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Tucker Carlson is gone from Fox News

BY BILL RICE, JR. | APRIL 24, 2023

Holy, Rupert Murdoch! Several sources are now reporting that Tucker Carlson is gone from Fox News.

This might be the biggest media news in years – the one TV journalist/commentator who routinely challenged many faux or dubious “authorized narratives” is now looking for another job.

Quick takes: 

The value of Fox News is getting ready to plummet lower than the value of Project Veritas. Carlson was THE reason so many truth-seeking Americans watched Fox News.

If you watched “Tucker Carlson Tonight” (and it was “must-watch TV” for many Americans), you know the show wasn’t pulling in great advertising revenue. Indeed, every major company that advertises on TV boycotted the show. My Pillow was the one big loyal advertiser in recent years, which is a giant “tell” right there.

However, Fox News probably gets most of its revenue from cable and satellite companies that pay Fox News for the rights to air the network.

These cable TV customers weren’t paying premiums to get Fox News so they could watch more Neil Cavuto (or even Sean Hannity).

They were buying the one on-air personality who wasn’t afraid to take on Big Pharma, the neocons, many of the faux Covid narratives and myriad other “woke” or politically correct agendas.

I’ve written several articles opining that Tucker was late to the fight on Covid lies, but I also give him major props for making up for his belated start.

He also has been conspicuous challenging the “Russia! Russia! Russia!” storylines and skewering the ridiculous narrative that January 6, 2021 events qualified as some kind of national “insurrection” on par with the Civil War.

Carlson also gave credence to the possibility the 2020 presidential election could have been manipulated or the result of election fraud in certain key swing states (and big cities in those states). Indeed, a recent successful lawsuit filed by Dominion perhaps played a rule in this stunning, out-of-the-blue decision.

Where will Tucker go now?

What we don’t know yet is what Carlson is going to do now.

In recent years, Carlson has become THE most influential journalist/commentator in the world. So one would think Carlson has plenty of opportunities to take his sizable audience with him wherever he goes.

For a while now, I’ve been thinking that just such a “ouster” or “divorce” could happen. It takes no brilliant media observer to pick up on the seeming tension between Tucker and his bosses at Fox News.

I always got the sense that Tucker was pushing the envelope with Fox News’ executives. For example, why were they letting him fire both barrels almost every night at Big Pharma, which still spends advertising money with Fox?

I always got the impression Tucker wanted to go further than even his scathing monologues and apostate booking of certain guests suggested.

I also got the impression Tucker knew he might either be let go or ultimately decide to leave on his own. This must be why he created and then promoted his own website and documentary company.

If push came to shove, Carlson would raise the white flag and take his ball (his audience) with him.

In the next iteration of his career, Carlson could do the type stories and monologues that his Fox bosses were never really comfortable with.

If this is the case – and Carlson’s audience does follow him – this move might backfire on the Powers that Be.

The above sentences assume that the Powers that Be actually want Tucker off the air and cancelled or silenced for good, which I think is a safe assumption.

However, Sage Hana and others have always argued Tucker was “controlled opposition” and working for the Bad Guys all along.

If this is the case – if Tucker was a pawn in some 3-D chess game being played by BlackRock and the Deep State, why would the real powers want him off the airwaves? Wasn’t he letting people like me “blow off steam” and keeping us from getting really fired up about our captured and corrupt system?

Did Fox just fire or run off its most-important controlled opposition mouthpiece?

I still say, no. Every member of the “opposition” who is trying to ruin this country probably wanted what just happened to happen.

If they can get Tucker …

My first reaction is this is a very scary or troubling development.

In all the media outlets in all the world, “our side” had ONE person who said some of the things many of us think – and now this person is gone (or at least he won’t have such a high-profile nightly soap box to recite his monologues).

Carlson will re-surface somewhere else – but it won’t be on a TV platform this big.

And if the Powers that Be can get rid of someone like Tucker Carlson (the undisputed ratings king of prime-time TV), can’t they dispatch just about anyone?

Is Substack the next target? If it is, then every Substack contrarian is on the target list, which should send a chill through all of us.

As every clear-thinking citizen knows by now, the real war is the battle between free speech and authoritarianism. The only battle that matters is if dissenters and skeptics will still be able to question the policies and mandates of our alleged “leaders.”

I happen to believe Carlson is very smart, which means he must have known this day was coming … and thus has a plan for how he can continue to participate in a meaningful way in future policy “debates.”

But, at the moment, we don’t know how this particular chess move will affect our future.

Every battle hinges on decisions made by key leaders. Tucker Carlson would be a media piece as powerful as a chessboard’s queen. If our side’s “queen” has now been captured, the outcome of the game might be in doubt.

Or: The other side might have just given Carlson even more power and influence. We simply don’t know yet.

I (think) I know this: Whoever controls the narrative ultimately controls the world. And it’s the media or press that largely controls the key narrative.

In our mainstream media environment, we have shockingly few sources of information who challenge the authorized narratives … and the best-known of those sources has now left the top-rated cable news network on the planet.

Just like Tucker replaced Bill O’Reilly, someone will replace Tucker in the 8 p.m. EST time slot. In my opinion, Tucker was much better and braver than O’Reilly. Nor do I see anyone in Fox’s bullpen who can bring the heat like Tucker did.

If I was right in my recent column about “The Law of Opposite Effects,” this move to “silence” Tucker Carlson will probably backfire.

I hope it does, but I don’t know what will happen. I just know what was announced today is probably a very big deal.

I wish Tucker well and appreciate Fox giving him a contrarian platform for as long as it did. If nothing else, our side had one intelligent voice with a large audience who was screaming that our “New Normal” is FUBAR. The good news is many Americans agreed with him.

Whatever happens in the future won’t be determined by Tucker Carlson, but by all the people who share some of Carlson’s contrarian views.

If those voices don’t disappear, but instead grow louder, April 24 will be an important day in recent media history.

As for Fox News executives, I’m sure I’m speaking for tens of millions of Americans when I say you just ran off the one employee who made me want to watch your network.

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  1. Tucker could be the next PBS head–and fire staff at PBS/NPR. Do what Elon Musk has done with Twitter.


    Comment by John Edward Kendrick | April 24, 2023 | Reply

  2. Imagine the celebration among the Joe Biden people, et alia.

    Imagine the celebration among the George Soros people, et alia.

    Imagine the celebration of the Antifa people, the just-waiting to rioters, et alia.

    Imagine the celebrations of the get-Assange people, et alia.


    Comment by michael | April 24, 2023 | Reply

  3. We are near to the decisive battle. I fear that the left can pull stunts likes those on Seith Rich, Jeffrey Epstein.


    Comment by tonytran2015 | April 24, 2023 | Reply

  4. Where Tucker Carlson goes millions will follow. News Max an OAN have their checkbooks out.


    Comment by Thomas Lee Simpson | April 25, 2023 | Reply

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