delegation said in a statement.

Veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh claimed last month that the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines was ordered by US President Joe Biden and was conducted jointly by America and Norway. Both nations have denied those allegations. Russian President Vladimir Putin said last week that he “fully agreed” with Hersh’s conclusions.

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  1. Denmark and Sweden are stonewalling the results of their investigations which only adds to the speculation that NATO/US/UK/Norway is hiding something. Their own involvement is plausible after displaying outrageous hypocrisy and a double standard toward others.

    Therefore if the UNO continues to block the investigation of this terrorist act, it will further lead to more suspicion and speculation that NATO/US/UK/Norway are the culprits. Sooner or later German politicians will have to stop stonewalling, for they are increasingly coming under extreme pressure from the German population to investigate the crime. Witness the 50,000 person demonstration that took place in Berlin two weeks ago to demand as such and end the war. It’s only a matter of time before the Bundestag is forced to investigate. And if Scholz, who may be complicit before the fact, and the Bundestag dare cover up a crime that has inflicted irreparable harm on the German people in order to hide NATO’s involvement, it will be curtanis for Scholz. He will be prosecuted and the Greens will hopefully go down with him.

    NATO will break up into a thousand pieces. And as for Biden? It will mean the end of the line for his administration and deserved prosecution of Sullivan, Nuland, Burns, and Blinken, the planners of this heinious and despicable act of terrorism and war.

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    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | March 29, 2023 | Reply

  2. One thing standing out on this issue, that’s as clear as day to me, is the FACT someone, somewhere MUST pay the price of this crime. IF not, then NO INFRASTRUCTURE anywhere on this planet, OR OFF this planet will ever be safe again.


    Comment by itchyvet | March 29, 2023 | Reply

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