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Classified Leak May Look to Embarass Biden Into ‘Cutting Back’ Ukraine Support

Sputnik – 09.04.2023

While the value of the information contained in the leaked documents appears somewhat questionable, the timing of the leak itself may speak volumes about the motives of the people who caused it, according to Philip Giraldi, a former CIA station chief.

An apparent classified information leak, which resulted in what seems to be a batch of US documents related to the conflict in Ukraine being posted on social media, has left experts pondering on the significance of this development.

Philip Giraldi, who now serves as executive director of a non-profit anti-war advocacy group the Council for the National Interest, told Sputnik that the significance of the leaked materials stems from the fact that they seem to be “highly classified” and have “presumably been leaked by someone senior in the hierarchy of the Pentagon.”

He pointed out that the docs, which appear to be briefing materials for a “military audience,” date back to February and March and feature “limited tactical information.”

“Russia would only benefit by their appearance because it would underline the carelessness of the Pentagon in its handling of sensitive information. Otherwise, I see no benefit,” Giraldi surmised.

At the same time, he argued that the timing of this leak is actually important, as it seems to hint that some people in the US “intelligence/military pipeline” are none too thrilled with the continued “pointless support for Ukraine” and seek to “embarrass the Biden administration into cutting back its efforts.”

“They are likely hoping that the US will begin to seriously support negotiations to end the war,” Giraldi mused. “Recall the Pentagon papers, which did so much to diminish the support of the country for the Vietnam conflict. If the Pentagon cannot keep its own secrets, it would be a major embarrassment.”

He also observed that the US government’s and the media’s reaction to this leak has been quite strong, with Giraldi noting that the Pentagon has apparently suspended some of its daily briefings, “which presumably have been the source of some of the leaked material.”

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