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A Senior Pentagon Official Strongly Implied Impending “Mission Creep” In Sudan


The US evacuated a little less than 100 of its diplomats, their families, and a “small number” of other countries’ diplomats from the Sudanese capital of Khartoum on Saturday. The mission was launched from a base in nearby Djibouti, refueled in neighboring Ethiopia, and then spent less than an hour on the ground before departing that war-torn country. That could have closed the book on the US’ military involvement in Sudan had a senior Pentagon official not told reporters about what’s being planned next.

CNN reported that Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict Chris Maier said the following in a call with journalists sometime after the evacuation ended:

“In the coming days, we will continue to work with the State Department to help American citizens who may want to leave Sudan. One of those ways is to potentially make the overland routes out of Sudan potentially more viable.

[The Department of Defense] is at present considering action that may include use of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities to be able to observe routes and detect threats.

Secondly, the employment of naval assets outside the port of Sudan to potentially help Americans who arrive at the port, and third, the establishment at the US Africa Command in Stuttgart deconfliction cell focused particularly on the overland route.”

Instead of washing its hands of this “deep state” war that risks turning into a civil and even international war, the US is getting drawn into “mission creep” on the pretext of evacuating its remaining citizens.

CNN mentioned in their report that “Officials told staffers (from the State Department) that there could be an estimated 16,000 Americans in Sudan, most of whom are dual nationals.” This means that foreign-born US citizens who returned to their homeland for whatever reason are being exploited as the “justification” for redirecting intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities there, possibly deploying naval assets to its main port, and creating a “deconfliction cell” for managing events.

In simple English, the Pentagon will likely use a combination of drones, electronic means, and satellites to spy on the Sudanese Armed Forces’ (SAF) Rapid Support Forces (RSF) opponents, after which they’ll dispatch warships to Port Sudan that’ll be organized by AFRICOM’s newest (warfighting) “cell”. Those vessels can either carry armed aid (irrespective of whether it’s disguised as humanitarian aid) for the SAF and/or be capable of conducting their own offensive actions against the RSF under certain conditions.

The so-called “overland routes out of Sudan” that the Pentagon wants to “make… potentially more viable” could be sold to the public as a “humanitarian corridor” but will in reality function as a means for supplying the SAF. The “deconfliction” element of this equation purely refers to the contact that the US also has with the RSF, whom Undersecretary of State for Management John Bass said on Saturday “cooperated to the extent that they did not fire on our service members in the course of the operation.”

In the emerging context of “mission creep”, the Pentagon could simply warn the RSF not to impede the creation of these “overland routes out of Sudan” just like they stayed out of the way during Saturday’s evacuation under threat of being bombed on “humanitarian” pretexts if they don’t. The American public could easily be manipulated into supporting this action if they’re misled to believe that “Russian-/Wagner-backed insurgents/terrorists are holding approximately 16,000 US citizens hostage in Africa”.

Therein lies the importance of the latest narrative being pushed by the Mainstream Media (MSM) suggesting that this entire conflict is Russia’s fault, the false claims of which were reviewed and analyzed in this piece here. Basically, the US sees an opportunity to proverbially kill multiple birds with one stone on a Russophobic basis, which could ultimately result in them putting Moscow on the backfoot in Africa and securing a symbolic victory in this little-discussed but hugely significant New Cold War front.

Policymakers don’t truly care about those Americans that are stranded in Sudan, especially since the majority of them are thought to be dual nationals, but they see a chance to exploit the “humanitarian” optics as part of a larger power play against Russia. The first step was to safely evacuate US diplomats since it’s those citizens who lives are truly valued by the government after it invested a considerable sum in each of them over the course of their careers. Everyone else is expandable in their view.

Now that its “VIPs” are out of harm’s way, the US can up the ante in Sudan on a “humanitarian” pretext as part of its latest anti-Russian proxy war. There’s still the possibility that it’ll reconsider, but events are quickly moving in that direction as evidenced by what the earlier mentioned senior Pentagon official revealed to the media on Saturday about the US’ impending “mission creep”. If it goes ahead with this scenario, then precedent shows that Sudan might become the next Libya, or perhaps even worse.

