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German police take away frantically screaming child over Muslim parents’ teachings

Press TV – April 29, 2023

A child has been forcefully taken away from his Muslim family by Germany’s “child protection services” and police forces because his parents were allegedly teaching him that homosexuality is not accepted in Islam.

A video that has gone viral apparently shows the outraged family trying to stop the incident, as the screaming child struggles to get out of police officers’ hold.

Others said it was very clear that the child did not want to be removed from his parent’s home, given the way he cried and struggled with the police.

“In Germany, this kid goes to school, they bring up the topic of homosexuality and so he tells him that it is Haram according to his religion. So the school call the child care services and the police show up at his door and forcibly take him away from his family,” a comment on the video said.

“This is from Germany and there’s a lot of similar cases in a lot of European countries like Sweden they take those children not only from Muslim families but also some Christian families!” another said on the child removal case, which was said to be a frequent occurrence in Sweden.

The incident happened after the child’s teachers learned that his parents were teaching him that being gay was a sin as Muslims. The teachers then reported it to child protection services that got in touch with the police to take him away.

In 2012, the Nordic Committee for Human Rights (NHCR) wrote a letter to the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, strongly condemning the “destructive child removal” activities taking place in Nordic countries, including Sweden.

“Mostly young, sole parent families, economically and educationally weaker families, families with health challenges and immigrant parents are targeted by the social service in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland,” the letter said.

“Also parents with religious and philosophical beliefs, which do not seem to be politically accepted, are often deemed as unsuitable parents, which invariably leads the social councils, acting upon the advice of the social workers, to remove the children from their families and place them in foster homes,” The letter added.

According to the letter, even highly educated parents with high-profile professions have experienced social workers’ interference in their private and family lives. – Video

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