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  1. The good old USA is continuing to behave as if it were the British Colonial Empah encircling its next satrapy in the “Great Chess Game” of 18th and 19th century British geopolitics. For it was commonly known among the inner elites of the British Empah, that Russia is the most cherished Plum the Empah had yet to conquer.

    Ever since Halford MacKinder’s 1904 treatise on conquering the Eurasian “Heartland” the Brutish Empah has been in hot pursuit of control over Russia. MacKinder wrote a paper in 1904 titled, THE GEOGRAPHICAL PIVOT OF HISTORY in which MacKinder suggested that the control of Eastern Europe was vital to control the world. This became known as MacKinder’s “Heartland Theory”.
    Halford MacKinder, was a British geographer and was considered the father of British geopolitics. His Heartland Theory went like this: “Who rules Eastern Europe commands the Heartland. Who rules the Heartland commands the World Island. Who rules the World Island commands the world.”
    The centerpiece of MacKinder’s “World Island” was Russia.

    To understand the aims of the Anglo-American Imperialists today as they continue their more than 120 year geopolitical campaign to seize control over the Russian Heartland, consider the period 1904 leading up to WWI in 1914. 1904 was the year that Britain and France signed the Entente Cordiale. The British had defeated the French at Fashoda, securing Britain’s control of Sudan, and the Nile River which was necessary if the British Empah was to hold onto Egypt and the Suez Canal.

    The plan of the British Empah in 2004 involved uniting France and Russia, with Great Britain. They called it an Entente Cordiale. Prince Edward, Queen Victoria’s son, was the key player who organized this arrangement which would include the British in a Triple Entente against Germany in a war that was supposed to end all wars. But gutting Germany’s economic power was only part of the Brutish Empah’s plans. The other included encircling Russia with hostile neighbors. To do that Britain caused a dispute with Turkey over a warship the British refused to deliver to Turkey. The dispute resulted in Turkey allying with Germany when WWI broke out. Britain’s geopolitical Great Game had other facets to it. Besides bleeding Russia in a war of attrition, they sent an agent to counter-organize against the Bolsheviks by the name of Parvis. They also aimed at supplanting Muslim control of Palestine with Eastern European Jews.

    The British Great Game always involved factionalizing a targeted nation between two diametrically opposed factions contesting issues of race, ethnicity, religion, or tribal differences. Or in the case of Russia/Ukraine today, sponsor a proxy to do the fighting.
    After the US regime changed the duly elected president of Ukraine in a bloody coup, US State Dept’s Victoria Nuland installed a fascist group of Russian hating nazis! NATO/US/UK then armed their proxy Ukraine to the teeth and turned it loose against Russian-speaking Ukrainians living in the Donbas in Eastern Ukraine. Before the Azov/Aidar brigades could lead a full-scale invasion of the Lugansk and Donetsk breakaway republics, Russia’s Vladimir Putin intervened. Now over a year has passed and Russia is still undeterred in its effort to liberate Ukraine from Banderaite Nazis, weapons of mass destruction, and NATO.

    The outbreak of what appears to be a civil war in Sudan has all the markings of British divide and rule. And as soon as US/British forces (Britain ruled Sudan after 1889, and thereby set up a Sudanese satrapy on behalf of the British Empah) decide which faction is most likely to rage against Russia, Sudan will be used to upset the apple cart of China’s increasing influence in Africa created by China’s Belt and Road initiative. Breaking up the Global South Plan to create a new international economic and security architecture using a basket of currencies and/or commodities to trade with among themselves, in lieu of the IMF/Dollar system, is of primary importance to the Anglo-Dutch-US, military-industrial-financial complex. Hence U.S. involvement in Sudan.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | April 24, 2023 | Reply

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